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Ride Forever -
Monday Edition

Shrunken FXR

The Amazing Shrunken FXR Part 5

Metal Shavings Galore - War At The Headquarters

Photos by the Blonde Goddess and Snake
All the welds were performed with gas and hanger rod. The pipes weren't perfect, but they fit the bill. They were actually intended to be prototypes, to be duplicated by a paid professional.
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The Amazing Shrunken FXR Project Part 3

BLOW IT OUT YER ASS (Or what the hell are we going to do with all that back pressure?)

Nuttboy, lousy photos by Bandit
The Amazing Shrunken FXR has developed into a mythic ethos. From a cardboard box full of rejected, beat-up, and cast off parts, the bike has become a sculptured icon, a physical dream, and perhaps a wrong turn down a bad dirt road, three miles back.
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The Amazing Shrunken FXR Project Part 2

Hammering, Welding, Adjusting, Bending and the Cosmic Fortune of Cookies

By Nuttboy
Like the enigmatic fortunes you find inside those folded Chinese cookies, our visit with Dr. John--the "frame doctor," was a mix of New Age mysticism and practical guidance.
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The Amazing Shrunken FXR Project

Building a Chop for the Bikernet Morale Officer

By Nuttboy
Strange but mighty generous, such as Rogue, who cut us a deal on the FXR frame and forks. We're relying on Joker Machine for all the quality components including the end caps for the swingarm to get this puppy on two wheels.
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Amazing Shrunken FXR 11: Mid Controls

Giggie From Compu-Fire Makes It Happen

Photos by Wrench
Giggie our master machinist from Compu-Fire rolled up to the Bikernet Headquarters last Saturday. We haven't seen him for months due in part to his work on new starting systems for the custom market. They are dancing through the final development stages of a system configured to drive off the crank shaft of the motor with a 60- to-one ratio compared
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Amazing Shrunken FXR 12: Tools And Linkage

There Is A Reason I Am No Master Builder

By Bandit with photos by Sin Wu and Wrench
A week ago I worked on the brake controls with some success. After fabricating a mastercylinder bracket and actually drilling the holes in the proper location, it wouldn't work. I needed to turn the master cylinder upside down.
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Amazing Shrunken FXR 14--Getting Close

Joker Controls, Goodridge Lines And More

By Bandit with photos by Frank Kaisler
We're getting right down to the bottom line. Harold Ponteralli, our painter called, "If I deliver the paint can you make it to the show." I assembled bikes overnight for run deadlines in the past, so we went for it.
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Amazing Shrunken FXR 15 Wiring Hell

Compu-Fire Starters And Ignitions

Text by Bandit, Snake and Frank Kaisler with photos by Sin Wu
This was actually one of the easiest bikes I've ever wired. It's not a bad notion to sketch out a wiring diagram with consideration for the placement of the components. Think about it long and hard, then take your time. Below this mess I ran the Hardcore Choppers basic wiring diagram and tips on wiring anything.
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