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Bandit's 2003 Road King

Bandit's 2003 Road King

Road King 4/15/09

We tested out the electrics and one of the best chargers on the market

By Bandit with photos by Wrench
We decided to take a run at an electrical article, since about 90 percent of problems and breakdowns come from the electrical component. Besides, it's riding season and we all need to check our electrical connections before we ride off into the sunset. This is especially true of bikes stored in moist or seaside climates. Besides, I'm riding the King to Laughlin and need to check it out. It's been ...
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Here's Yours, Give Me Back Mine

Text and photography by Frank Kaisler
A while back, I spent a week one day in the garage of Bikernet headquarters with Bandit. Bandit was hot to put apehangers on his shiny new Road King Classic. Once I arrived and cooled down his "high-bar desire", I suggested putting all the handlebar switch wires inside the bars where they would be safe from his undue attentions in the future. After a quick assurance on my part that I wouldn't f...
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Road King 11/08/05
For the readers who aren't familiar with the Road King, I'll enlighten you. It started life as a stock 2003, 100th Anniversary model. Bandit said he designed the bike be a big bad assed, blacked out touring bike with heaps of attitude.
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Road King 4/26/04
Copy by Bandit with shots by Markus Cuff and Sin Wu
Over the last year we've tore into this classic 2003, 100th anniversary Road King. I figured I wanted a touring bike for the long haul. The notion was designed around maintaining the 100th theme, adding to the blackness and durability. I wanted a tough black bastard to ride, not detail or polish for shows. A bike for years to come. What could be better?
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Road King 1/7/04

The Quick Release Sissybar Install

Photos by Sin Wu
I had a bad feeling about this mod. First, I don't like to pack anyone, anytime. If you want a ride on my Panhead, carry a hand-towel and a bungie cord. I avoid giving a girl a ride home from the bar, even a babe with gigantic hooters.
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Road King 9/10/03

A Celebrated Old School Touch To 100th Anniversary King

Photos by Renegade
The King lives again, thanks to the Harley-Davidson Spring catalog supplement. The factory now offers complete blacked out Road King front end components. We replaced the warped nacelle
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Road King 8/8/03

14 Highways, New Denim Roadtest, An Oil Cooler Study, Hamster Meeting And Bike Blessing--Helluva Weekend

Photos by Ming da Merciless
There's nothing like a run to nowhere. No plans, no dates, no deadlines and no formula, we just rode in the sweltering heat like two abused dogs searching for new owners. After a couple of beers, if someone asked, "why?" the cryptic answer w...
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Road King 4/18/03 Part III

We were getting stoked by the changing appearance of the King

By Bandit with photos by Wrench
We were getting stoked by the changing appearance of the King. The black was giving it unity. I re-greased the shifter shaft and installed the back linkage in a vertical position then tightened it. We eliminated one of the shifter pedals for my big feet and installed the remaining one with Loctite and a 1/4-20 Allen or socket head fastener. We cut a 3/4-inch chunk of 1-inch O.D. mild steel tubing ...
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