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Sturgis Delta Update

Panda-Created Bat Pandemic Death Contagion Causing Tree Ignition

by Randy Rhinestones of the Dissociated Press (transcribed by J.J. Solari), photos by Jack McIntyre
The 2021 Sturgis Rally caused Vast clouds of Covid dust filled the air causing mutated cases of new cases. Cases also were reported of other cases caused by caseness. Run for your life...
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The OFFICIAL Harley-Davidson Suggestion Box

We Want the Freedom Machine to Succeed

By Bandit and Bikernet Readers with images from Bob T., Sam Burns and Barry Green
We are reaching out to readers for their suggestions for the future success of Harley-Davidson.
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The "Pandemic" Con

Official Bikernet Medical Center Scientific Study by Dr. Solari

By J.J. Solari with images from Sam Burns and Barry Green
The opinions and views expressed in this article are those of the writer. Me. Period. No one else on earth thinks like me or has the opinions I do. And if they do they're keeping pretty fucking quiet about it.
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What we know for certain about COVID-19 so far

Covid-19 started in a bat and also in a clandestine biological warfare lab in China run by The Weekly World News and MI-6

By J.J. Solari, with photos collected by Barry Green
Covid-19 is so deadly that the only way to fight it successfully until the time comes that we can fight it more successfully is by lowering the body count of deceased victims, which now is everyone's responsibility.
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Why Harley-Davidson Closed Shop in India

From Ground-Zero to a Marketing Failure

Text and photos by Ujjwal Dey, Bureau Chief, Bikernet News Desk, India
Motorcycles are the most popular choice of transport for the common man in India. Why would one of the world’s most popular brands decide to shut shop in India after spending a decade building dealerships and relationships?
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10 Massively Collectible Motorcycles to Watch

Check out these Beauties and the Price Tags

From and El Wags
Just like cars, motorcycles are treasured collectibles. Despite their desirability, however, they trade hands on average at far lower values than cars. The car auction record, too, is nearly 50 times that of the motorcycle auction record. Generally, the lower end of the bike market is full of nostalgia-driven purchases; the top is littered with historical significance and racing pedigree.
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Different Kinds of Fuels and their History

Simply put, there is no best fuel for a car. Each fuel has its own advantages and disadvantages.

By Anthony Arnold, Guest Writer with photos from the Bob T. collection
The focus these days is to extract as much energy as you can from a fuel and also keep the pollutants in the exhaust to a minimum. This is why companies are continuously looking for alternatives to improve efficiency and environment-friendliness.
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Best Dog Motorcycle Helmets & Glasses for Being Road Worthy!

Ride along with your fur baby safely and in style

by Meg Marrs from
Some dogs love the way life looks (well, smells) from the back of a bike. But you can’t just grab your motorcycle carrier, whistle for your pup and hit the road. You’ve got to ensure his style and safety are on point before saddling up.
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