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Shows Circuits Opening, WCC Closing, Victory Sales Up, Sons of Anarchy 90-minute Show Special, and H-D 3rd Quarter Results

By Bandit, Wayne, Buckshot, Sin Wu, Bob T., and the gang

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The rain front finally drifted away.
Its nerve racking when you live in a building located just 2 feet above sea level and the DWP guys, widening the road, blocked all the storm drains with sand bags. Plus we're known for flooding, even when the storm drains are working to capacity.

But the sun broke through the clouds today and construction on our rattling street kicked off again. Every time a truck blasts past this old building it rattles, like a crack-whore holding a glass peanut butter jar half-fulla rocks while riding a skateboard.

This week's news is packed full of heady material. So let's wade in. Keep in mind, if you don't see it here; check the Bikernet Blog for more parts and event info. Hang on.

BRASS BALLS BOBBERS PRICES GO UP NOV 1st--  New prices go into effect November 1st. The award-winning 69 Chopper is price adjusted to  $22,495. "We had to raise our prices because raw materials prices are on the climb and our AMerican suppliers are increasing the cost to us," stated Dar Holdsworth, Brass Balls Bobbers' BossMan.  This compact, well handling chop comes standard with components from Leroy Thompson, Baker, D&D Performance Exhaust and Crime Scene Choppers.

MAJOR BIKERNET INVESTIGATION INTO AMERICAN IRON PHOTO SHOOT--sputter,, who left the plastic wrap on the frame?? SEE: lower frame under engine...luckily, you didn't , so you're not fired this time...

All the grips, lighting staff, detailers and voodoo chanters are being questioned. Bike has been inspected and reshot for American Iron. Several members of the Spitfire staff were lined up and shot at dawn.
All fixed. Click on the image for a chance to win this bike.
All fixed. Click on the image for a chance to win this bike.

BIKERNET LIGHT READING CLASS-- Light travels faster than sound. This is why people appear brighter until you hear them speak.

If I agree with you, we'd both be wrong.

We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.

War does not determine who is right-only who is left.

Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.

The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

--from BA Jerry

J8 ELEGANT ROCKER COUTURE COLLECTION -- Join us November 21, SUNDAY **See incredible chopper creations by T-Rod & Rusty**10am till 4pm

Pete Alva Photography and ‘KURT The Hot Dog Guy’.

14726 Goldenwest St. Suite F
Westminster California 92683

SORRY SUNDAY POST REVIEW--Read the Sunday post, and it was not sorry on your part, just sorry shit to write about? So West Coast Choppers is closed? I kinda got that feeling when I was there? So, I open the mail box when I got back from Va. and there was an envelope form the IRS, never a good sign, I open it and they say I owe $2350 from when I closed the shop? It never ends!



SS TRIKE GOES WITH S&S X-WEDGE-- The SS Trike features the 117 inch EPA Certified S&S® X-Wedge Engine. The S&S designed 56° pushrod v-twin comes with three belt driven cams in a unique configuration that provides nearly straight pushrod angles to all valves.

In the lower end, a one-piece forged crankshaft with automotive style, plain bearing connecting rods and plain main bearings offers greater load capacity and increased engine durability and reduced noise. The cylinder heads were designed with automotive style low-mass rocker arms and a unique cross-flow wedge style combustion chamber.

The fuel system consists of an S&S single bore throttle body and Variable Fuel Injection module, which boasts dual closed loop feedback for fuel control and knock sensing ignition.

The reason we selected the X-Wedge is because it is the most advanced engine available and it takes care of our EPA certification in all 50 states,” explained Jason Neiman, SS Trike President.

More details at


If your State Does Not Have A List Of Approved Helmets There is No Law.-- You Can Wear What Ever You Want On Your Head-- Re: Freedom of Information Act Request

Dear Mr. Hilderbrand:
On behalf of the Superintendent of State Police, I am responding to your letter dated August 24, 2010 requesting access to records under the Delaware Freedom of Information Act. The Delaware State Police do not have a list of helmets and eyewear approved by the Secretary of the Department of Safety and Homeland Security (DSHS). I am advised that DSHS also does not have such a list. Since Delawar  does not have a mandatory helmet law
for motorcycles, the State Police do not have any written training materials used to instruct Troopers whether a helmet meets applicable State standards.
cc: Colonel Robert M. Coupe


BIKETOBERFEST BOARDWALK BIKE SHOW RESULTS--Bill Chaffin here, largely retired, hanging out on the beach most days. I'm still promoting the Boardwalk Classic Bike Show. Here is a list of the trophy winners from the Biketoberfest show, Daytona Boardwalk, Friday, Oct. 15, 2010

Best of Show, First Place: Steve Galvin, St. Petersburg; 2010 Wicked Steel, "Area 51" bike.
Second Place: Jim Argo & Floyd Justice, Pooler, GA; 2010 Armageddon, Inc., "Mental Mantis".
Third Place: Scott Foxx, Shelbyville, IN; 2010 Custom Bobber

Judges Trophy, First Place: Scott Foxx, Shelbyville, IN; 2010 Custom Bobber
Second Place: William York, Vandalia, IL; After Hours "Rat Rod"
Third Place: Jim Argo & Floyd Justice, Pooler, GA; 2010 Armageddon, Inc., "Mental Mantis"

People's Choice, First Place: Jim Argo & Floyd Justice, Pooler, GA; 2010 Armageddon, Inc., "Mental Mantis"
Second Place: Robert Harris, Brooksville, FL; The American Vets' Tribute Bike
Third Place: William York, Vandalia, IL; After Hours "Rat Rod"

Street Custom, First Place: Deandra Scott, St. Pauls, NC; 2001 Harley Fatboy
Second Place: David Butterworth, Alpharetta, GA; '04 H-D Road King
Third Place: Scott T. Hall, Corrupted Concepts, Melbourne, FL; '97 Yamaha Royal Star

Chopper Class, First Place: Scott T. Hall, Corrupted Concepts, Melbourne, FL; '94 Harley FXR Custom
Second Place: Tyler G. Harrelson, Ft. Myers, FL; 2010 Graves Custom
Third Place: Gary Scott, Palm Bay, FL; 1997 H-D Heritage

Old School, First Place: Scott T. Hall, Corrupted Concepts, Melbourne, FL; 1977 Triumph 2140 R Custom
Second Place: Dewey Bond, Geneva, FL; 1966 Triumph Chopper
Third Place: Thomas Gilmore, Chicago, IL;

New School, First Place: Scott Foxx, Shelbyville, IN; 2010 Custom Bobber
Second Place: MCS Customs, Boyertown, PA; 2010 Hot Rod Bobber
Third Place: Cody Cihak, St. Petersburg, FL;

Stock Domestic, First Place: Kristi Stennet, Carterville, IL; '94 H-D Fatboy
Second Place: Andres Rodriguez, Margate, FL; '96 Heritage Softail
Third Place: Gary Bashaw, Barrackville, WV; '05 H-D Heritage

Stock Foreign, First Place: Betty Jolicoeur, Inverness, FL; 2007 Yamaha V-Star
Second Place: Chief Cherevas, Leicester, NC; '99 Kawasaki Drifter "Looks Like An Indian"
Third Place: Bob Moore, Terre Haute, IN; 2005 Honda Trike

Radical Domestic, First Place: Steve Galvin, St. Petersburg, FL; 2010 Wicked Steel "Area 51"
Second Place: Tim Argo and Floyd Justice, Pooler, GA; 2010 Armageddon Inc. "Mental Mantis"
Third Place: Max Andrew, Orlando, FL; '09 Custom Chopper

Radical Foreign, First Place: Steve Galvin, St. Petersburg, FL; '09 Yamaha Warrior
Second Place: Will Robertson, Pinellas Park, FL; 2001 Yamaha Roadstar
Third Place: Joey Cihak, St. Petersburg, FL; '07 Twisted Steel

Trike Class, First Place: Kelly McGinty, Terre Haute, IN; 2010 Custom
Second Place: Leona Jones, Ocala, FL; 2004 Suzuki "Cat That Roared"
Third Place: Dan Martin, Terre Haute, IN; 2010 Self-Assembled

Stock Vintage, First Place: Ron Lebowitz, Ft. Myers, FL; 1968 Yamaha
Second Place: Rex Fox, Williamsburg, OH; 1973 Honda 350
Third Place: John Springer, Palm City, FL; 1972 BSA 650 Lightning

Custom Vintage, First Place: Buddy Stone, Charlotte, NC; 1995 Custom Trike
Second Place: Joey Cihak, St. Petersburg, FL; '07 Twisted Steel
Third Place: Jules Scott, Palm Bay, FL;

