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Talent, Humility, Faith

By Pat Jansen
When it comes to the motorcycle industry success is equated to wealth, talent displayed through social media exposure and legacy by the empire you were able to build through one’s business acumen. If this is true then several people integral to the fabric of our custom motorcycle world don’t exist.
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LONDON, Oct 11 (Reuters) - Sonny Barger is on a highway to hell and that's just the way he likes it. The legendary Hell's Angels patriarch, who helped found the motorcycle club almost 50 years ago, has battled cancer and heart disease as fiercely as the law, but has n...
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We touched on new models, Bill's Role, and the Future of Motorcycling

By Bandit and Queen La La of the Kingdom of Bikernet
Bill, I would love to handle this in person, but you’re not down the street from me, so another time. Just a handful of questions:
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Bikernet Profiles: Tony “Pan” Sanfelipo

Larger Than Life

Rogue Written by: Chad Hensiak / Photo courtesy of Hupy and Abraham
Bikernet offers up a profile on Tony “Pan” Sanfelipo a regular contributor and character on Bikernet.com.
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Wayne Rainey Trailblazers Hall of Fame 2016 Inductee

An Injured Champion Keeping the Superbike Sport Alive

By Don Emde and Erik Schelzig (AP)
Bikernet Special Report: Wayne Rainey was the top World Championship 500cc Grand Prix rider of the early 1990s, winning three consecutive World Championships riding for Yamaha. He was inducted into the 2016 Trailblazers hall of fame and we have his story.
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Bikernet Special Report: Doug “Mr. Sidecar” Bingham: The Last Round-Up

His “flying chair” will be empty this next go-around

Story and Photos by Paul Garson
It would have been Doug Bingham’s 45th Griffith Park Sidecar Rally this coming October, 2016 but his “flying chair” will be empty this next go-around. After nearly half century’s full-time dedication to the promotion of the sidecar experience, on this past January 27, 2016, Doug passed away at age 76.
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Bikernet Features: Chuck Palumbo of CP Customs

Evolution of a Custom Motorcycle Builder

By Markus Cuff and Bobby Melok with photos by Markus Cuff
Bikernet Features ‘The Dude,’ ’Jungle Jim,” ’The Main Event,’ and Custom Chucky P’ in his stellar career as a professional wrestler but Chuck Palumbo is fast becoming well known under his real name as a custom motorcycle builder and co star [with Rick Dore] of ‘Rusted Development’
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Killing Machine Choppers - The Good 'ol Days Chapter 5

Quadruple Bypass Surgery and Grand Openings.

Photos and text by Algie Pirrello, Killing Machine Choppers.
In October 2008, I had quadruple heart bypass surgery to bypass 6 blockages. If it weren’t for the Hardtail Harlot’s relentless nagging, I wouldn’t be here to share my adventures.
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