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Klock Werks Custom Cycles

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Welcome to Klock Werks Kustom Cycles!
Every shop has a story of "how it all began".
We thought you might enjoy learning a little more about Klock Werks - how it started
and what it's grown into today. Here's a Note From Brian Klock:
When I was a kid, my parents owned a small gas station in Emery, South Dakota, population 384, where we resided in one half of the building. That could very well be where my knowledge and love of cars and motorcycles started. I guess it’s not a surprise I am where I am today when I realize I was a young entrepreneur with a love of all things motorized even back then.
      We laugh now as we look at the photos of the cars my brothers and I would spray paint in the garage at home. It turned into more than just messing around for me. It lead to my first FXR project in 1988, and then to my first Kustom in 1990 that won several major awards. John “Quigley” Patton let me start Klock Werks in his garage at home, and in 1996 he helped me finish a turbo-charged bagger for my dad. He mentored me on how to deal with Baggers in general. Our first magazine spread happened in 1997 just as we moved Klock Werks to a little single-car garage with no sign. I had hired Dan Cheeseman, my first ever employee and now C.O.O., and it was in that garage where we learned a lot about pacing ourselves, customer service, and of course bikes – everything from kustoms to Sportsters to Baggers. When you’re located in the proverbial “middle of nowhere”, running a Kustom bike shop can be daunting, so you work on whatever comes through the door, including all of your dad’s friends’ bikes.
     I studied guys like Donnie Smith, Arlen & Cory Ness, Dave Perewitz, Jim Betlach, Lee Clemens, Don Hotop, Tom Motzko, Grady Pfeiffer, Tank, and many more in those early years. It was both fun and challenging. Now, to be in the same room with them at major events is just as exciting since I am such a fan of our industry! My respect for these guys and a desire to never fail kept me in that small garage “under the radar” for a lot of years. 
Then in 2004 with the help of a bunch of friends and well wishers, we moved into our current location. And with a sign above the door, Joe Mielke and my wife Laura added to the staff, we were about to embark on the next stage of our adventure.
     Laura provided the focus for our still small group and more importantly pushed me to execute on ideas and designs I had previously held close and not given the light-of-day. New software systems, a bigger building, and Quigley finally getting the dyno he’d been harping about all those years...Wow, this was really happening! We started to develop our Klock Werks Brand product line with focus on quality and fitment when the call came to participate in the Discovery Channel Biker Build Off in 2006. We took a chance, said yes, and strategized about how we could debut our new parts ideas. We incorporated them all into the design of the first bagger ever built for the show, and we won!
     Not 3 weeks later we found ourselves on the starting line at the Bonneville Salt Flats with our Biker Build Off winning bagger and Laura as the pilot. In the first 2 passes, she rode to a National Land Speed Record. Reporting a lift in the front end as she increased speed with a stock windshield, we set out to design something that would make the bike safer. The FLARETM Windshield was born. The rest as they say, is history. Our race team has grown to 6 bikes managed by Team Klock Werks and to corporate sponsors. And our FLARETM Windshield has been awarded Product of the Year, twice. 
When we ventured into developing a parts line there were several factors we decided we would not compromise on from the beginning. We chose top of the line manufacturing processes and materials, and we chose to make it all in the USA. Our sheetmetal is stamped from real steel, and we go the extra mile using e-coat to prevent rust and corrosion. We utilize technology such as CAD programs and rapid prototype machines to ensure accurate fitment and get our products to market faster. We wind tunnel test, use computer simulations, and perform real world testing by riding and using our products on our own bikes. Klock Werks Brand parts fit, right out of the box, and are easy to install. We didn’t want to just flood the market with more of the same, we wanted to add something better. Our motto has been “we make it QUALITY, you make it Kustom!” We provide you with the ability to truly kustomize your own ride.
As I write this today, we have tripled our employees, increased our Klock Werks Brand line of parts, and our bikes are featured everywhere. The records, awards, recognition, features, and attention we have received has been a blessing. When I reflect however, it’s really not about the accomplishments at all, but everything we’ve learned along the way. I will never forget our humble beginnings and all the people that had faith in me. It was an unforgettable moment at our shop early in 2006 when our product line was accepted by Drag Specialities. We are proud to distribute through such a reputable company. And we are committed to caring for our customers and providing parts we are proud of as a team.
     Thank you for choosing Klock Werks! We invite you to stop by the shop and visit. I still have my first car (a 1970 Chevelle), Dad’s original Goldwing from 1975, some choppers we created, the shop Newtique sidecar, the Bomb Daddy Caddy, our race bikes, and always a few bikes we are kustomizing all hanging around. You can find us just 4 hours east of Sturgis, at the home of the World’s Only Corn Palace, Mitchell, South Dakota. 

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