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Widowmaker Charity Chopper

Widowmaker Charity Chopper

Bikernet Project: Widowmaker Charity Build, Part 4

Final Assembly of the Star Scoot

By Jeffery Najar and Mike Allen
Bikernet brings you back to the Widowmaker Custom Design & Repair shop for final assembly of our bike. Everything has come back from paint, powder coat, etc. Now comes the patience part of our build, reassembly. At this point you need to have a plan of attack. Hopefully you took note of how you removed certain items so that your assembly is smooth without and scratches. Let us get started.
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Bikernet Project: Charity Bike, Widowmaker Style

Chopper Build!-Widowmaker Style

by Mike Allen, Bahama
The Widowmaker crew is ready to do everything from rebuilding the top end of your old Sportster, fabricating a set of head turning handlebars, or adding class to your fresh-off- the-showroom floor Milwaukee Iron, by installing Hank’s custom two-into-one pipes. Then giving her the iconic Widowmaker designed and fabricated intake so she can breathe 15 horses faster. Your ride isn’t made-in-the-USA?...
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