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Wednesday Edition

Travel Destinations

Motorcycle touring destinations from five-star restaurants or hotels, to the best camping spot in the Himalayas. Don’t hesitate to share destination notions, from the finest café latte source to a warning about the rattlesnake infested campground. Reach your favorite Bikernet editor or the janitor, Bandit@Bikernet.com.

10 Places to Ride During Sturgis Bike Week

A compilation of unforgettable riding destinations an hour's ride from the Sturgis Rally

By J&P Cycles
Sturgis Bike Week. From custom bikes to live music, little is left to the imagination. There are plenty of things to see and do in Sturgis during Bike Week. But the road offers so much more.
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From museum to beach

By Lisa Robinson
Kia ora from "Down Under". I just spoke to your mom, Alma last week and told her I recently went to the South Island in New Zealand and was in Invercargill where Burt Munroe lived. I went to the museum there and got to sit in the "motorbike" surround used in the movie. "The Fastest Indian."
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Bikernet Brings You: The Notorious Elbow Inn

Along the Devil's Curve on Route 66

By David Campbell
Bikernet Checks it Out: While at the Mid American Freedom Rally in Buckhorn MO, it was recommended that I scoot on up the road to Devil's Elbow and have a drink. Well Sunday afternoon was open so I fired up the Road King and slipped out of the campground. A few short miles later I was sitting down at the bar of the Devils Elbow Bar and Grill. In the middle of Pulaski County sitting right on the Bi...
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Mid America Freedom Rally

From sunrise to moonshine with the Freedom of Road Riders of Missouri

By David Campbell
In January I received a note from Bandit asking if I was up for covering the Mid America Freedom Rally in Buckhorn Missouri. Well being a Missouri boy, relocated to Colorado, I jumped at the idea of a ride back to my old stomping grounds. After a few email with Sue Miller secretary for Freedom of Road Riders of Missouri, I was all set. I know you have heard this many times before but it rings true...
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The Big Adventure and a Change of Course

“We wanna be free to ride our machines” – Heavenly Blues (Peter Fonda)/ Wild Angels

Text and photos by Anson Alexander
The saga began when my daughter said she was headed to Colorado with her friend to have a “Big Adventure”. The girls would bring the two pups and free me up for some “Pop” time.
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Europe’s Top Motorcycle Roads

Roads that will thrill you, chill you, and test your skills, and leave you wanting more.

Photos and text by Dewayne Jasper
Today, we shall be taking a look at some of the best cruise roads the European continent holds.
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Wupatki National Monument

Riding with Arizona’s Ancient Pueblo People

Text and Photos by J. Joshua Placa
Wupatki National Monument, just north of Flagstaff, AZ, haunts its visitors with ancient Indian ruins, dormant but not dead volcanoes, rivers of cold lava and booming vistas of the Painted Desert.
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Rider Mania 2013, Goa, India

Enfield Motorcycles Rule!

Photos and Text by Ujjwal Dey
Rider Mania is India's biggest biker festival hosted by the iconic motorcycle brand Royal Enfield.
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