Open Class, First Place: Pam Miller, Clermont, FL; 2005 Ridley AutoGlide, "Pink"
Second Place: Wayne & Johnny Irwin, Ooltewah, TN; 2005 Iron Horse Texas Chopper
Third Place: Scott T. Hall, Corrupted Concepts, Melbourne, FL; Custom Softail

Best Paint, First Place: Scott T. Hall, Corrupted Concepts, Melbourne, FL; '97 Yamaha Royal Star
Second Place: Will Robertson, Pinellas Park, FL; 2001 Yamaha Roadstar
Third Place: Max Andrew, Orlando, FL; '09 Custom Chopper

Dresser/Sidecar, First Place: Mac MacPhail, LaGrange, GA; '07 Harley Softail
Second Place: David Allen, Maryville, TN; 2004 Honda Goldwing
Third Place: Russell Zich, Harrisburg, NC; 1999 Honda 1500 SE

Sport Bike, First Place: Garwood Custom Cycles, Lexington, NC; 2007 Suzuki GSX 1300R
Second Place: William Ray, Cameron, NC; 2005 Suzuki
Third Place: Jimmy Best, Lexington, NC; 2008 Suzuki GSX 1300R

Hot Street Class, First Place: Michael D. Gima, Clearwater, FL; 2006 Owner Built "Fast"
Second Place: Phil Mussara, Apopka, FL; 2005 Custom Pro Street
Third Place: Frank Rinaldi, Orange City, FL;

Rat, First Place: William York, Vandalia, IL; 2010 After Hours Rat Rod
Second Place: After Hours Bikes, Pembroke Pines, FL; 2010 Honda Rat Rod
Third Place: Cody Cihak, St. Petersburg, FL;

Sponsored by Full Throttle Magazine, Coca-Cola and the Daytona Boardwalk Merchants
Promotors: Dino Paspalakis & Bill Chaffin
Trophies and Trophy Girls provided by Winter & Yonkers, the Aggressive Attorneys
Head Judge: Reverend Jim, Preachers Cycle Promotions
Emcee: Bill Chaffin

For more information, contact Bill at (386) 871-0398 or

SEMA SHOW OPEN TO THE PUBLIC ON FINAL DAY--Dream of getting into the SEMA Show—the automotive industry’s largest aftermarket event on the planet?

Do you want to see thousands of the coolest cars, hottest products and newest trends filling more than a million square feet?

Program Details

For all serious car, truck and motorsports enthusiasts - if you ever wanted to attend the SEMA Show but couldn’t because you didn’t work in the industry, here’s your chance to experience one of the coolest and most exclusive automotive events firsthand. As the SEMA Show is a trade-only event and not open to the general public, this is truly a unique opportunity for a lucky few.

Program FAQs

Is the SEMA Show open to the general public?
No, the SEMA Show is not open to the general public. It is a trade-only business event open to qualified business owners and employees of companies that are in the automotive aftermarket and specialty equipment industry.

Do I need to work in the industry to be eligible for the SEMA Show Opinion Leader Program?
No, the SEMA Show Opinion Leader Program is open to anyone who has a passion for automobiles, trucks and motorsports, active online and willing to share their feedback about the products, vehicles and trends they see at the show with show attendees and others who are not able to attend.

Who qualifies to be part of the Opinion Leader Program?
The program is intended for automotive enthusiasts and opinion leaders who are active in car clubs, automotive websites/forums, and social media. Applicants and guests must be 16 years of age or older.

How long will it take to know if my application was approved?
Notification of acceptance should be received within 5-10 business days of submission. All applications will be notified no later than October 15th when the application process officially closes.

Will SEMA pay for my travel and hotel?
No, participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodations.

What will I be required to do if I am accepted into the Opinion Leader Program?
SEMA Show Opinion Leader Program participants will be asked to share their opinions on products in the New Products Showcase, visit with selected SEMA Show exhibitors, and locate and report on vehicles, products and trends they see at the show. In addition, a small group will be invited to participate in a focus group conducted at the Show.

Will I be able to attend the Show any other day prior to Friday?
No, the program is for Friday only, and your badge will be good Friday only. Again, this is a trade Show, and is not open to the general public.

Will I be able to purchase products at the show?
No. The SEMA Show is a business to business trade event and does not function as a retail sales event.

Why are you doing this Opinion Leader Program?
The SEMA Show Opinion Leader Program was created to provide SEMA member companies with information to help them with business decisions. Your input and feedback will be provided to the industry in a post-event report. Additionally, your impressions and photos that you share will help to build awareness about our industry’s products to the general public.

What if I have additional questions?
After reading the Rules and Regulations and FAQ and you still have questions, please contact for assistance.

Bandit's dual-carb '48, 61-inch Panhead.
Bandit's dual-carb '48, 61-inch Panhead.

WILD DUAL-CARB PANHEAD COMING FROM WHEELS THROUGH TIME MUSEUM--  Did you ever get the peashooter out to Bonneville? I don't know if I asked you yet, but have you ever heard of "Blitz" cylinders for a Panhead....3 3/4 bore. I found a set and plan on putting them on my dual carb Panhead and running it out there in the future. A long way off, but always in the back of my head. Thinking about running that big bore with a short little 3.5" EL Knucklehead stroke. I ran into a fella in the other day who runs that combo, and turns about 9000rpm on his 57FLH drag bike. YIKES

Matt Walksler
Wheels Through Time Museum
P.O. 790 / 62 Vintage Lane
Maggie Valley, NC 28751
(828) 926-6266

CUSTOM CHAIN TENSIONERS FROM MONSTERCRAFTSMAN--We are working with Jon from Monstercraftsman on the use of chain tensioners for custom bikes and high performance Bonneville or drag bikes. Watch for the tech coming soon to Bikernet.

BACK STORY IN RECENT EPISODE OF SONS OF ANARCHY--Dunno if you ever catch SoA on FX, but there was a scene in an episode a couple weeks ago that had me rolling, and knowing that Bandit is something of a Stephen King fan...anyhow, long story short is they had to get rid of a body, so the club's sergeant at arms says he knows a cleaner named Bachman who can do the deed. Up rolls Bachman (King) on a bagger, who measures the corpse, asks if the basement drain works, and takes care of business. King, as you probably know, also wrote under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman.

--Bruce Snyder
Official Bikernet Copy Editor

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT--We must question the story logic of having an all-knowing all-powerful God, who creates faulty humans, and then blames them for his own mistakes.

-Gene Roddenberry
--from Andreas Dudda


INDIAN SUMMER DAYS OPEN HOUSE-- Indian Motorcycles of Chicago is advertising the Open House on The Loop this week Wed – Sat and about a 5,000 mailing!

Allman Brothers Tribute band, Demo Rides, 4-Class Bike Show, Vendors, Photo Booth, ‘Jagermeister’ Girls, all new line-up of Fall Riding Apparel and more! We hope you can participate in the event and get back to us and post the following anywhere you can J …see you soon!

OSHA tells school district to ban motorcycle travel--
Principal was injured in work-related wreck; Board mulls recommendation, October 19, 2010

The state has recommended that the Eagle Point School District prohibit employees from using motorcycles as transportation to work-related activities after Principal Tiffany O'Donnell was seriously injured Sept. 13 in a motorcycle accident en route between the two rural schools.

Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division officials said the school district has not violated any regulations, and no citations have been issued to the district. But OSHA cautioned that allowing employees to drive motorcycles for work activities presents a hazard to employees, as well as a liability to the school district.

The agency also recommended that administrators be added to the district's DMV automatic reporting system where the district can check on employees' driving records and licenses to operate a motor vehicle. Neither recommendation is mandatory, according to OSHA.

Administrators are the only district employees excluded from the automatic reporting system, but Eagle Point schools Superintendent Cynda Rickert said the district's human resources department already has taken steps to change that.

"We don't know if the Board will move forward on a policy not allowing you to drive a motorcycle if you are doing school business," she said.

By Paris Achen
Mail Tribune

--from Rogue
As we move forward with mandatory health insurance, this issue will continue to crop up. Watch out!--Wilburn Roach

GROSSMAN’S LATEST: RECKLESS ROADKILL REDEMPTION ON ROUTE 66-- I guess there's just no stopping artist Larry Grossman, he just keeps creating these vibrantly detailed, outrageously cool pictures! His latest, "Reckess Roadkill Redemption on Route 66" is set in the glorious Southwest desert, where an assortment of hot babes and cool dudes hang with their rat rods and bikes, and look on as a wicked black "Led-sled" aims to cream a misguided snake ...or is it the drunken old-timer attempting a heroic rescue that's about to become the roadkill?

