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For over 17 years, Bikernet covered the custom motorcycle industry here and abroad. We pride ourselves in reaching beyond tech and event news to follow the romantic side of the lifestyle, the romance, road stories, and fiction. Staff members build custom motorcycles, ride across the country, travel around the world, write books and pull over to help broke-down bikers. It's where the ride begins and the adventure never ends.

--Bandit Janitor

Bikernet Trikes

If it has three wheels and a motor, we'll cover it. Join us and experience all things Trike. Everything from conversions and accessories to events, the Bikernet Trikes experienced staff will review, road test and tour. We ride all the major manufacturer's and custom one-off three-wheelers. Trikes are cool and are here to stay!

--Triking Viking
Editor and Commander

Bikernet Baggers

If Baggers are your bag, you'll love Bikernet Baggers, the on-line magazine for custom and high performance touring motorcycles. New products, high performance gear, tech installs, tips, parts, and all related Bagger paraphernalia; you'll see them here. Features will include the latest and greatest custom bike builders, and both American and metric machines. Bikernet Baggers will entertain, educate, and inspire.

Supreme Editor in Charge

--Buck Lovell
Senior Editor

Women Riders Now (WRN) is the leading online magazine for female motorcycle enthusiasts. WRN provides motorcycling news, product news and reviews from a woman's point of view. Nowhere else will you find professional reviews written by today's leading female motorcycle journalists. WRN Forum connects riders through readers' stories, and contains the most comprehensive Beginner's Guide anywhere for young enthusiasts looking to experience motorcycling for the first time.

--Genevieve Schmitt
Founder / Editor
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