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Ride Forever -
Thursday Edition

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Behind The Scenes

ALERT! Drag Specialties Waiver Story

We're Being Attacked by the EPA and ESG Government Policies

By Amy Irene White
I sent the bastard Bandit a list of questions that I have seen people asking on social media and compiled them here for you all.
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An Examination of the Revolutionary Scallopian TP Sheet-Removal For Shit-Removal Design Motif From Charmin

By J.J. Solari with images from Sam Burns
Science, Technology and the American Advertising Industry Saving the Earth, the Forest and your Butthole, one Sheet of Shit-Paper at a time.
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Delivery and Deliverance

A tale of two parties to a deal and one steadfast old iron engine

Text and photos by Ujjwal Dey with illustrations from Wayfarer
An Enfield Bullet 350 finds a home after being in limbo for four stressful months. The cast iron engine with right-hand-side gear shift is a well-known legend among motorcyclists, especially purists who don't want the brand name "Bullet" associated with run-of-mill modern designs & engines. What misadventure occurred and what new adventures await?
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Harley Financials and Growth Prospects for 2023

Will the Factory Ask Us to Change Our Tattoos to LiveWire?

by Bandit
I’m not a financial advisor. I’d rather build another motorcycle than chase the stock market. But take a look at my portfolio. I have maybe 20 motorcycles, one triumph, one Indian (I had two but traded my ’46 for a ’50 bobbed Panhead). What does that tell you? I’m a Harley guy.
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An Explanation Of Why What’s Actually Nuts

Is What’s Always Actually Happening.

By J.J. Solari
Sure, you’re upset at me right now but I have good news! I am actually going to explain to you why you…and the OTHER people causing all the trouble…..are actually a team! That’s right!
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Estate Planning for Motorcycle Collectors, revised edition

Or what might happen to your beloved bikes when you're not around

By John Stein with edits from Bandit and John Martinisko
As motorcycle fanatics, we've all laid awake nights wondering how we could add to our collections. At some point in our lives, doing exactly the opposite probably makes more sense.
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What Happened to the Sportster?

H-D Factory Built the Last Traditional Sportster in November 2022

By Bandit, Reg Kittrell, Lance Onan and Willie G. Davidson
So, what killed the iconic Sportster? Was it diminishing sales, technology, the EPA, a marketing push, Indian competition, what gives?
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Craft and Punishment

A Tale of Twisted Fates of Artisans, Sans Wealth

by Ujjwal Dey
Deus Ex Machina was built upon the development and creation of custom motorcycles. A clothing line got added for those fans of the brand who found it more satisfactory to order a Deus tee-shirt. This motorbike brand is now a luxury apparel handling the biggest names in fashion, peddling dreams to people, nay, to the masses.
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