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Travel Tips

Tips and travel products from cheap camping sources, and gear, to high-end motorcycle security.


On a perfect night, you need very little equipment to camp comfortably

By Commander Edge, SmokeOut Master, with vintage shots from Sam Burns
On a perfect night, you need very little equipment to camp comfortably. Learn what you need to seize the moment.
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AMAZING! The Smallest (yet complete) Tool Kit Ever

Just in Time for the Smoke Out 2017

By Commander Edge, Smoke Out Sanitation Engineer
The gravitational pull of the Smoke Out as the epicenter of the chopper universe has chopper jockeys everywhere preparing for the ride. I thought I would take a minute and share the tool kit I use for epic adventure.
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10 Places to Ride During Sturgis Bike Week

A compilation of unforgettable riding destinations an hour's ride from the Sturgis Rally

By J&P Cycles
Sturgis Bike Week. From custom bikes to live music, little is left to the imagination. There are plenty of things to see and do in Sturgis during Bike Week. But the road offers so much more.
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Road Testing River Road Chaps from Biker’s Choice

Dr. Feng Wears 100 Percent Outer Shell Buffalo Leather on the Job 24/7

By Dr. Feng with photos by Sailor Sherry
I am grappling through a long-term product evaluation of River Road brand chaps for Bikernet.com as part of the 5-Ball Racing Team. I feel I’m becoming the “butt” of jokes around the editorial offices.
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Las Vegas BikeFest: Restaurants and Hotel

Gourmet Trip Around Las Vegas

Photos by Joshua Placa
Restaurants frequented by Joshua Placa during the Las Vegas BikeFest.
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Book Review: Motorcycle Journeys Through North America

From Whitehorse Press by Dale Coyner

By Kevin Thomas with vintage images courtesy of the Bob T. collection
Bikernet has reviewed several motorcycle touring books from Whitehorse Press and thoroughly enjoyed each one. Motorcycle Journeys Through North America, a guide for choosing and planning unforgettable motorcycle journeys is a great investment for planning out your next motorcycle trip.
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The Budget Traveling Biker Part 1

How to Eat Right, Eat Cheap, and still Get the Girl

Photos and text by J. Josh Placa, Bikernet Desert Tarantula Emperor Editor
Like everyone else, motorcyclists have been suffering through this sputtering economy. But this does not mean we have to stay home, and mumble about the days we could afford food and gas. We just need to be more creative, tighten our chains, and use our brains. There are ways, my broke friend, to stretch nothing into something.
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Trevor's Travels

Trevor Summons, Correspondent, the Sun
I took off on a road trip the other day. I sometimes have to remind my long-suffering editor that the title of this column is "Trevor's Travels" and so a certain amount of traveling is naturally involved.
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