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Charles Metz DeDion-Bouton Motor Tricycle

The unique Orient “Autogo;” One Part Runabout— One Part Tricycle

Submitted by Sam Burns
It immediately became the Waltham Manufacturing Company’s flagship motor machine for recreation and touring on America’s roads.
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Gearhead's Trike Story

Accompanied by Sam's Magnificent Trike Photo Collection

By Tim Graves with photos from Sam Burns
My wife totally disliked this monstrosity. We made our first motorcycle rally on this old girl. It was the first run of the Summer. The year was 1976 I believe. The run was the Kern River run over Memorial weekend.
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Which Three-Wheeler Fits Your Style?

We offer a brief history of the Three-wheeled vehicle, and take a guess at the lifestyle each fits best.

By Jonathon Ramsey, Car and Driver with additional photos from the Bob T. Collection
Maybe you're considering joining the growing crowd but aren't sure which saddle to throw a leg over, here is a brief history of three-wheelers and the people who love them.
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APRIL 2019 THREESOME REPORT: Trike News, Autocycle Adventures and Sidecar Views

Ever-Changing Three-Wheeled World Coverage

Complied by Ujjwal Dey
V8 twin-turbo engine trike, love bug wedding trike, World Sidecar Racing schedule, Can Am Ryker, Paul Jr. Designs Featured on American Chopper, Boss Hoss Lamborghini Trike, all Photo Feature.
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Threesome Report: Trikes News, Autocycle Adventures, Side-Car Views

Wayfarer reports on the three-wheeled industry boom

Ujjwal Dey
War Veteran Navy Seal's custom Trike, New York delivery trike, Gas powered Dirt trike from Stanford University, Gotcha mobility e-trike, Australia Postmen get e-Trikes for their postage rounds.
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Ride more safe, secure, and faster comfortably, in the middle of the night on dark and dank roads!

Photos and text by Rogue
I ride a lot at night and many times on roads that are not well lighted. Through the years, I have tried numerous lighting improvements, many of which I first became aware of through their use on other vehicles such as cars and trucks.
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Add Power to your Trike

The exhaust is a Dual Header System from Khrome Werks. The “True Dual” is made of 1 3Ž4 16 gauge material and comes with full coverage heat shields. It is designed for maximum top end power and improved low end torque with balanced flow.
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We Needed to Fix Bad Brad's 1998 King Forks

By Bandit, David Zemla, Eric Bennett and Gabe Vidrio
Bad Brad, a martial arts Sifu, and the previous owner of the San Pedro Kick Boxing School recently bought a ’98 King from the Billet King. The bike was clean as a whistle, and had an air system to lower the rear shocks, but the front end bottomed out and we looked at options with Progressive Suspension.
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