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New Models and Road Tests

New Models and Road Tests

With the constant growth of new bikes in this industry, Bikernet opened a testing/new model review lab. We now offer manufacturer road tests, reviews of new models and news about existing models on everything we can straddle from new Harley-Davidsons and Victorys to Steeds, Hard Bikes and Saxons. Since this is a Bikernet Internet endeavor we can take requests. If you want a review on a particular model, don't hesitate to ask. If you need specific info on a given model, let us know.

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Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Road Test & Review

So, you want a new, retro-styled street bike under five grand? Good News & Bad News

by Andy Greaser from
The Meteor 350 is a bang-for-buck motorcycle. The Enfield name has more mystique than any of the major brands in this space, and those who appreciate Royal Enfield’s history will be proud to ride the modern-day version. Folks place more value on the bike’s style and personality. The Meteor 350 rides exactly the way it looks, as it advertises - “Cruise Easy”.
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The Buell Future

And the connection to Erik Buell

By Bandit and Wayfarer
A couple of brothers recently asked about the Buell Motorcycle Company and Erik’s new venture with electric bikes. They were concerned about the two directions and splitting the name. We dug into these efforts to find out what the hell was happening.
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OFFICIAL PRODUCT REVIEW: Motorcycle Cooling Vests

A Cooling Vest Can Be a Godsend in Triple Digit Heat!

Photos and text by Gary Mraz
The first for review are evaporative vests from Alpinestars and Harley-Davidson. Even these two are distinctly different in design.
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NEW Indian FTR Lineup Tuned for Optimal Street Performance

with New 17-inch Wheels, Metzeler Sportec Tires & Lower Seat Height That Delivers World-Class Handling and Performance

From Jeff and Bradley and the whole Indian Team
“The FTR has a totally unique feel, which riders of all experience levels love. Our aim was to preserve that DNA, while at the same enhance and refine the bike,” said Ben Lindaman, Product Director for Indian Motorcycle. “The end result is a stunning, one-of-a-kind motorcycle that oozes retro character but still begs you to twist the throttle and get after it.”
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Rain Friendly Full Face Helmet Review

It's all by ROGUE, senior editor,
Got a new high quality full face helmet that will also let me see the road in the rain and has a built in face shied to block bright sinlight
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H.O.G. HEAVEN - 2020 CVOs

117-Inch, High Tech, Street Glide CVO

by Koz Mraz
The 2020 CVOs have taken on a subtle, more introspective look. The CVO Street Glide is the brash bad boy of the bunch.
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H.O.G. HEAVEN - 2020 CVO Road Test

Road Glide CVO

Story and Photos: Koz Mraz
In this time of a Wuhan Covid quarantine a CVO may be the perfect prescription for your sequestered soul.
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Music to My Ears

Photos and text by ROGUE, Senior Editor,
Testing Harley-Davidson Boom-Audio NO2 Full-Face Helmet
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