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Travel Tips

Tips and travel products from cheap camping sources, and gear, to high-end motorcycle security.


I quickly grabbed my habitual morning coffee at Burger King and hauled ass

By Buck Lovell with photos by Buck
The date was January 22, 2009. I was on my way to work from Boulder Canyon to Spearfish, South Dakota. I saw this motorcycle with owner/rider Pat Luisi of Blackhawk South Dakota, headed up Boulder Canyon towards Deadwood.
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Classes on what to do at the scene of a motorcycle accident.
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Ultimate Motorcycle Road Trip Packing List

Road tripping on your bike is an excellent way for celebrating your love of riding

Bringing all the necessary supplies on your trip is essential to having the best experience while visiting scenic locations wherever you go. Here is a short, informative list of essentials.
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Or Anywhere Else!

By Rogue
Just what you need, when you are packing a woman to bike week in Daytona, she wants to bring all of her shit.
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REVIEW: Tourmaster Synergy Pro-Plus Riding Apparel

Heated 12V Jacket & Pant liners and Glove Liners

Review & Photos by Koz Mraz
This riding apparel offers comfort against the weather conditions on the road. The apparel wiring connectors are a standard design and will work with other brands. The Synergy Pro-Plus line of jacket, vest, pants, and gloves all work together.
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Luggage for a Vikings Crusade

Large Sissy Bar Luggage for weeks of serious two-up touring

Article & Photos by Koz Mraz
Viking Bags were conceived by the frustration of sub-par motorcycle luggage in the market at the time. Skilled fiber-glass and leather craftsmen to manufacture luggage and saddlebags are of heavy-duty “Viking leather” & Cordura. Polyurethane leather is lighter than genuine leather and doesn’t crack or fade when exposed to sunlight. These luggage are designed specifically for the outdoors and for a...
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Finding The Best Way To Transport A Motorcycle

All the Options in One Article

By Brett Shirley
Once I made the decision to move back West, the planning began. Utah has been, without a doubt, my favorite state I’ve ever ridden through, so selling my newly-acquired Thruxton R (aka Maddie) for the move was out of the question. But—how did I get it there?
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Top Ten Motorcycle Road Trip Safety Tips for Beginners

Being prepared for your first solo bike road trip is important

By Austin from Twisted Road
Being prepared for your first solo bike road trip is important. Take into account all important aspects before you set out on the lane, whether you bring your own motorcycle or are planning to hire one. This will make the ride more fun and hassle-free.
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