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A Few Good Words About Bikernet

By Bandit and Bikernet Sponors

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H-D factory staff
Bikernet staff about to take a tour of the H-D factory to write a feature. When we send a crew to handle a feature, we don't mess around.


from Time to time we receive very positive letters regarding Bikernet’s ability to assist in product marketing or event promotion. We finally decided to publish a few to give prospective sponsors a taste of Bikernet’s clout in the industry. We’re here to help make your advertising dollars pay off.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, if we can assist with your growth or reach in the market.

--K.R. Ball

From: Doc Robinson

Date: 10/2020

Subject: Bikernet Weekly News

Greetings Mr Ball,


Just read the weekly news: you always cover an impressively wide range of motorcycle related subjects.

Sometimes I wonder where you find it all.


Anyway I’m writing this to ask if you will please send me a copy of your book "Prize Possession" for reviewing in Heavy Duty.

Of course it will also give me a chance to plug





From: Emily Bartels
Date: 10/17 
Subject: Bikernet Blog Featured in New Article
Bikernet is an online magazine that keeps you up-to-date on everything related to motorcycles.

A variety of writers contribute to the blog section, so you get a good mixture of voices and opinions in one handy location. They touch on a little of everything and post regularly.

Lisa Jorgenson is a regular contributor, and she shares personal opinions and thoughts, which is a nice mix along with the regular motorcycle news. There are also plenty of interesting pieces written by Ujjwal Dey that cover motorcycle-related topics.

If you already follow a ton of personal blogs, add one like this to your list so you can stay updated on the latest happenings in the motorcycle world.

B.B. St. Roman and me

Jul 17, 2016
A LETTER FROM A BIKERNET CONTRIBUTOR-- Under the pen name Scooter Tramp Scotty, I've been writing for several publications, both printed and online, for years. These true motorcycle drifter adventure stories offer a unique niche and have gained me a large following that continues to grow. Once a story has been published in print, I then pass it along to Bikernet, and eventually a few smaller publications as well. Although monthly now, I started in the mid '90s by putting out only an occasional piece that generally saw print in Easyriders magazine—for there were no online mags back then. So later, when Keith asked me for material to be used in, I didn't take this new-age computer crap too seriously. Real magazines, I figured, were something one could hold in his hand while seated on the john.

In time however, the computer age came to full swing and it was necessary that I become involved in social media. To my absolute surprise, I’ve found that social media response to my printed stories is minimal, yet once this same material hits Bikernet my damn computer blows up! I guess the world's become full of computer freaks these days, and must also attribute this phenomena, at least in part, to the fact that online media is by its very nature world wide. This has made the publication of my work in far more important. —Scotty


A LETTER FROM A BIKERNET SPONSOR-- I just got off the phone with the regional Tucker Rocky rep. He has scheduled a meeting with Kyle and me, here in Lawrence, to establish and finalize our dealer relationship with TR/BC. I explained to him that we applied to TR over a year ago and were turned down. He revealed to me that the order to move forward with a dealership for K and G Cycles came from the highest levels of the company. After some conversation, he told me that you had written a recommendation on our behalf and that started the ball rolling. Apparently, through your efforts, K and G Cycles is now on yet another radar screen in the motorcycle industry.

The purpose of this message is to offer our personal thanks for all you have done for us. We value your friendship and partnership and we are growing, in no small part, as a result of your efforts and support. It appears that, very soon, Ken will have yet another press release announcing the Tucker Rocky/K and G partnership.

In conversation, I discovered that your recommendation triggered many of their top people to look at the web site and prepare many of the materials they anticipate we would need. This represents a major paradigm shift in the motorcycle industry where a wholesaler is setting up formal support for an internet-only dealership. We are proud to be a part of this advancement and we are grateful for your efforts to get us there.

A rough estimate suggests that, without overlap, TR will add about 75K - 80K parts to our catalog making us that much closer to the goal of being the of motorcycle parts.

Once again, please accept our sincere appreciation for all you have done.

--Regards, George and Kyle
George M. Marakas


BIKERNET TESTIMONIAL-- On another topic, can you answer me this? How many unique visitors per month you get. All my scans have you as the king over any other site, and so on. There seems to be a traffic war between two. Whatever it is, you’re winning.