Hey, at Roscoe's Roadside Ratshack anything can happen! And just think, for only $30 ($35 hand signed and dated in gold ink) you can get yourself a high quality 18x24" lithographic print of this image to adorn that dreary wall of yours. Larry also offers the option of putting your car or bike (and you or whoever?) into any of his pictures for a reasonable fee.

For details, or to see and buy any (or all) of his amazing prints, check out his nifty website: Not computer savvy, then order by phone: (818) 907-8626 (after 9 am California time please, he works late!).

THE MOTORCYCLE RIDERS FOUNDATION LEGISLATIVE STRATEGY AGENDA FOR 2010-2011-- At the recent 2010 Motorcycle Riders Foundations (MRF) Meeting of the Minds held September in Peoria Illinois, a Legislative Strategy Session was hosted by the MRF’s Legislative Committee. As has been done for the past several years, the MRF requested that it be attended by Sustaining State Motorcyclists Rights Organizations (SSMRO) Legislative and/or Executive Officers.
The goal is to set the MRF’s Federal Legislative Agenda for the coming Meeting of the Minds “to” Meeting of the Minds cycle. Our Sustaining SMRO partners responded once again and the Legislative Committee was extremely pleased at how aligned and clear the direction from our SSMRO partners was. This level of alignment will allow for a solid and focused Strategic Action plan to be developed, disseminated, and effectively employed.
Additional features of the session this year was to have the session moderated by MRF Vice President Jay Jackson and supported by MRF President, Kirk “Hardtail” Willard, and MRF Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs, Jeff Hennie. Also instituted this year was a one vote per organization policy and those votes were then recorded.
Shown below in the order raised by our SSMRO’s is our upcoming Federal Legislative Strategy Agenda followed by the recorded votes on each.
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Reintroduce bill, stay the course, build on HR1253 which requires health insurance companies to disclose the list of “source of injury” exclusions in the policies they issue 80% Favor, 0% Oppose ·
NHTSA Checkpoint Grant Program MRF to carry out a full effort to cut off specified use funding for this motorcycle based discriminatory practice, work with States to exchange information on passing anti-checkpoint laws 90% Favor, 0% Oppose ·
2010 Motorcycle Grant Funding MRF to pursue continuation in upcoming highway bill and work to tighten up language for qualification and use 90% Favor, 0% Oppose ·
Motorcycle Advisory Council (MAC) MRF to pursue continuation of MAC in upcoming highway bill 100% Favor ·
NHTSA to States Lobby Ban MRF to work to maintain current NHTSA Ban with an attempt to expand it to the Federal Department of Transportation, to date no members of Congress from any state has been willing to include NTSB in this ban, until such time the MRF will continue to closely monitor the activity of the agency and respond accordingly 100% Favor ·
Crash Causation Study MRF to allow the current study to take its’ course and respond accordingly, disappointed with the reduced scope, pursue no additional funding Monitor MSF alternate Naturalistic Study Consent ·
House Resolution 1498 MRF to promote our theme of Crash Avoidance versus Safer Crashing using HR1498 which “supports efforts to retain the ban on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) ability to lobby state legislatures using federal tax dollars and urging NHTSA to focus on crash prevention and rider education” Consent ·
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-Motorcycle Sound -MRF to “fiercely” oppose EPA Federal Certification mandatory exhaust system stamping if proposed -MRF to oppose any federal legislation following California SB435 -MRF to encourage State and Local motorcycle sound activities, not considered a federal issue at this time, if it becomes one we’ll reconvene on it -MRF to oppose any suggested decrease in allowable decibels -MRF to oppose federal agencies encouraging state activity, leave up to states 80% Favor, 5% Oppose (opposition sought decibel increase) ·
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-Motorcycle Emissions MRF to monitor any future proposals or activity, none at this time Consent ·
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-Exhaust Study MRF to continue to investigate EPA exhaust manufacturer study request initiative Consent ·
SAE Motorcycle Roadside Sound Test MRF to promote adoption of the SAE Sound Test as a National Enforcement Standard 0% Favor, 30% Oppose, 55% No Opinion (at this time, revisit if it becomes a federal issue) ·
Distracted Driving Laws MRF to take a position against distracted driving however strongly oppose any federal blackmail or withholding of funds for it as related to motorcycles 100% Favor ·
Right to Repair MRF to continue current course of action 95% Favor, 0% Oppose ·
Definition of a Motorcycle MRF to pursue current course of action in Washington D.C. to enhance and further clarify the definition of a motorcycle Consent ·
Motorcycle and Motorcyclists Discrimination MRF to continue to watchdog all federally proposed “gang” legislation to prohibit any impact on motorcyclists for non criminal activity 75% Favor, 0% Oppose ·
Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) MRF to work to pass legislation to exempt youth bikes and ATV’s from CPSC Lead Ban, support Rehberg HR1587 95% Favor, 0% Oppose ·
European Union and United Nations Activity -MRF to continue presence and working relationships Internationally -MRF to share costs of European Lobbying/Meeting attendance as needed and within budget 95% Favor, 0% Oppose, 5% to Increase Activity
MRF LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Dave Dwyer, Jeff Hennie, Cindy Hodges, Jay Jackson, Jim “Legs” Korte, Boyd McFail, Larry Nielson, John Pierce, Todd Riba, Kirk “Hardtail” Willard

These Flathead Power® reproduction covers are as close to original as you can get without actually stealing one from a factory museum bike! Externally authentic to the smallest detail, yet improved with new technology inside!

Boss imperfections in the casting have been meticulously duplicated to represent the casting capabilities of the era, but that's where we draw the line. These covers are cast in 356-T6 aluminum and 100% CNC machined to achieve the quality standards S&S is known for.

The inside of the cover is an all new design. Additional material has been added around the kicker boss for strength and stability. A single bushing used for complete oiling. A stealthy modern small diameter seal is hidden after assembly. No more outer dry bushing seizures!


1940-'50 big twin


Authentic detailing in cover casting
Updates and improvements eliminate problems of original covers
Utilizes your stock hardware and filler plug, gasket included
Heavy duty kicker boss with single bushing


Transmission Cover Kit – 1948-'50 Big Twins

The J7 cover is authentic external for 1949–'50. The J7 cover has a raised cast-on part number that was authentic from 1948–'50. The J7 date code stands for October of 1947.

J7 Date Code, Stock 1948-'50 bt 106-6479-J7

Transmission Cover Kit – 1940 – '47 Big Twins

The G6 cover duplicates the external shape for 1940–'47. The G6 cover has a stamped-in part number just as the original. The G6 date code stands for June of 1946.

G6 Date Code, Stock 1940-'47 bt 106-6479-G6

Transmission Cover Kit – 1940 – '50 Big Twins

The 00 cover has no part number or date code. It was created with the custom application in mind where authenticity isn't a must or polishing or other finishes are desired.

No Date Code, Stock 1940-'50 bt 106-6479-00

My newest Nikon and flash are at the factory for service so I took my older one to Daytona only to find out it is not working like I want it to.

I did get a few shots that may be okay.
I did Limpnickie, Willies tattoo Bike Show and the Broken Spoke on Thursday and when I downloaded photos decided not to shoot any more.
I got to spend some time with friends, had a great home cooked meal and generally had a good time.
I did have to help a friend who had a starter drive go out and that took time so I did not get to see everyone I wanted to.


OFFICIAL BIKERNET POLITICAL QUOTE OF THE WEEK--"If you would win a man to your cause, first convince him you are his sincere friend." Abraham Lincoln, quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald


BIKERNET BAND ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE WEEK--  Mojo Monkeys release a voodoo spell of an album with “Blessings and Curses”-- Los Angeles, CA (September 2010)— Mojo Monkeys is a project formed by three in-demand Los Angeles musicians Singer/Drummer David Raven, Bassist Taras Prodaniuk and guitarist Billy Watts. Collectively they’ve logged time in the studio and onstage with such notable artists as: Lucinda Williams Keith Richards, Norah Jones, Dwight Yoakum, Bonnie Raitt, June Carter Cash, Mike Ness, Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols, Dixie Chicks, Geoff Muldaur, John Trudell, Richard Thompson, Jim Lauderdale, Peter Himmelma, Buck Owens, T-Bone Burnett and many, many more.

Blessings and Curses, their 2nd album to date, has already attracted pre-release notice, being played on the well-known Los Angeles radio station KCRW and having several songs already placed on the television hit, “Sons of Anarchy”.

