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Salt Torpedo 1

Salt Torpedo 1


By Bikernet
I hope to have a front section mock up of the nose of the frame middle of next week. this will include cutting and shrinking of the alum seat and building a cage for the driver.
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5-Ball Racing Salt Torpedo Chapter 11: Aiming at 2019

The List Is Growing Like Crazy

By Bandit with help from the Industry
What happens to time? We are now looking at the winter of 2018 and I was determined to be on the salt in August. One of the best years, salt conditions wise and we didn’t make it.
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Salt Torpedo Report

Early Report from the Devil Himself

By Bikernet
I know it, and I am sympathetic to all our struggles, and I believe it’ll all be worthwhile, with any luck the next update will help bring on additional sponsors.
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5-Ball Racing Salt Torpedo Chapter 10

The Game Changes Every Week—Chassis Work

By KRB with photos by Wrench and illustrations by Atomic Bob
The Paughco team stepped up to save the day and we have more progress on what could be the first streamlined trike.
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Be a Part of the Salt Torpedo, World's First Streamlined Trike Effort

by Bandit with illustrations by Atomic Bob, George Fleming, and Chris Kallas
We are making amazing progress on the Salt Torpedo. We now have a solid team and will are up on three wheels, with what appears to be the first Streamlined Trike. We need to raise enough money to buy a trailer and make the run to perhaps the Texas Mile in March and Bonneville BMST in September, pay for registration, hotels and beer.
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What the Hell is 5-Ball Racing?

The Story Goes Back About 50 Years

By K. “Bandit” Ball , Photos by you name it, Markus Cuff, Chris Callen, Scooter Grubb and…
It all started when my mother ran over my metal- flaked Honda 55 Super Cub with a single shotgun pipe. She stormed into our tiny stucco house in Long Beach and announced, “Get that damn thing out from under my car.”
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5-Ball Racing 2014, Part I—the Concept

Where did this Salt Torpedo Notion Come From?

By Bandit with photos by everyone
As I munched bacon-laced pancakes, we shot the shit with the two notorious sun and wind-burnt, desert outlaws. They were a scruffy bunch. Larry P. is now a member of the Hessians MC, while Bob T. lives with his family in a blistering 40-foot container buried in desert sand. He doesn’t like people and surrounds himself with heavy armor. At one point in the conversation, Larry said casually, “I have...
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5-Ball Racing 2014, Chapter 2—The Frame Finds a Builder

The Assalt Weapon II Reaches Lucky Devil Metal Works in Houston

By Bandit with photos by Wrench
I researched tube frame builders in the Los Angeles area and found one, but then it dawned on me. One of our very cool and talented friends also builds cars, sometimes from the ground up. We have worked with Kent Weeks of Lucky Devil Metal Works, out of Houston for lots of years. Kent built the coolest bobber on the planet, the Root Beer Float, for the lovely Sin Wu. I made the call...
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