Brand Vandal | Director of Marketing, Creative and PR
BAKER Drivetrain

We average about 300,000 unique users a month, who visit over 500,000 times, for one million impressions and 10 million hits.


Streetwalker banner

BIKERNET TESTIMONIAL-- I've had a number of people call and e-mail us on what a great feature article it was. We have a stat sheet that we get weekly from the host of our Streetwalker site and I always look at it to make sure the traffic counts are where we want them to be. One of the criteria they evaluate by is referring sites and to qualify as counter somebody has to come onto your site from a link on another site.

Bikernet is always in the top four sites for referring hits to our site. It isn't uncommon to have between 75 to a 100 "referrals" a month from Bikernet. It's a terrific tool for exposure and never fails to drive traffic. I'm starting to sound like a paid endorsement so I'm outa here. Take care and thanks for all your efforts.

Street Walker Exhaust

Envy Banner

D & D Banner

From: Jeff Najar
President, Horsepower Marketing

On a side note, I've had the pleasure to work with D&D and provide them with publicity services. They indicated that the work that I do increased their retail sales by 30% last year. The cornerstone of my campaign was Bikernet. I work with them because they provide the biggest bang for the buck.

--Jeff Najar

W8less Banner

From: Raymond C Wheeler
Subject: Vegas Trade Show
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2006


At least a dozen people mentioned they had seen rotors on Bikernet. Tons of interest from a lot of people, including a 300 unit inquiry, among many others. The show director came to our booth to find out what a w8less rotor was, said he had heard of w8less rotor on Bikernet and no less than 6 times in a half hour at the show, had to see it for himself.

Our Benmaxx engineers were blown away, 12 young men, under 35 with phds. All are interested in attending the Cincinnati show. For three days the Benmaxx guys had meetings, deciding how to meet upcoming manufacturing obligations, seems the doors are opening .

Once again, thanks a million.


BSA ad

From: Berry Wardlaw, president Accurate Engineering
Date: 12/06
Subject: Bikernet 5-Ball Racing Sponsorship

Out of all of the adds I have bought, shit that I have given away, Sturgis, Daytona, Discovery Channel, Speed Channel, donated crap, events, trade shows, free builds, magazines, etc., NOTHING has paid off as far as publicity goes as the 5-Ball Panhead. Man, this sucker is showing up everywhere and is actually bringing in a couple of sales, which I'm sure will increase.

Damn, it is still true, "Win on Sunday, sell on Monday.” I can't wait for the new bike. Yes, we are progressing on it but I am also looking for some more sponsorship. This is getting to be a rich engine, but worth it.


Accurate banner


From: Rick Krost, president U.S. Choppers
Date: 8/06
Subject: Bikernet Banners and support


I just wanted to let you know; after paying for ads in traditional magazines, attending multiple tradeshows and events around the country-- no other source has yielded a better audience for our products and designs. We enjoy the Bikernet subscribers’ enthusiasm for our sport and have yielded much in terms of sales and new friendships as a result of our participation on your website.

Thanks for all of your hard work and efforts in creating a truly unique website; we look forward to being with you on that long road ahead. Can't wait for Bonneville 2007! It's going to be something special--no doubt. Just another reason for your readers to stay posted every week............

--Rick Krost
U.S. Choppers
2039 S. Lyon St
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Appointments Only Please

US Chopper banner

Date: 2/07
Subject: Bikernet news

Thanks again for the help, I've already seen some increased sales from the exposure you gave me. I hope that we can work together more in the future.

Darin Morris


From: Chet Burozski, Sales and Marketing Director
Date: 2/22/07
Subject: Bikernet

In a day in age when you believe half of what you hear and all of what you know, you can understand my skepticism when I met Randall Ball from He told me he liked our product and would see what he could do. As I walked away I thought "Yeah just like everybody else."

To my surprise I called Randall, after returning to Indianapolis, and he told what info he would need. Within a couple days he had our company listed on his site and the next day the phones started ringing. Not only does Bikernet work, but you couldn't be dealing with better people than the ones associated with Randall’s company. They say what they mean and they mean what they say.

