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Bonneville 2010 Effort

5-Ball Racing Team
Our logo and cheerleader for the year, created by Chris Kallas.

It's 2010 and the Bikernet 5-Ball Racing team is heading back to Bonneville. So far, we are hauling the World's Fastest Panhead back for a run at the 200 mph mark. Then we'll roll out our first partially streamlined 1940 Vintage 45-flathead and give it a shot. It's based on the Bonne Belle we started in 2006.

There may be another bike, surprise. Hang on for more reports. To kick this off we'll revisit how far the Bonne Belle has come, mostly through the efforts of Lee Clemens and the Departure Bike Works crew during the engine rebuild. At some point we will shift back to the wild Assalt Weapan for Pegasus fuel injection tuning and some additional aerodynamic touches.

salt painting

Rare Bonneville art from the Bob T. collection.

We snorted more Dot 5 Brake fluid and the high lead us to the mantra, "Aerodynamics is everything."


Our original winning logo created by Chris Kallas, the official Bikernet 5-Ball artist.

With this quest tattooed on our arms, we scrambled through all the past reports, poured the Sparkletts bottle of small change on the bed and kicked off the Bikernet 5-Ball Racing Bonneville effort for 2010.

AW and Team

You'll see every notion, every tech, every pitfall come to life on Bikernet. Hang on!



What the Hell is 5-Ball Racing?

The Story Goes Back About 50 Years

By K. “Bandit” Ball , Photos by you name it, Markus Cuff, Chris Callen, Scooter Grubb and…
It all started when my mother ran over my metal- flaked Honda 55 Super Cub with a single shotgun pipe. She stormed into our tiny stucco house in Long Beach and announced, “Get that damn thing out from under my car.”
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Bonneville Report

Bandit checks in from the salt, with all the photos and all the gory details

By The Bikernet and 5-Ball Bonneville Racing Team
It took all day to get registered and inspected, but they now know what to do. In fact here's the to-do lists for both the Peashooter and the Munro Special:
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5 Ball Racing, Bonneville 2010, Part 12

Final Chapter - The Salt Kicked Our Asses

By Bandit, with photos by Sin Wu, and Scooter Grubb
The final Badass chapter in the 2010 Bikernet Bonneville report with 5-Ball, Racing.
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5-Ball Racing, Bonneville 2010, Part 11

Three harried days left before rolling to the Salt!

By Bandit with photos by Sin Wu
Never a dull moment as the Bikernet 5-Ball Racing nuts scramble to make another successful assault on the Bonneville Salt Flats
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5-Ball Racing, Bonneville 2010, Part 10

Dyno Run Pressure, Peashooter Deadline, and the search for Speed

By shop janitor, Bandit, with photos by Sinwu
We're flying at deadlines and the Bonneville meet in September. We're now in high gear, tuning the Assalt Weapan, and building the Peashooter for an Australian rider. Check the dyno runs, the bad report card, and fabrication mania.
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5-Ball Racing, Bonneville 2010, Part 9

Assalt Weapan, Saddleman, Peashooter Rebuild, and Frame

By Bandit
  This is a wacky year. I've blown through half it, and now I need to scramble. At times, I feel like I'm wading through mud, and it brings me down, then something minute happened and I was reenergized. So here's the deal for June: Valerie Thompson is flying out next weekend ...
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5-Ball Racing, Bonneville 2010, Part 8

Working with the Paughco Frame and Engine Mod Obstacles

By Bandit with photos by Lee Clemens
Here's a classic flathead from the racing days on Daytona Beach, courtesy of the Bob T. collection. Chassis Adjust...
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5-Ball Racing, Bonneville 2010, Part 7

Bonne Belle Engine Engine Work and Transmission Dilemma

By Bandit and the Departure Bike Works Crew
Bonne Belle Update Another 5-Ball effort made progress. The 1940 WLD flathead, at Departure Bike Works in Richmond, Virginia witnessed true progress. Hidden ...
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