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The first thing to consider is what style engine to go with--Always Check With Accurate Engineering


motor on stand

Then we throw out the rule book. No matter what your imagination desires Accurate Engineering can built it right. All machining, coating and polishing is handled in house. Each Custom Engine is then tested and dyno-tuned.

Large cubic inch or high compression engines may need drive train modifications, more powerful starters or compression releases.

Any style of cosmetic treatment is available from custom fasteners to plating. polishing and painting.

All custom engines require customer input for individual needs, so please call, write, fax or e-mail us. We'll respond.

The Panhead design defined American motorcycle culture after WWII - and the American outlaw culture after that. Panheads gained a reputation for hard running and riding - and blowing smoke and leaking oil. Accurate Engineering captured and refined the best attributes of the Panhead design in fully contemporary packages. The leaks and blue smoke are gone, while the looks and performance are retained and enhanced. If you like the look of the '50s but the performance and reliability of the new millennium, these engines are the ticket.

Accurate Engineering 

128 Southgate Road 
Dothan, Alabama 36301
Phone: 334.702.1993
Fax: 334.702.0196
Email: accurate@accurate-engineering.com


2014 First Annual Iron & Ash Ride – Dothan, Alabama

Dothan proved that 2 weeks and great minds working together can make a difference.

By Cat Hammes, the One Legged Blonde, with photographs by Rogue.
Dothan Alabama, a little town I had never heard of until Rogue said we should stop over on our way to Florida.
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Berry Wardlaw of Accurate Engineering and Jamie Thomas team up to build it big.

Written By Vivian 'Gypsy' Charros, Photos by Drew Burke, Chad Foreman
Where the hell is Dothan, Alabama? Well, to Berry Wardlaw, its home and has been since 1996 when he moved his business, Accurate Engineering, to L.A. (lower Alabama). It’s where he has produced incredible engines for just about every notable in the industry including the powerhouses for many Discovery Channel bikes, the motors for numerous winners of the AMD World Championship, the engines for two...
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Accurate In Cinci 2008

See Their New XR Knucklehead Engine

By Berry Wardlaw
BIKERNET ASSALT WEAPAN TO BE FEATURED IN ACCURATE BOOTH AT V-TWIN SHOW IN FEBRUARY-- Went home for Christmas, shot another deer, hired a new employee, finished my Tiki hut, fed my snakes, getting "Bitch Slap" ready for Cinci., working on booth set-up (10x20 and includes you...
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Visiting Panhead Heaven

Roaming Through Accurate Engineering Headquarters

By Charlie Young, Apr 2007
I can’t figure out how old Berry is. He’s been racing and testing engines for a l...
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120-Inch Panhead For Bonneville 2007

The Pressure Started

By Wrench
Barry Wardlaw of Accurate Engineering is building the new Crocker Motorcycle engines in addition to building our 120-inch Panhead heart for our "World's Fastest Panhead." "The engine I am building now is NOTHING like your street engine," Barry said. "I&...
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Accurate Engineering To Build New Crocker Engines

Canadian Crocker Signs Deal With Berry

By Terri and Bandit
BIKERNET TO FOLLOW CROCKER MOTORCYCLE COMPANY PROGRESS--Crocker Motorcycle Company of Toronto, Ontario signed a contract with Accurate Engineering to produce reproduction engines for the big and small tank Crocker Motorcycles. Along with the expanding line of part...
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Accurate Engineering Builds Worlds Fastest Panhead

With Bikernet, And We Will Build Another One

By Terri and Bandit
September, 2006---Accurate Engineering's Outlaw 120’ made history during the Bonneville Salt Flats 2006 International Motorcycle Speed Trials. The "Salt Shaker," powered by Accurate's 120 cubic inch Panhead motor, was 5-Ball Racing's entry on the flats. Keith "B...
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Accurate Engineering is now offering additional Discount

By Terri
These Engines come complete, pre-run and ready to go! Engine includes Carb, Ignit...
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