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Ride Forever -
Thursday Edition

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Behind The Scenes

Charitable Custom Motorcycles & Wonderful Sponsors

Focus of Johnny Mac's Chopper House is to build motorcycles for qualified charities

By Jack McIntyre
At Johnny Mac's Chopper House in Philadelphia, our focus has been on building motorcycles for qualified charities, and so far it's been terrific.
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Making Art While You’re High at It

Cannabis, Tins, and Chucks!!!

by Prince Najar
You might be familiar with Mr. Atomic. He’s become part of the 5-Ball Racing Team of Bandit. He came up with a '60s design, reminiscent of Stanley Mouse, an artist notable for 1960s psychedelic rock concert poster designs for the Grateful Dead & Journey album covers.
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From the Founder and Senior Editor of

By Rogue
To better understand how this came about, we should look at some background that led up to Biker Lives Matter. I have been riding motorcycles for 69 years and both my life and that of the others who ride has always been important to me.
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Meet the New H-D CEO

Jochen Zeitz, the newest CEO of Harley-Davidson

By J.J. Solari with images from ADAM magazine, Sam Burns and
So, yeah, this Jochem Zeitz dude what took-over the alleged buck-stops-here slot at HD. I mean.... this is gonna be a fucking piece o' cake for this rascal because he is a, and I am not making this up, he is a sustainability specialist. That's right, a "sustainability" specialist.
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SAM'S PICK OF THE WEEK and C-19 Update

C-19 Now Radioactive

By J.J. Solari with images from Sam Burns
I can’t explain it. Generally, we publish Sam’s Picks of the Week with a report about my evil past, or with notions of biker romance and the metalflake experience. By J.J.’s recent findings far outweigh the last time I met a redhead in a bar.
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The Buell Future

And the connection to Erik Buell

By Bandit and Wayfarer
A couple of brothers recently asked about the Buell Motorcycle Company and Erik’s new venture with electric bikes. They were concerned about the two directions and splitting the name. We dug into these efforts to find out what the hell was happening.
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Evel Empire

Knievel’s Stranglehold on the Seventies

By Cameron Neveu, Hagerty Media
Since Snake River, many of Knievel’s motorcycle jumping records have been toppled with ease. Lighter bikes, miles of suspension travel, and broad dirt ramps have produced YouTube spectacles that are both thrilling and safer. But no one has done it with the showmanship or command of hyperbole that captivated 1970s Malaise-Era America.
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Sam's Picks for the Week of March 16th, 2021


By Bandit with photos from Sam Burns and
Chopper riders are a breed of outlaw, wanderer, artist, craftsman and warrior. Some are boot tough and rattlesnake mean. Some don’t ever mix with society.
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