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Bike Builds

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Bike Builds

VLXAFL5 Part 7 Final Assembly Begins

The Paint Returned from TNT

By Bandit with photos by Weed
It’s been awhile, but I haven’t dawdled. I’ve been working hard on various projects. That guy in Deadwood, who was once 45 John bought a 1960 Panhead roller/basket case and I’ve been helping with the reconstruction.
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Heading to Paint Hopefully

By Bandit with photos by Weed
This has been an interesting one. The issues with the primary drive and transmission alignment held up this puppy through the summer, the rally and now it’s October, about to be November. Oops, it is November.
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Shooting for Final Welds then Powder

By Bandit with photos by Wrench
I’ve been waiting on my chain primary drive from Cycle Tech and Paul Cox, it’s cool albeit terrifying, but what the fuck. We only go around once. It arrived the other day and we started the alignment procedure, which didn’t fair worth a fuck.
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Part 4: Cabana Dan’s Early Projects

1914 H-D Twin Engine Rebuild and the 1912 Single Venture

By Bandit with photos from Weed and Cabana Dan
I’m running behind on this episode because of a myriad of other projects and interruptions. I was able to sneak into the hills over-looking the Buffalo Chip and Dan’s shop recently to grab some shots and kick around the 1914 H-D twin engine rebuild.
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VLXAFL-5 Knucklehead Chop Part 4

Oil tank, Battery, kickstand, Transmission, gearing and...

By Bandit with photos by Wrench
Under a modicum of pressure, I escaped to my shop and attempted to shift my mind from treacherous doom and gloom over to mechanical freedom. Work proceeded on the transmission, kickstand, battery tray, oil tank and more...
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5-Ball VL,XA,FL Knucklehead build, Part 3

Struggled for a while, but am now making progress

by Bandit with photos by Weed
I’m facing a number of challenges. I’ve also faced some pressure lately and I don’t like to associate pressure or stress with building a motorcycle. Hell, I moved to motorcycle Nirvana in the Black Hills to duck the bullshit California riders face daily.
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5-Ball VL, XA, FL 2022-23 Build, Part 1

With a Knucklehead Engine from S&S

by Bandit with photos by the Redhead and Atomic Dice illustrations
For the first time in 20 years, I didn’t have a shop. I had to do something or chase women and drink whiskey. Irish Rich, from Shamrocks just moved to Sturgis from Denver and had a couple of rusting VL frames. At least I could find parts and start planning. I reached out to Matt Olsen. The last time I saw him he mentioned coming into some stock springers.
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The Little Red Chopper, Part 2

All the Players Step Forward

By Kent Weeks and Tom Young with photos by RFR and Sil
Harvey, the Veteran Owner, came to me by way of John Peek, who runs Full Throttle motorcycle shop in Houston, (one of the most successful, top-gas bike racers in Texas). Harvey recently moved back to this area and didn’t have anyone to help with the custom metal work he wanted to have done.
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