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Deer Slayer Sturgis Buell 2001

Deer Slayer Sturgis Buell 2001

Sturgis 2001

Building a Buell for the Badlands Blast

by Bandit, Photos by Markus Cuff
Buells are the Harley-Davidson street fighter. They are inexpensive, sharp-handling machines that give the American rider something to shout about, something to fuck with and something to race. This bike won't compete with the 200 mph Japanese sport bikes, but it will handle like one, and brake like one. So we got hold of one and evaluated it for the Sturgis 2...
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Sturgis 2001 Part 2

Lightening Holes

by Bandit, Photos by Nyla Ross
  Here's a couple of shots of the Bikernet Street Fighting Buell for Sturgis 2001. This is how it currently stands with a handfull of minor modifications and a lot of plastic removed. Let me know what you think.   Note the pulley guard. We had the notion to take levers and braces like this off, l...
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Sturgis 2001 Buell

Fast And Agile--Just Right For An Escape From L.A.

by Bandit
  It's part of our job as moto-journalists to try what's out there in the American market and report back. The ultimate test is to take a bike, customize it and ride it to Sturgis. What could give you a truer test of a bike's ability to look cool and endure a long run? I've been fortunate enough to customize and ride everything from nearly b...
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