Blessings and Curses keeps the Louisiana blues feel of their first record, Hang (2000) yet adds an eclectic element with the country sounding, “Califonialabama” and a jazz/spoken word number, “Our Curse”. The song “Bodacious” offers a ZZ-top-like classic blues rock feel, while the track “Monkeythumb” winds you back to the swamp as the hoodoo is told, “Go on with your bag of shadows…”

All band members had a hand in the songwriting and there’s a tongue-in-cheek component that reveals itself in some of the songs such as “She’ll be Alright” where Raven sings, “She’s passed out on the floor again in her pink platforms and that purple wig. If she’s a tortured soul, it doesn’t show right now.” A chirpy harmonica starts off the song, “The Mockingbird Song” which pokes fun at the LA live music scene with the lyrics, “There’s a strange bitter bird in my tree, singing songs of sweet irony, ‘bout how he’s lost in LA and paying to play. At least now he’s singing for free.”

The songs of Blessings and Curses are soulful and authentic but there’s also an element of fun and a groove to the songs that make you think these guys wouldn’t mind if you were dancing while they sing of unrequited love and misfortune. The Mojo Monkeys are stellar players, each with personal style that lovingly collides in a unique musical gumbo.

Blessings and Curses was recorded at Honky Tonk Abbey in Los Angeles by Michael Dumas & David Raven (where it was also mixed by Raven), and Mastered by Todd Herfindal at High Point Studios, also in Los Angeles. Additional musicians include: Phil Parlapiano/Hammond organ, Terry Wilson/additional bass and keyboard on “Girl Might Do” , Doug Pettibone/Pedal Steel on “In the Wind”, Lee Thornburg/trumpet on “Our Curse, Marvin Etzione/acoustic guitar, piano & harmonica on “The Mockingbird Song”
Kim Grant

Justin Smith
KG Music Press

A MILE STONE VICTORY today at the Executive City Council Meeting here in Saskatoon-- October 18, 2010--Councilors agreed to throw this back to the Solicitors to come up with a means of regulating the noise produced by "ALL" motor vehicles and not just motorcycles! This has NEVER been done at a by-law level or at a Provincial level. So this could take some time if they ever do come up with a standard of measuring all motor vehicle noises!
CONGRATULATIONS ALL RIDERS - This is a Huge Victory for all of us!!!! I am not that great at short hand (OR SPELLING) and never at the fast pace of a council meeting, but I had managed to take some notes of the council
members comments during this afternoon meeting and they are as follows.

** Bob Pringel (Ward 7) - Past 4 months has received hundreds of calls from both sides of the debate, with the majority of them from individuals asking for something to be done with the motorcycle noise, starting with motorcycles.
Mr Pringel said he has had lengthy conversations with the City Solicitors, City Police, Motorcycle Industry leaders and the city of Edmonton officials. Mr Pringle then motioned to the committee that the report be sent back to City Solicitors and have them come up with a way that would deal with monitoring over "ALL" motor vehicles and not just motorcycles.
** Glen Penner (Ward 8) - The issue of loud motor vehicle noise needs to be dealt with in a more broad manner and not only be focused on motorcycles. Mr. Penner said he was on Broadway recently when a 1/2 ton truck went by and was considerably louder than most motorcycles in his opinion. Mr. Penner said there are lots of excessively noisy vehicles and not just motorcycles. Mr. Penner agreed with the motion to send the report back to the City
Solicitors and have them come up with a way that would deal with monitoring "ALL" motor vehicles and not just motorcycles.

** Maurice Neault (Ward 3) - Commented that there are lots of excessively loud vehicles on the road and not just motorcycles. Mr. Neault agreed with the motion to send the report back to the City Solicitors and have them come up with a way that would deal with monitoring "ALL" motor vehicles and not just motorcycles.

** Charlie Clark (Ward 6) - Questioned City Solicitors on National Standadards on motor vehicles. City Solicitors response: There are no National Standards on noise levels on motor vehicles other than motorcycles only. The Solicitor also commented that vehicle noise levels (motorcycles) have always been Provincial Standards and never enforced by city by-laws. Mr. Clarke agreed with the motion to send the report back to the City Solicitors and have them come up with a way that would deal with monitoring "ALL" motor vehicles and not just motorcycles.

** Pat Lorge (Ward 2) - FIRST OFF MY HAT GOES OF TO MRS. LORGE ON HER INPUT AND COMMENTS ON THIS MATTER - THANK YOU. Mrs. Lorge started by asking just how many valid by-laws are currently in the books, and with all these mounding by-laws, they only have one (1) By-law inspector. She mentioned that they need fewer by-laws and said the snow in the next couple weeks will put this matter to rest for the next 6 to 7 months. Mrs. Lorge questioned why so much time and energy is being wasted trying to craft new by-laws for this city when laws such as this should be getting drafted in the courts. Mrs. Lorge commented that they (Councilors) need to be spending more time and energy focusing on affordable housing for our residents, city streets and pot holes along with cleaning up our alleys.
If I understood correctly Mrs. Lorge did not support the motion to send the report back to City Solicitors for review, but did suggest the importance for the need of additional By-law inspectors.

So there you have it, I may have missed some points, but you can well imagine that trying to take notes and wanting to jump up and scream "FINALLY SOMEBODY IS GETTING IT" is simply difficult to do.

In all - it looks like we have bought ourselves some time. Time that is until city solicitors and to the Provincial Government comes up with a motor vehicle standard that will regulate vehicle noise for all types of motor vehicles, and not just motorcycles.

Currently there is NOTHING in the books that does that or a means of measuring noise on all motor vehicles. I (we) should also take some assurance in knowing that this will now likely have to be done at a government level and not simply enforced by a group of city councilors.

CONGRATULATIONS BIKERS - We now can officially say that something has "FINALLY" gone our way.

HOWEVER, I "personally" do not condone or encourage this outcome to be an excuse to go out onto our city streets and highways and unnecessarily open up the throttles of our bikes for just any given reason.

We all need to keep in mind that there are others out there that still may not find our pipes purposeful for safety measures or simply may not like the sound of them period. We still should be courteous and respectful of all others around us. And it is still good to keep in mind that laws already do exist that regulate "Excessive Noise", therefore if any law enforcement feel that we are "stunting" or creating excessive noise, they likely still will issue tickets, the it will be up to us to fight the charge(s) in court should we feel that the ticket was given unjustifiably.
--Kelvin Ooms
Administrator / Spokes Person

Nice weather, even thoujgh it rained for about 10 minutes on Sunday. Lots of people showed up on Sat. - most vendors happy. Speaking of vendors - about 75 BUT - not ONE motorcycle parts - accessories or builders.
Not many bikes to show. No builders brought any. Well - a couple did, but on the QT. Not allowed to advertise if not registered. So it was only spectators bikes and their ride in's.

--Quick Throttle Art

QUICK THROTTLE MAGAZINE PAINT PLANNING GUIDE-- There is an old saying that people don't plan to fail, they fail to plan. Nowhere is this truer than when you finally decide to take your bike to the highest level of personalization and give it the full custom paint treatment. You need to have a plan, an idea, a theme and you need to be able to communicate that idea to the painter you have chosen to give your baby its glistening new coat of character.
Tip #1: Don't assume that just because your painter of choice can do flames that he can also do murals, or ghosting or anything else. Ask to see his scrapbook of past clients and their paint jobs. If you don't see the style you are looking for maybe you should look elsewhere.

When I decided to turn my factory purple and silver Springer into a cream and teal retro cruiser with murals of my favorite rock and rollers from the '50s I had to go through a half dozen painters before I found one who was comfortable and conversant...

For more detailed pictures of the paint project and close up of the tins once finished, check out our GALLERY. It truly is an amazing piece of work.

Quick Throttle Magazine

Tattoos are hot, and whether you are preparing for your first tattoo or your twenty-seventh, you need artwork and designs that are just right. Tattoo Bible, authored by Superior Tattoo, provides well over 500 pieces of unique flash art - flash never before compiled into one single book.

While most tattoo books available today concentrate on one specific genre, Tattoo Bible covers twelve different categories - and the ideas are endless. This is not just a book to add to your collection. This is your collection. You can combine different pieces of art from within the book, or just take them as is. This book is for you and your imagination to do with as you wish.

Published by ArtKulture, an imprint of Wolfgang Publications, these images are both striking and very useful to the tattoo shop, and the tattoo aficionado. 144 pages, over 500 color images. Though the standard retail price is $27.95, this week on Bikernet, Tattoo Bible Book 1 is only $17.95, with free shipping to US addresses. You've only got a week, get one today!

IN SEARCH OF BROTHER'S KNUCKLEHEAD-- My name if Tim McKenzie and my friends call me SPUDZ. I once spoke to you from Berry Wardlaws shop late one night. That‘s the only time I’ve seen him since we were in high school. My reason for this is to see if you might be able to help me find my Brother’s bike. We built it around 1970. Our dad could make a knuckle fly and this one would. Most of the stuff was hand fab.