Thanks Randall and for not only helping "360 Brake" but for the fun I have personally had in dealing with you and yours in every aspect of the industry.

Chet Burozski
Sales and Marketing Director
Baldwin Wilson Development Corp.
1531 E. Northfield Dr.
Brownsburg, IN 46112
W. (317)852-7867
C. (317)370-0920
F. (317)858-9287


BRASS BALLS HEADS TO DAYTONA-- We have been extremely busy and promoting the business gets shoved aside, not intentionally of course.

We WILL be in Daytona. We will have our Semi and 8 bikes and possibly a few rollers at Carl's Speed Shop. His new place in Ormond Beach.

We have several bikes in the works right now. Trying to get ready for Daytona. I will not have any photos until then. Maybe I can get a few out prior to us leaving on the 27th.

I can tell you a few new items. We are partnering with Platinum Machine Concepts to offer a machined billet "Invader" wheel package as an option on our bikes, as well as a partnership with 360 Brake, to offer their brakes as an options as well. We have also partnered with Rich Phillips Leather to offer custom seats as an option for our customers as well. All these items will be featured on our site and made available at the "build your bike" section of our site. We will have very competitive pricing on these for our customers.

We will have these options displayed on some of the bikes we are taking to Daytona.

We are also unvaling our 2007 (better late than never) Brass Balls Chopper, in Daytona.

Our V-Twin TV feature segment is on our web site now, on the home page, for people to watch (11 minutes)

By the way, big thanks to you for your great site. After our TV program, over half of the people that searched us on the web, came from going to your site first.

Keep up the good work.
--Dar Holdswort

BBB Click through2

BIKERNET CLICK-THROUGHS FOR BRASS BALLS-- This shows the number of folks who clicked over to Brass Balls from various locations. As you will see, almost half of the folks who visited Brass Balls last month came from Bikernet. That's incredible.

BIKER BUILD-OFF TONIGHT--Don’t miss it. The first two shows did very well, numbers wise, which proves that works.... cause as you know the Network did amazingly little to promote BBO. So thanks, thanks, thanks.

The show this Thursday is a build-off between Chica of Chica Custom Cycles, Huntington Beach, CA and Michael Barragan of Evil Spirit Engineering, Glendale, CA. Chica built a red and white homage to the sixties... laid back, long bars, banana seat, eight foot sissy bar... totally hand wrought. He calls his creation the "Mama-san Special" because it is built in honor of his wife, Hitomi. On the ride she's up behind him the entire length of the trip.

Barragan, an up and comer, is revered in Japan though just becoming known in the U.S. He built a post industrial, futuristic ghetto sled in his small but extremely intense shop behind his house. The two fabricators meet in Ft. Worth, Texas in the historic Stockyards casino where Hugh"Chopper" King deals them a hand which seals their fate and which sends them on their way to the 300,000 plus Lone Star Rally in Galveston.


H-D factory sign
From: Rod Woodruff
Date: 07/30/17
Subject: Moxie


Real briefly, those who’ve demonstrated the backbone, skills, determination and cajones to start a business, grow it and prosper amidst difficult economic challenges in an intensely competitive marketplace have earned respect and recognition.

The Buffalo Chip would like to give some love to those in the motorcycle industry who’ve achieved milestones. The Motorcycle Industry Reception held on the first Sunday of the Chip’s annual event seems like a suitable place to do that for those few who’ve started, met the challenges and continue to build businesses that have served the public and motorcycle industry well.

You, through, have now been doing that for twenty (20) years. With your permission, we’d like to present you and a few others with what we’ve named the 2017 Motorcycle Moxie Awards. No speech necessary. Just an announcement, acknowledgement of appreciation for service to the industry and congratulations.

A photo of Bikernet’s Moxie Award is attached. The award is scheduled for Sunday, August 6 at 5:25 p.m. We’d welcome the opportunity to present this to you. Please just let us know if this would be acceptable to you and whether you’d be present to accept it.

Sincerely – and with congratulations,

Rod Woodruff

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