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Bike Features

Bike Features

At last, Bandit gave us the go-ahead to reach out and find some choice bikes for the site. This area won't feature the same bikes that mags do. This will cover bikes with style and class, a few nicks, some for sale, others because of what they do, not how they look. The gallery begins with a selection of Bandit's bikes, from the broken and barely running, to some of the sweet rides of late.
Let us know if you want us to feature your bike. Send a clear, crisp shot to: 
200 Broad Ave
Wilmington, CA 90744
Or E-Mail Bandit : 


Re: K, XL, XLA, XLH, XLS, XLCH, XLCR, XR750, XR1000, XR1200

By Bandit, Sam Burns and the bros
Gotta keeps the Sportster model line alive. Earlier this year we heard that Harley was going to cancel the Sportster line. We also started a suggestion box for the factory’s success. Of course, one of our first and most supported recommendations included retaining the Sportster line.
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Harley-Davidson Track Racer Is an American Muscle Bike

With German Thunderbike DNA

From the gang at Autoevolution
As one of Europe’s (and probably one of the world’s) largest custom motorcycle garages, German Thunderbike transformed the VRSC into a core product as well, coming up over the years with all sorts of builds based on what was at the time of its introduction the first Harley street bike
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Harley-Davidson XR338 Street Tracker Concept Based On Benelli 300cc

The XR338 is a concept Harley Davidson 338R; which could influence the its street tracker version

By Arun Prakash from Rush Lane
A couple of months ago the 338R from Harley was the talk of the town as several spied images and patent sketches had leaked on the internet giving us an idea of what the company’s future could look like.
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Good Tidings from Sam and the Bikernet Monk

A beautiful story is told about a great mystic, Nagarjuna

By the Wayfarer with images from Sam Burns
Coupled with calming eye-candy of the finest freedom loving sort, we bring you relief from stress. Our lesson in meditation is wrapped in the shapes of creativity, freedom and love. What could be better, plus there's a lesson...
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About the Time Doom and Gloom Hits the Horizon another Market Blossoms

by Bandit with photos by Wrench
I discovered a new breed of riders in Boulder Canyon in a large open shop. Hidden between pine trees were five Stupid Fast Harley Baggers, a Ducati Panigale and a tricked out 200 mph Kawasaki cop bike.
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Plus a girl or two

By Bandit with photos hand selected by Sam Burns
Sam has a knack at picking photos of some very sharp bikes and babes. His selection made my day, so I thought I would pass them on to you.
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Weekly Dimebag Chopper Feature

Dedicated to our friend Goodtime Charlie on

by Adam Croft
A cool and clean Evo Chopper to keep you thinking about building and Riding Free!
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The Flying Piston Custom Striders Auction Group for 2019

Tiny Strider Customs Steal the Show at Mecum Las Vegas

By Marilyn Stemp, with photos by Sara Liberte compliments of Strider, Aaron Packard compliments of Sturgis Buffalo Chip, Timothy Remus, Wolfgang Publishing, Jack McIntyre for Iron Trader News
The Custom Strider Program is an initiative of The Flying Piston Benefit produced by Marilyn Stemp of Iron Trader News and Jeff Najar of Biker Pros to raise awareness and funds for non-profits and individuals in the biker community.
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