Hell, there was no aftermarket venders around back then. It was kinda unique in that the dog bones were made from square aluminum, the original springer was extended 6 inches and chromed, and the tank was off of a 1945 Servi-cycle.

Berry offered to build me an engine, so I could reproduce this bike, but I’d rather try to find the actual bike and build it back, in remembrance of my brother and my dad. I’m gonna do one or the other for sure.

-- Tim McKenzie

AMD ON HARLEY'S THIRD QUARTER-- Harley continues to pick-up share, close-in on 2010 'shipments' target, and points to "young adult" sales as production and sales gap narrows.

With retail sales of 185,720 motorcycles for the first nine months of the year, Harley-Davidson is now targeting the upper end of its 2010 dealer 'shipment' guidance as sales and production edge closer to balance.

Barring further dramatic deterioration of consumer confidence, and despite widespread on-going concerns about the nature of the domestic US economic recovery, the company's third quarter fiscals show sales declines over the equivalent 2009 periods reducing, with production and sales likely to be running in parallel by some stage in the first half of 2011.

Third-quarter retail sales of new Harley-Davidson motorcycles decreased 7.7 percent worldwide, 9.4 percent in the U.S. (against an industry-wide decline of 14.4 percent in the 651+cc 'heavyweight' sector) and 3.6 percent in international markets compared to the year-ago quarter.

"Despite the continued challenges in the economy, we are making solid, steady progress at transforming our business," said Keith Wandell, President and Chief Executive Officer of Harley-Davidson, Inc. "With our strategic focus on future growth initiatives and continuous improvement, we are positioning Harley-Davidson to succeed at today's volumes, as well as to grow and restore greater profitability longer term."

Sales stand at 13.4 percent down in the US for the first nine months of the year, with international sales down just 1.9 percent for a total worldwide decline 9.8 percent for the year-to-date.

"The Harley-Davidson brand has remarkable strength globally. Few products or brands rank as highly in terms of awareness and affinity on the part of customers and non-customers alike. We have continued to gain market share in the U.S. and Europe. Since 2008, we also have been the U.S. leader in new motorcycle sales to young adults for the entire on-road motorcycle category. Going forward, we will continue to build on this brand strength and leadership position," said Wandell.

Revenue from Harley-Davidson motorcycles in the third quarter of 2010 was $798.8 million, down 0.6 percent compared to the year-ago period. The Company shipped 53,293 Harley-Davidson motorcycles to dealers and distributors worldwide during the quarter, compared to shipments of 54,236 motorcycles in the third quarter of 2009.

Revenue from Parts and Accessories totaled $219.0 million during the quarter, down 1.2 percent, and revenue from General Merchandise, which includes MotorClothes apparel, was $64.1 million, down 9.4 percent compared to the year-ago period.

Through the first nine months of 2010, the Company shipped 166,013 Harley-Davidson motorcycles, an 11.3 percent decrease compared to last year's 187,085 units for the period. Revenue from Harley-Davidson motorcycles through nine months was $2.44 billion, a 7.0 percent decrease compared to the year-ago period.

Nine-month P&A revenue was $599.8 million, a 3.7 percent decrease from the year-ago period. General Merchandise revenue was $197.7 million, an 8.3 percent decrease compared to the same period in 2009.

Operating income from financial services was $50.9 million in the third quarter of 2010, compared to an operating loss of $31.5 million in the year-ago quarter. The improvement in year-over-year operating income is largely the result of a lower cost of funds and improvement in credit losses.

Through nine months, operating income from financial services was $138.4 m, compared to an operating loss of $110.8 m in the first nine months of 2009.
Based on this, the Company is now narrowing its guidance for full-year 2010 shipments to 207,000 to 212,000 Harley-Davidson motorcycles to dealers, a decrease of approximately five to seven percent from 2009; their prior shipments guidance for 2010 was 201,000 to 212,000 motorcycles.
The Company has lowered its cost estimates for restructuring and is also refining its guidance for capital expenditures, which are now expected to be $190 m to $210 m for the full year, compared to prior guidance of $235 m to $255 m.

In the third quarter, the Company completed the divesture of its MV Agusta subsidiary. Harley-Davidson incurred losses of $4.9 m during the third quarter, and $108.4 m for the year-to-date from its "discontinued operations".

--from the AMD

• Here is what you can expect
We believe the bigger obstacles are:

- Licensing laws
- Insurance Costs
- Lack of exciting entry level products
- Licensing laws:

Here in Europe a major factor affecting the supply of new riders to the market has been the introduction of various EU Driving License Directives.

‘2nd Directive’ has been in force in Europe since 1996: Under 21s must take test on 120-125cc, then 33bhp limit for 2 years Over 21s may take ‘Direct Access’ test on 500cc for unrestricted license.

‘3rd Directive’ will apply from 2013: Seeking to encourage progressive access by introducing additional 35kw (47bhp) restriction until an additional test is taken on machine over 600cc. Age of Direct Access might be raised to 24.

Gen Y’ers want to get the bike they lust after now not in 5 years time. Unless new models are developed which fit within the restrictions it is reasonable to predict that the 3rd European Driving Licence Directive will push potential new motorcyclists into abstaining for even longer.

- Insurance Costs:

The high cost of insurance is also a major factor affecting sales in the 15 to 34 age range. The soaring cost of litigation, expensive vehicle repair bills and high volumes of claims by inexperienced bikers has made the cost of insuring motorcycles prohibitively expensive for many young riders. There is a significant difference in the insurance classification of available models; for example the popular learners bike, the CBF500 (group 9) and the 600cc supersports class (group 14) which rules out the supersports for the majority without a significant ‘No claims bonus’.

ACEM’s figures show that for a young rider the cost of insurance can now easily outweigh the cost to purchase a machine and unlike the initial purchase this is an annual cost.

- Lack of exciting entry level products:

Today the introduction of Euro2 and Euro3 EU emissions regulations and changes in both the European and Japanese licensing laws have meant that the lightweight supersport segment is practically un-catered for. As a result some of the milder and more forgiving 500-750cc machines have migrated into beginner’s bike list. First bikes tend to be 50bhp or less and 180kg or less. The further a bike is above those limits, the more cautious new riders appear to be about purchasing.

The Suzuki GS500 and Honda CB500’s are now considered by many the best choice as a first bike: relatively light, inexpensive, not too much power (consequently cheaper to insure), and available new and used. The current CB500’s/CG500’s offer a sensible package but they are not evocative or highly desirable, they do not inspire young people.

This void of desirable products offered at entry level adds to the licensing restrictions in pushing young riders into abstaining.

The now discontinued 250cc two stroke and 400cc four stroke class of ‘Lightweight Supersports’ represented a good balance of looks, performance and affordability to fill the void between the ‘learner’ bikes and outright supersports 600s. Other than Kawasaki’s Ninja 250 where are these products today?

The high re-sale value of 10 year old second hand Supersport 400s (RVF400’s still sell for 3k to 4k) suggests that many consumers in this market already decide against buying new and look for privately sold models instead; independently financing the purchase, forgoing dealer warranties and after sales care.

--from Rogue

CYCLE SOURCE SPONSORED TROPICAL TATTOO OLD SCHOOL CHOPPER SHOW DURING BIKETOBERFEST-- Tropical Tattoo Old School Chopper Time Show 14 Classes Sponsored in part by Cycle Source Magazine Biketoberfest event with Live Bands, Beer, Food and Hot Girls.


BIKERNET THAI FOOD RESTAURANT REVIEW--After sailing throughout the Gulf of Thailand off the east coast we took a cab to the west coast into the City of Phuket in search of the best Thai Food Restaurant in the world. The food everywhere on this skinny peninsula and on the islands was amazing, but then we stumbled into the MK Restaurant on the outskirts of a major new mall. The gleaming eatery was called Le Siam Jungceylon Phuket.

Everything about this restaurant was outstanding from the service to the ambiance, and the food from the drinks, to the appetizers, to the delectable main dishes, was incredible. Don't miss an MK Restaurant, if you ever run across one.

Another shot from Art, in Palm Springs, Ca.
Another shot from Art, in Palm Springs, Ca.

Saturday, October 23
8PM - Midnight at the Cretin's Clubhouse - 1460 Naud St. - 90012 (downtown in a rooftop parking lot overlooking the LA skyline) $6 cash at the door

The event is to raise money and awareness for "Riders for Health" They donate motorcycles to African health organizations to distribute medicine in remote areas.

The event will feature: 10-20 short films about motorcycles
Music, Food & Drinks Bike show with prizes in multiple categories Displays from SoCal's top bike builders

Submissions will be accepted until Oct 10th.

