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1928 Shovelhead

1928 Shovelhead

1928 Shovelhead Project Part 1

Easyriders Of Dallas Looses Control

Photos: Tina Fairless
In an effort to stay tuned with the rapidly growing and ever changing industry the staff of Bikernet began a project Shovelhead several years ago in conjunction with Randy Simpson of Milwaukee Iron and Arlen Ness. It's b...
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1928 Shovelhead Project Part II

The Shovel Makes Gains

Photos: Tina Fairless
In a dank dark corner of a dusty debris strewn shop behind the Strokers Saloon on Harry Hines Blvd in Dallas was a small stack of bike parts guarded by a massive starving pitbull with one eye and most of one ear chewed a...
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1928 Shovelhead Project Part III

Fabrication Nearly Complete

Photos: Tina Fairless
The lovely Lena Fairless, who has threatened to marry Bandit (the sixth Mrs. Ball) and make him work for her folks at the Easyriders Dallas store, has been pushing to see that this 1928 Shovelhead project is completed in...
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1928 Shovelhead Project Part IV

Charge This Puppy By Compu-Fire

Photos: Tina Fairless
  One of the best aspects of building bikes nowadays is the integrity of the components. If you get the right mixture of components together and take care with the wiring and assembly, you...
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1928 Shovelhead Project Part V

Final Details

Photos: Tina Fairless
  The pressure is on. Lena Fairless, a 15-year-old bubbly Texas beauty, is after Bandit. This hell bent young woman plans to become his sixth wife. To lure the big bastard from the coast, ...
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1928 Shovelhead Part VI - Coming To Life

Final Assembly And Testing

Photos by Tonia Hendrickson
Just when you thought a project slipped off the lift, the paint arrived. Harold Pontarelli of H...
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1928 Shovelhead Runs Part VII

Handmade Pipes By Strokers For The Final

Photos by Tonia Hendrickson from Strokers Dallas
    Here's the deal. The 1928 project was recently completed except for a stylish exhaust system....
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1928 Shovelhead Comes To California Part VIII

Roadtesting And Adjustments For The Road

Photos by Layla
    Master builder and mechanic, Deacon, from Pro-Street in Oahu. B...
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