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Staffer Takes Action and Writes the Governor

By J.J. Solari with some photos from Barry Green
Both letters are about his "dealing" with the "pandemic." Both contained my full name, my full address, my full email, and sent by the US Postal Service. So that they would exist in their files forever. This, if nothing else, tells them you PROBABLY are not a threat.
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If Trump Did Stand-Up in Vegas_

And now, ladies and gentlemen, fresh from the White House

By J.J. Solari with some photos from Barry Green and assorted news sources
And now, ladies and gentlemen, fresh from the White House and into the Bandit’s Cantina and Shopworn Showgirls' Fandango here in the Trump Tower in Las Vegas.......Donald Trump!! Let's hear it for 'im!!
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Presenting The Faux Trump Internet-Access POST IMPEACHMENT II

"Fuck You, Twitter and Facebook" Bikernet Swah-Ray!!

By J.J. Solari with images from the vast internet
Well, as you know the second impeachment effort failed. And the Faux-Trump that has been filling-in for the real Donald Trump here on Bikernet, assuming there actually is a real Donald Trump, is in full revved-engine mode to BE Donald Trump until such time as the Social Media Emperors allow the real Donald Trump back onto their sacred and holy venues. So, sit back, relax, and fall asleep while...
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If Donald Trump Began Blogging On Bikernet

I've been kicked off every social media site on the planet

by JJ Solari
'Donny? think you've hit rock bottom but there's a whole nuther level of Loser you ain't even come close to yet, and that's Bikernet.
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How daily-news journalists think, work, and function.

By J.J. Solari with images from Sam Burns and Barry Green
Daily-news journalism is a category of the trade called "writing." "Writing" is a trade that embraces a slew of categories, all of which require that they be "read" to be "fulfilled." A painting or drawing or sculpture has to be "seen" and a musical composition or sonic composition has to be "heard" and an architectural structure has to be "seen" and is usually inhabited and thus has to be "physic...
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EXCLUSIVE: President Donald Trump’s Farewell Address

Ladies and gentlemen of America

By J.J. Solari with images from associated Press, Politico and Barry Green
Hang On! Half the Country wants to live life via productivity and reward for effort and to work our way to the stars..... and the other half wants to live life via punishments for productivity.....and rewards for indigence and sloth..... and to return to living in tents and praying to the earth like pagan primitive prehistoric Pleistocene Australopithecines.
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First Amendment Protections for Journalists and Bystanders

By the team at First Amendment Watch
Sixty-one percent of the U.S. population lives in states where federal appeals courts have recognized a First Amendment right to record police officers performing their official duties in public.
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Climate Science Proves Scams Don’t Die of Exposure

Climategate Destroys the Control Freak Campaign

By Tony Thomas, Quadrant Online
It’s the tenth anniversary next week of the 2009 Climategate email dump that exposed top climate scientists’ chicanery and subversion of science – and did so in their own words and out of their own mouths, or keyboards.
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