More information can be found at:
or by calling 424-218-MOTO (424-218-6686)
(This is not a VVMC event)

SEARCHING FOR A TRIKE CONVERSION-- I found that this page was informative even though there is no one out there who can tell me the overall cost to convert a 1981 Yamaha 650 shaft drive into a basic trike.



WIRE PLUS INTRODUCES BIG BEAR CHOPPER LIGHTING MODULE-- Winfield, KS- Wire Plus Powersports Electronics is proud to introduce a replacement plugged lighting control module for Big Bear Chopper motorcycles. “If your turn signals are no longer working correctly, this may be the fix you need”, stated Don Bromlow, National Sales Manager for Wire Plus.
The lighting control module controls the operation of the front, rear turn signals, and provides load equalization and auto cancelling. It also operates the rear turn signals as brake lights and running lights with one wire hook-up. This replacement module works with all of the switches used on most models manufactured by BBC. (Several different plug configurations are offered...Please verify that the Deutsch connector matches your module) MSRP: $139.95.

Wire-Plus products are built to survive the rugged urban environment. Their products feature vibration resistant, solid-state breaker technology and their focus is on the reliability of everything we manufacture. Wire Plus backs every product that they manufacture with expert technical support. If you want the best in digital technology, check out the latest from Wire Plus. Reliability…Ease of Installation…and Quality All in One!

For those interested in obtaining more information on Wire Plus, you can reach them at (620) 221-2417 or check them out online at or email them at


2010 Spitfire Supertracker prototype
Owner Mike "Cheezboy" Brown
Chassis: Spitfire

Front: Inverted cartridge, multivalve
Rear: Mono shock , multivalve
Designed and built by: Race Tech R&D , and Spitfire

Engine: Buell Thunderbolt 1200 modified
Exhaust: Supertrapp XR
Sheetmetal: Sacred Steel, and Spitfire
Paint: Sweet Baby James & Wayne Wreck
Seat: Riff Raff Kustom Leather
Designed and built by Paul Cavallo, and Spitfire Motorcycles

Winner of the Grand National Roadster Show
1st place Sport class
Outstanding Engineering award


1. To give off or reflect bright beams or flashes of light; to sparkle.
2. To exhibit brilliant, sparkling technique or style.

They pulled up at the farthest end of a loop path that looked out over the great basin of the Rio Grande under brilliant, coruscating stars.
-- Bill Roorbach, "Big Bend", The Atlantic, March 2001

Beneath you lie two miles of ocean -- a bottomlessness, for all practical purposes, an infinity of blue. . . . A thousand coruscating shafts of sunlight probe it, illuminating nothing.
-- Kenneth Brower, "The Destruction of Dolphins", The Atlantic, July 1989

What coruscating flights of language in his prose, what waterfalls of self-displaying energy!
-- Joyce Carol Oates, review of A Theft, by Saul Bellow, New York Times, March 5, 1989

Whether we know or like it or not, those of us who turn our hands to this task are scribbling in a line of succession which, however uncertainly and intermittently, reaches back to the young Macaulay, who first made his public reputation as a coruscating writer in the 1820s.
-- David Cannadine, "On Reviewing and Being Reviewed", History Today, March 1, 1999

Coruscate comes from Latin coruscatus, past participle of coruscare, "to move quickly, to tremble, to flutter, to twinkle or flash." The noun form is coruscation. Also from coruscare is the adjective coruscant, "glittering in flashes; flashing."

Click here to enter.
Click here to enter.

THE 8TH ANNUAL WTT RAFFLE IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER--The 8th Annual Raffle will be held November 13, 2010. You can win this 1947 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead
Or $20,000.

Each Purchase helps keep us "The Museum That Runs"

AUSTRALIAN BIKERNET CORRESPONDENT STUDIES ART--The Graphic ability of a Mac is amazing – this is my don, Akiva, in pencil drawing

Once you go MAC you will never go back


ULTIMATE BUILDER CUSTOM BIKE SHOW SPONSORED BY BIKERNET.COM--  Enter your custom bike into the Progressive® International Motorcycle Shows® Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show and pitch it against the best builders in the country. The UBCBS is an affiliate competition to the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building. Professional and amateur custom builders of choppers, cruisers and sportbikes are invited to enter their bikes into the competition and judge each other’s work. There will be 11 individual rounds of the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show nationwide.

United States Championship (USC)
The United States Championship of custom bike building will be held at the Daytona Progressive International Motorcycle Show held during Daytona Bike Week, March 9-12, 2011. This elite competition is for the ultimate builders of custom bikes in the United States and will crown the definitive United States Champions in their respective classes. The USC is an affiliate competition to the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building.

Judged Custom Bike Classes

Free Style: The open class for any build with a motorcycle based drive train. Anything goes, but judging often favors design and engineering. If your build’s frame is completely custom, this is your class.

Modified Harley: Open to any year Harley-Davidson. Must have stock Harley frame maintaining original configuration (frame smoothing only type of modifications allowed). Must have Harley Davidson engine cases.

Performance Custom: High performance based vehicle with motorcycle based drive train. Motorcycle must use a production based frame (chroming and slight frame modifications allowed). All other modifications are open.

Get the details at

BAD COP REPORT FROM ROGUE--  Denver police officer arrested as sex assault suspect--A Denver police officer has been arrested as a sex assault suspect.

Hector Paez, 31, a patrol officer who worked in District 4, was arrested Monday and is being held at the Douglas County Jail, according to Denver District Attorney's Office media release.

The suspect, who was in uniform and working at the time of the alleged May 16 incident, came in contact with the victim, a 36-year-old woman, and ran a background check on her finding an outstanding arrest warrant out of Jefferson County, said Lynn Kimbrough, a Denver district attorney's spokeswoman.

Paez then allegedly took the woman to an isolated area and coerced her into "performing a sexual act to avoid being taken to jail," the DA's office said.

An investigation by the Denver Police Department's Internal Affairs Bureau led to the arrest. Paez will be charged later this week with kidnapping, sexual assault and attempt to influence a public servant, all felonies, prosecutors said.

Paez appeared in Denver County Court this morning at a first advisement hearing. His bond has been set at $100,000.

Paez was hired by the department in 2006.

He was suspended, with pay, since May 19 when allegations were made against him. He remains suspended, now without pay, after his arrest Monday.

The charge of attempt to influence a public servant alleges that Paez lied about his contact with the victim when he was interviewed by internal affairs, the release said.

His next court date will be scheduled after charges are formally filed this week.

By Kieran Nicholson
The Denver Post

--from Rogue

BUCKSHOT REPORTS ON TAMARACK MACHINE WORKS--So you want to add a little bling to your ride, but you look at all the billet stuff out there, and think: hmmm… What’ll make my bike different from all the rest? You either go on-line, or to your local dealer, an’ pick out a few “custom” parts to bring your ride up to a personal level. “Gimme one of those billet shift rods with the Mud Flap girl on it, one of those belt drive primary covers with the flames, an’… Oh, yeah… A points cover with a skull on it!”

At the next rally, you’re walkin’ around, lookin’ at the other scoots, an’ there’s no less than 25 of ‘em with Mud Flap girls, flames, an’ skulls on ‘em. Now, you’re out five hundred smackers, an’ you still look like everybody else. You sit down with a cold brew an’ ask yourself: why is all the really custom stuff so damned expensive, an’ where can I get exactly what I want to make my ride special?

Well, boys an’ girls, I’m gonna tell ya! If you want some truly one-off custom pieces at prices even ol’ Buckshot can afford, you need ta check out Keith Bertram, at Tamarack Machine Works! He makes shift rods, belt drive primary covers, derby covers, an’ most anything else you could want, and he makes ‘em to YOUR specifications! No mass produced Mud Flap girls here, Amigo, just high quality, affordably priced custom billet accessories that you can be proud of, an’ know that there isn’t another one out there like it!

Most of you know that Reggie’s trike is called “Free Wheelin’”, and Keith made her a totally bitchin’ shift rod with Free Wheelin’ on it that’s a real eye-catcher, and it’s really set her trike apart from all the other pink an’ black, blinged out trikes out there! The craftsmanship is flawless, and the lettering matches the logos on her wheelchair rack perfectly! I guarantee that you can go to as many shows an’ runs as you want, an’ you’ll NEVER see another one like this! How ‘bout THAT for less moolah than a Mud Flap girl?

Keith can make you almost any design you want, too! Want your name on it? Your club logo? Your military affiliation? Your ol’ lady’s boobs? Well, THAT may be goin’ too far, but you never know; Keith’s a really talented an’ inventive guy! He’s made a lot of one-off parts for a lot of bikes you’ve seen in magazines, and as more professional builders see the quality of his work, his business is growing by leaps an’ bounds! He also makes limited production runs of 20 to 30 pieces for clubs, organizations, and small businesses. He’s been refining his techniques, and adding more products to the impressive line-up on the Tamarack Machine Works website since 2004. They say that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, and if that’s true, the Chinese have flattered Keith with some e-bay copies of his lowering kits, so make sure you contact him directly for the real deal with American quality and customer service!

