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Custom Chrome Goliath Kit 2004

Custom Chrome Goliath Kit 2004

Custom Chrome Goliath Kit

Charity Ride Bike Built By Bikernet

By Bandit with photos by Wrench
Hang on. Here comes a complete build of a custom CCI Goliath Bike Kit. We built this 100-inch Rev Tech monster in nine days. The bike was assembled to promote the Annual Beach Ride, at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, through the efforts of Custom Chrome, George Hayward and
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Goliath CCI Bike Kit Build

Bikernet Did It In Eight Days

By Buzz Buzzelli with photos from Sin Wu and Markus Cuff
It was hard to imagine, when we stood in front of the garage doors, starring at a pile of boxes, that somewhere in there, somehow, a custom bike lurked. As it developed, except for a non-existent nut or bolt, the CCI Goliath kit was complete.
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