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Ride Forever -
Tuesday Edition

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Salt Torpedo 2

5-Ball Bonneville Racing

SAVE the SALT Bonneville Report

Restore Bonneville hopes new data will speed salt flat replenishment

Photos and text by Brandon Gillogly, Hagerty Media
While the salt flats are still quite vast, they have shrunk to 1/3 their former size and the salt thickness has diminished due to several factors, forcing land speed racers to move and shorten their courses over the years.
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Life and Times 2020

New Adventures Everyday, Sorta Chapter 25 of the Salt Torpedo

By Bandit, with photos by Frankie Jr., Bob T., and Wrench
This is going to be a tough one. Hell, this is one of the toughest years in a while. How the hell do you judge it. In a sense we don’t. We just deal with it and move on.
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Salt Torpedo Chapter 24

Secret Desert Test Run

By Bandit with photos by Zack C.
On Tuesday, January 22, we nervously took the Salt Torpedo into the desert for some passes on a desolate paved road. I can’t tell you where we went. It’s a top-speed secret, that only coyotes and bleak desert bikers know about. What a trip.
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Salt Torpedo Build Chapter 23--Prep for Runs


By Bandit with photos by Wrench
The only pass we made was around the block and I was knocked out, but we weren’t going to make it to Bonneville this year. So, what was plan B. First, we deserved a glass of whiskey to celebrate. In basically eight months, we went from a trial mocked-up to a functioning streamlined trike.
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WEEKEND ROUND-UP For October 22, 2019

From the Salt Torpedo to Austin, Texas

By Bandit with photos from Barry Green, Markus Cuff and Wrench
Another whacky weekend settling in after a run to Austin, Texas and back. My son moved and wants me to follow suit and build him a 5-Ball compound on Cesar Chavez Blvd on the east side
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Weekend Round-Up for September 30, 2019

It's all about Motorcycles and the Salt Torpedo

By Bandit with photos from Barry Green and Wrench
Never dull with motorcycle sales, work on the Salt Torpedo, fixes around the shop and controversy.
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Weekend Round-Up for September 17, 2019

Trying to Find the Way

By Bandit, Micah, and Jeremiah, with photos by Wrench and Barry Green
I’ve been lost this weekend scrambling from one project to another but in sort of a mis-guided fashion. Maybe it’s because the Redhead is out of town.
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The Salt Torpedo Trike Bonneville Build: Chapter 22

The First Start-Up

By Bandit with photos from Wrench, Zack Conner and Frankie
We're so close, and yet... Hang On, we've been scrambling through projects, but still have the firewall and fire suppression system in front of us. We just reached Rodan, who said he will come down and inspect the beast.
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