He started out making his signature billet lowering kits, and he’s expanded from there to all sorts of billet items that will make your scoot one-of-a-kind! All his parts are CNC machined, then hand finished and inspected to make sure that each an’ every one is perfect! These aren’t Chinese made parts like you get from E-Bay, these are made one at a time right here in Central California, to American standards, and they’re something you can be proud to own, at prices that will leave you grinnin’ like a monkey!

Keith has also been workin’ with Matt Beal at Road Rage Performance on a few new ideas that I think you’ll like. In addition to the famous Road Rage points and primary covers, Keith makes a billet motor / tranny plate that fits 4 speed, 5 speed, or 6 speed transmissions with the same plate! You can get one of these beauties directly from Keith, or from Matt at

If you have an idea that you think will set your ride apart from all the others, just give Keith a call, an e-mail at:, or log onto his website at: He has the CAD programs to make your idea a reality without havin’ to order 500 pieces, or breakin’ the bank for just one, an’ in these troubled times, that’s important!

Keith and his wife, Ursula, are good friends of me an’ Reggie, an’ frequent ridin’ partners, so ya better give him a call, an’ tell him I sent ya!

ACE CAFÉ LONDON at EICMA Milan 2nd - 7th November 2010-
Ace Cafe London is delighted to announce their attendance as an integral part of a new exhibition area entirely dedicated to "Specials" and "Customs" - a "show within a show" at the 68th International Motorcycle Show in Milan.

The Ace presence and display in Pavillion 2, Milano Fiera, includes the new Ace 904S Thruxton Special cafe racer motorcycle from Stonebridge Motor Company and T3 Racing, together with an array of the Ace Cafe, Rockers and StoMoCo items.

For more information about the show:


Tel: ++44 (0)20 8961 1000
Fax: ++44 (0)20 8965 0161

Ace Cafe London
Ace Corner
North Circular Road
NW10 7UD

METAL SPORT CLEAR WHEELS, AMAZING--Metalsport Wheels has put together a Clear Wheel Program and then put it on SALE!

$3920 per set
$5247 Standard MSRP
Click on the image for more info:
Click on the image for more info:

21 x 4 Front Clear wheel
18 x 5.5 Rear Solid Aluminum Chrome Wheel

Fits 2009 to present H-D Touring Models with cush drive

Only Five sets Available
Call and reserve yours today!

- Lonny Spiva
Metalsport Inc.
Southgate Ca. 90280
Ph. 562-776-9594
Fax 562-776-9635

BIKER’S CHOICE HOSES AND FITTINGS CUSTOM BUILDER’S MICRO LINE SERIES-- Biker’s Choice® CUSTOM BUILDER’S MICRO LINE SERIES is perfect for the custom bike builder or the do-it-yourselfer who wants the latest, coolest brake lines on the market. The Micro Line Series is the world’s smallest bore brake hose featuring black PVC coated stainless braided -2 thin wall hose with aramid liner and easy to install black, zinc-plated fittings. The stainless steel construction eliminates moisture absorption preventing the need for frequent flushing of the brake systems.

Pressure rated at over 10,000 psi, these lines are designed for hard riding and the temperature rating exceeds 300°. The combination of flexibility and size of the Micro Line Series makes this a perfect product to route through frames and handlebars. Assembling your own custom performance lines has never been easier.

For more information check out your nearest Biker’s Choice Dealer or visit .

Happy Riding!


DON’T FORGET: Special 90 minute Episode: Tuesday, October 26
--- ATTIKA7 will be heard during Episode 8, the SONS FINALLY go to Belfast !! Look for the scene with Sons of Anarchy members driving in a car, listening & rockin’ out to ATTIKA7 in the car.

MORE CLASSIC ROD ART FROM MIKE CORBIN--I have one more that you might be able to use.
--Mike corbin

VICTORY LIVES UP TO ITS NAME FOR POLARIS Q3-- Record sales gains drove profits at Polaris Industries for the third quarter as the company reported net income of $47.2 million, or $1.37 per share, for the quarter ended Sept. 30, compared to $31.2 million, or 94 cents per share for the same period last year.

Sales of ATVs and SSVs increased 49 percent during the third quarter over the same period last year. Polaris credits the MVP program, which was expanded and made available to all North American ORV dealers beginning in the 2010 third quarter.

Polaris’ North American ORV unit sales to consumers were up about 20 percent from the third quarter last year, with SSV sales increasing significantly and ATV retail sales up in the mid-single digit percent range. North American dealer inventories of ORVs declined 30 percent during the third quarter compared to last year.

The company says shipments to dealers track with sales to consumers, so inventory management seems to be working.

Sales of the On-Road division, mainly Victory motorcycles, increased 116 percent over the year-ago quarter. Victory unit retail sales increased more than 50 percent in North America from the third quarter of 2009. The company says demand increased across the Victory product lineup, particularly the new Cross Country and Cross Roads touring models. North American dealer inventory of Victory motorcycles declined 32 percent in the 2010 third quarter.

Sales of Victory motorcycles in markets outside of North America also continues to increase, with sales up over 100 percent for the 2010 third quarter compared to the same period last year.

PG&A sales increased 12 percent during the quarter owing primarily to increased Ranger- and Victory-related PG&A sales.

Snowmobile sales decreased 6 percent during the quarter, but shipments are likely to increase as the weather turns colder.

Sales for the third quarter 2010 totaled $580.1 million, an increase of 33 percent when compared to $436.2 million recorded in the year-earlier period.

“While the economy and overall consumer demand remains weak, our growth continues to be fueled by innovative new products and our strong dealer network,” said CEO Scott Wine. “It is rewarding to see our hard work pay off and be able to report 33 percent sales growth and record earnings per share for the quarter. The momentum we experienced during the first half of 2010 accelerated during the third quarter, as we saw continued market share gains, retail sales growth and margin expansion.”

Polaris shares shot up nearly 5 percent in midday trading on the company’s revised projection of full year 2010 earnings per share in the range of $4.17 to $4.20, an increase of 37 to 38 percent compared to earnings of $3.05 per share for the full year 2009.

Sales for the full year 2010 are now expected to grow in the range of 24 to 25 percent over full year 2009 sales of $1.57 billion. During the fourth quarter of 2010, the company expects total sales to increase in the range of 22 to 24 percent over the fourth quarter 2009.

UNCLE MONKEY EVALUATES THE RISE AND FALL OF WCC--News reports are trickling in that West Coast Choppers have closed their doors. West Coast Choppers had become synonymous with the new motorcycle/chopper movement. While this new widespread popularity of motorcycles can be contributed to many things we have to give a nod to Jesse James as the charismatic leader of this new revolution. Jesse thrust chopper motorcycles and the lifestyle into the limelight in a way that hadn't been seen since the 1969 movie "Easy Rider".

Suddenly choppers were cool, being a biker was cool. Many will argue that being a biker was never out of style but we were out of favor with the populace. Viewed as long hair outlaws hell bent on violence, mayhem, and rape, the biker was a pox mark on society. WCC did not change bikers. What they did change was the face of bikers and the way that people viewed us. WCC showed the world what we already knew. That all demographics make up bikers. Doctors, lawyers, famous actors, white collar or blue collar everyone was riding a chopper. For the first time society would see what we had been telling them; that the unruly biker of their nightmares was only 1% of the riding public. Being a biker was now respectable, a badge of honor worn by their neighbors, co-workers, by housewives. Parents were happy to shell out good money for a t-shirt supporting WCC, motorcycles, bikers for their children. WCC helped moved bikers from the bar room to the boardroom.

The popularity of the so-called West Coast style motorcycle would eventually find its way back East to Milwaukee and the Motor Factory. For the first time Harley Davidson would offer a true "chopper" inspired motorcycle in the Rocker. Fat tired and long, low, stretched out; the bike is middle of the road as a far as choppers are concerned but it did offer the public an affordable, factory warranty bike that combined the history and heritage of Harley Davidson and the chopper motorcycle. One can't help but think the Rocker's WC (with chrome) designation is a nod to West Coast.

West Coast Choppers would usher in the era of high-end choppers with many of their bikes being upwards of six figures. Owning a WCC bike was a true status symbol as the rich and elite would line up to own the elusive, rare and high priced chopper. Owning any bike was a statement of arriving.

