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Books, Movies & Music Reviews

Books, Movies & Music Reviews

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Jay Dobyns vs. the Hells Angels on A&E

Programming Review of the Week

By J.J. Solari with images from Sam Burns and Bandit
last night, April14, of the new A&E series about the Hells Angels should have been called the Jay Dobyns Show. Jay Dobyns was or is an ATF employee.
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Hells Angel… And Beyond, by George Christie

By J.J. Solari
Oh yeah: so I’m reading this here book, and most of it has been read and stuff, I’m almost done, and I’m goin’ along fine, and then I get to this sentence, the opening sentence of chapter 13. “Solitary confinement is the worst thing one man can do to another.”
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Review: Chopper Hobo by Shovelhead Dave

A Book Review that kicks some sense & hits you with wit & wisdom

by J J Solari
The book doesn’t have long peans to the nobleness of destitution, suffering or sadness…. nor long tirades against the relentless oppression of the government and “the greedy corporations” and Man’s inhumanity to trees or anything else remotely whiney. This utter lack of depressing content and mega overdoses of relentless can-do-ness CAN be upsetting to some readers who demand to be driven to despa...
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BIKERNET BOOK REVIEW-- Opinionated Book Review Dept._

Hunter S. Thompson under Attack

By J.J. Solari, with images from Sam Burns
Hunter Thompson once wrote a novel called Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. Journalists love it: it's a litany of stupidity and ignorance and behavior asking for a fist in the face. Journalists can totally relate.
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Interviews of Dennis Hof conducted by Joe Corey

By J.J. Solari
So, let’s review: You bought a book. You didn’t leave the house. You paid 6 bucks. Some guy you don’t know fucking brings it to your door. It’s got 129 numbered pages.
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Book Review: NOT FADE AWAY

From the Bad Road Rising Series

By Mike Baron, review by Bandit
Mike Baron is a biker and a prolific writer who is currently signed with Wolf Pack Publishing. He recently converted from Liberty Island Publishing to Wolfpack and this is book three in the series Bad Road Rising about a biker/private investigator.
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Book Review: novel ‘Storm Rider II’

Author Chris Dutcher presents a Symphony of Destruction

by Wayfarer
While the rider is not exactly on a joyride, it is joy to read this fiction novel dealing with a motorcycling misfit. I am sure many bikers can relate to the sentiment of not fitting into any category in modern society.
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Motorcycle Streamliner--The Book of Bonneville Books

My Life in the Fastest Lane

By Keith R. Ball with photos from the book
This book is amazing because Denis’s life, always seeking the Fastest Lane was and is incredible. For Bonneville enthusiasts, this book is a must read.
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