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Techs & Bike Builds

Techs & Bike Builds

The Garage is where we work on a wide range of tech tips including articles on tools and performance.

If you're looking for a particular tech tip, or want to sponsor one, or be involved with a project bike or just make a suggestion, then drop us a line at our feedback page. We'll get back to you soon.

VLXAFL5 Part 7 Final Assembly Begins

The Paint Returned from TNT

By Bandit with photos by Weed
It’s been awhile, but I haven’t dawdled. I’ve been working hard on various projects. That guy in Deadwood, who was once 45 John bought a 1960 Panhead roller/basket case and I’ve been helping with the reconstruction.
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John’s 1960 Panhead 4-Speed Rebuild

We Started with Box of Parts and Pieces

By Bandit, John, Frank R.I.P. and Lee Clemens with photos by Weed
He wrote to Ron the shop owner in Alaska and said, “What about the transmission?” Ron who ran this shop for 40 years was an old friend. Semi-retired he was willing to help with all aspects of the build, so he sent John a box of transmission parts.
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Cabana Dan’s Never Ending Projects

Mostly Early Harleys before Transmissions

By Bandit with photos by Weed
So, don’t mind me if I get crossed up from time to time. The other day Dan sent me shots of lacing and truing early wheels, so here we go.
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Delivery and Deliverance

A tale of two parties to a deal and one steadfast old iron engine

Text and photos by Ujjwal Dey with illustrations from Wayfarer
An Enfield Bullet 350 finds a home after being in limbo for four stressful months. The cast iron engine with right-hand-side gear shift is a well-known legend among motorcyclists, especially purists who don't want the brand name "Bullet" associated with run-of-mill modern designs & engines. What misadventure occurred and what new adventures await?
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Screamin' Eagle/Öhlins Remote Reservoir Rear Shocks

Smooth Out Your Ride

Installing a set of Harley=Davidson Screamin' Eagle Remote Reservoir Shocks
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Shooting for Final Welds then Powder

By Bandit with photos by Wrench
I’ve been waiting on my chain primary drive from Cycle Tech and Paul Cox, it’s cool albeit terrifying, but what the fuck. We only go around once. It arrived the other day and we started the alignment procedure, which didn’t fair worth a fuck.
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And he's sticking with it!

by Buck Lovell
The term suicide clutch came into being when choppers were born. I’ll tell ya why. Back in the good old days, a long time before foot shift was standard equipment, tank shift with foot operated -clutch was original equipment on Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
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Part 4: Cabana Dan’s Early Projects

1914 H-D Twin Engine Rebuild and the 1912 Single Venture

By Bandit with photos from Weed and Cabana Dan
I’m running behind on this episode because of a myriad of other projects and interruptions. I was able to sneak into the hills over-looking the Buffalo Chip and Dan’s shop recently to grab some shots and kick around the 1914 H-D twin engine rebuild.
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