So where did it all go wrong. The sad reality is that WCC was doomed to failure from the start. It is something that Jesse knew and he capitalized when he could. High dollar chopper were nothing new and the "West Coast" inspired chopper were around before Jesse was conceived. Builders like Arlen Ness, Dave Perewitz, Donnie Smith have long been able to demand good money for their bikes but they were never mass producers; often building only one or two bikes a year, some times even less. Jesse James has always admitted that he never made money from building bikes. Precision is expensive and there is no room for error. While a backyard builder would overlook a nick in chrome, a scuff, a scratch, such flaws are not acceptable on a hundred thousand dollar motorcycle. It means parts would have to be re-chromed, frames repainted, parts milled and milled again until right, thousands of dollars in consumables like masking tape and clean, lint free shop rags. Each flaw witling away at the bottom dollar.

In the world of status symbols it is what's hot NOW. WCC would simply not be able to keeps up with the two plus year waiting lists. Fickle big spenders are always looking for what is next. WCC quickly became "last years" fashion, replaced by Billy Lane, Exile Cycle, Indian Larry, OCC, and many other small batch manufactures. WCC would fall victim to its own success as WCC clones would begin appearing in sale ads across the nation. Imitation maybe flattery, for business it can be deadly.

Jesse James is a street hustler. He knows how to exploit a situation to benefit himself and why not. Jesse has been able to move and adapt, to keep his name in the forefront, to keep the money rolling in. It has meant he has stepped on toes, burnt bridges and walked all over people. To be successful you have to be ruthless, selfish, and ungiving. It means putting yourself ahead of everyone and everything else. The truly successful - successful in business and life- have always found away to balance business with life, family and friends. While WCC lasted nearly two decades the business plan has always been get in - get paid - get out. Jesse will always find a way to hustle a buck.

As we write the history books what should we say of West Coast Choppers and Jesse James. Will they be a footnote in our industry or something more substantial? Given the influence WCC has had on present day motorcycle, the industry, the lifestyle it is hard to believe that this will be the last we hear of the notorious bike builder Jesse James and West Coast Choppers. Jesse will find a way. Deals have already been struck for manufactures to carry on the WCC legacy, to keep it alive though probably not to the same degree as before. Jesse James will find another way to capitalize on his name and celebrity fame. The only thing for sure as the sun arcs across Long Beach California this Jesse James won’t be riding into the sunset.

--Wayne Wuschke

LOUISVILLE WAREHOUSE SEARCH TURNS UP BIKES STOLEN FROM CLOVER CYCLEWORKS-- Authorities in Louisville, Ky., have found a warehouse full of stolen goods valued at about $500,000, and the discovery is making one dealer happy.

"We're still looking. I'm sure there's stuff we've overlooked,” said Dale Clover, owner of Clover Cycleworks. He lost $250,000 worth of merchandise and property including his bike, customers’ bikes, tools and equipment in a July 4 burglary at the store.

"The black one that I put in was my personal bike. The white I had built and delivered. It cost $70,000,” Clover told WHAS TV.

Clover thinks he knows who’s responsible.

"It's some people who've been in the shop before,” he told the TV station. "They took the meter out of the back of the building. They cut the wires to the alarm system. It was pretty professional. They twisted the commercial lock on the door. The computer was bashed out."

Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies began watching the warehouse for some time and found the merchandise after executing a search warrant there. They also questioned people seen coming and going.

Meanwhile, Clover is elated the bikes are intact.

"I thought they were probably completely dismantled them and they were out of country," he says.

Posted by Holly Wagner
Published courtesy of DealerNews:

KEINO BRINGS US THE BROOKLYN INVITATIONAL REPORT--On behalf of all who where involved in the 2nd annual Brooklyn invitational the WKITHOK and our sponsors would like to thank you. We would like to thank you for the belief and support of our custom motorcycle show and exhibition.

The annual event took place on Sept 18th, 2010. At Root Studio in Brooklyn, New York. Riders and Enthusiasts came from near and far to make their way to Brooklyn, for a beautiful weekend in one of the East Coast’s premier cities.

Two of invited builders: Max Schaff along with Chris Lindig , and invited photographer Ken Nagahara, rode their bikes 3000 miles from Oakland California and back again just for the show. Attendance was populated with people from all over states, and on top of that, all over the world, places like Brazil, France, Australia, Japan, Sweden, Italy, and Spain to enjoy this exhibition.

Based on number of ID bands distributed for premium beer donated by our proud sponsor Asahi beer USA, an estimated 4,000 people filled 10,000 sq photo studio and became captivated by 18 custom bikes built by well-known, creative, and at the top of their game individuals, accompanied by the works of photographers that capture this interesting and nostalgic culture.

The masses lined up for a grand raffle give-away sponsored by our generous sponsors: Baker Drivetrain,Mooneyes USA ,Born losers, biltwell ,Lick cycles, spectro oil, dice magazine,Chopper dave, paul cox, Keino cycles, Church of choppers, Kick start cycles,Godspeed45/06 to name a few.

To prime the Invitational there was the Friday night, Dice magazine new issue release party was held at matchless bar a few blocks away from root studio. Good crowd, good tunes, good times…

In closing, The Brooklyn Invitational is curated, and organized by group of individuals in and around Brooklyn who believe custom motorcycles are an art form, and are proud to be in custom motorcycle culture.

We will keep moving forward with the show, focusing on the motorcycle, and related art, to create an exhibition second to none, and to spread our passion for custom motorcycles.

The 3rd Annual Brooklyn Invitational will be held on Sept 17th 2011. And 5th Annual Gypsy run will be a weekend before ,Our friends at Dice magazine will have release party the night before to start motorcycle weekend in Brooklyn. Have an outstanding year; see you back in Brooklyn for number 3.

here is video and images that captures the essence of the 2nd brooklyn invitational.
video courtesy by Stephan marino
photo courtesy by Josh kurpius

copyrights for all images and video attached to this email reserved by Stephan marino and Josh kirpius

--Keino Sasaki
Keino Cycles LLC
97 Union St Brooklyn NY
Phone 718-858-5767
Fax 718-858-5742

ONE MORE STRANGE BIKERNET REPORT FROM THE WEEK MAGAZINE--A New York man survived a point-blank gunshot after the bullet was deflected by his cell phone, said the New York Daily News. Apartment-building repairman, Juan Camarena, 53, got in an argument with a former supervisior, who was furious that he'd been fired. The man suoved his gun in Juan's stomach and pulled the trigger. "Both my cell phone and belt buckle were in pieces, but the bullet did not go in," said Camarena.

WHATTA NEWS--Never a dull moment at the Supreme Bikernet Headquarters. So here's the deal for this coming week. We are test shooting a series of Bikernet Back to the Basics Interviews with Hugh King, "the Chopper King," Craig Constantine a producer from the Biker Build-offs, Jeremiah Soto, and Gard Hollinger form LA Chop Rods. We are going to work on the format tomorrow.

The plan is to air one Back to the Basics, 10-minute show a week on the Bikernet Home Page, on Youtube, and who knows where else, for about eight weeks, as a test. I've got to scramble on my 1%er book for Motorbooks, and maybe I'll run a clip in the Sunday Post. I would like to be cresting the halfway point by the end of this month. Good god. Last week I spoke to a public defender who handled a club case in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The day I called he retired. We had a terrific conversation.

Next week I will wrap up Gary and Rick's Excellent Run to the Badlands, and I should finish the latest touring model performance upgrade tech article, including the Zipper's plug-in ECM, Bub 2-into-1 pipes, and a clean Performance Machine Wrath air cleaner.

Bandit in the mid '70s heading for the Terminal Island Prison.
Bandit in the mid '70s heading for the Terminal Island Prison.

I'm also working with Trish, at Baker, on a reverse gear tech, and with Wire Plus on a tech to take an EFI bike back to a carb for that custom approach. I have another Girl of Bikernet feature lingering in the files, but I don't have time to hang out at a bar and listen for a wild romantic adventure, and if I kick one off myself I could get shot, or laid. It's all a roll of the dice.

Ride Forever,




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This site is one of the better ones that I have seen so far.
I want to thank you for publishing it as well as you do.
We all need to get together and stand up for our all our freedom of choice and stop some of the profiling they are doing to all biker's.
The laws in all states vary and are not worded quit right.
We need to watch this better and try to educate the cage drivers before they even get on the street. thay means we have to start thinking of getting people that ride on the school boards and then trying to get the class and help the young ones need.
Excuse me for going on like I do, but I believe in our freedom and want to keep it so I try to may people understand this and they more then likely already know it.
Ride safe take care
--Joy (ghostlayd3)

Joy Kaiser
Newark, DE
Monday, April 11, 2011
Editor Response I'm with you. Freedom needs to be a priority, not regulation.

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