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Plasma Cutting Steel Signs

BAAS METAL CRAFT Custom Made Products

Photos and article by KB
6/10/2010 2:53:41 PM

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Bikernet Finished

You dream it, Kevin will create it. Baas metal craft is a unique company specializing in small or large production of unique custom made steel items per the customers request. Cool business signs, custom bike parts, unique steel furniture are all possible with the CNC plasma cutting technology Baas metal craft incorporates. Owner Kevin Baas is a high school Technology Education instructor at John F. Kennedy High School in Bloomington Minnesota. His passion for metal work and fabrication started as a youngster working with his father's scrap around the yard.

Kevin's dad is still sheet metal worker and garage machinest and his skills and passions for metal had a firy impact on him. As a little boy Kevin was exposed to the biker lifestyle riding in his father's side car of the 1964 Police special Panhead that was the family vehicle for the better part of every summer. Watching his dad build and rebuild his old Pans and Shovels got into his blood and molded him into what he is today.

After graduating college in 1996, Kevin took the job as a shop teacher at Kennedy high. One of the courses he taught was in an old run down metal shop that only enrolled enough anxious students to support one. Kevin immediately set out to improve and modify the program knowing what the future could hold for his students. Through many hours of work the lab was completely remodeled and housed serious high tech equipment students use on their projects and assignments. One of these being the new CNC Plasma cutting system.

Kevin was familiar with Plasma cutter but after working with the latest technology he needed one for himself, as well as his students.

The CNC unit in the classroom was donated by a neighboring company and allows all the students to make the same levels of products Baas Metal Craft produces. This is one of rare, trade, state high school programs containing this level of state-of-the-art equipment. Enrollment has since tripled after incorporating the new technology as well as building choppers in class (see Bikernet article on the High School Panhead Project).

KBAAS sign 
maker machine
BAAS plasma cutting machine.

The Baas Metal Craft plasma cutter is similar to the students' with a cutting table measuring 4 foot x 4 foot. Steel up to 3/4-inch thick can be cut and designs are limitless. In the summers, while Kevin is off of school, he works hard behind the scenes with Baas Metal Craft filling orders and managing an e-bay store with sample items for sale.

The increase in garage built choppers had a positive impact on Kevin's business. He was said, "I really enjoy working with the guys who are building their own rides, helping them create unique parts and accents for their projects is a blast. I enjoy each new challenge, and I'm always excited to watch the ideas come to life. When I get that final picture from my client with the finished part in place, it's the coolest!"

Bikernet sign Unfinished

Kevin can scan any logo or designs, import Cad drawings or create new designs from customer specifications, chicken scratch on a napkin or even from the description of a vision. Baas Metal Craft can be contacted through e-mail at, by phone at 952-215-1252 or you can see the website at:

Kevin and his students manufactured cool signs for Paul Cox, Billy Lane,, Hank Young, Xsspeed, Exile Cycles, The Horse, Sucker Punch Sally's as well as many up and coming builders and companies.

Bikernet Sign close to done

The process involves taking the image or design idea and scanning it onto a PC and into the CADCAM program. The design is then cleaned up and prepared for the 2-d plasma cutting. The finished design is then vectorized, turning the design into the mastercam part file.

Bikernet Sign Rough Draft

The part is then run through a post processor which will give M&G code that directs the machine where to cut to create the image. The steel is lined up on the cutting table and the G code is then loaded into the automated Plasma Cutter and the cutting begins. Steel, 1/8-inch thick, is standard for most wall sign items, but many parts and thicker signs are made from 1/4 or 3/8-inch material.

If you have any notions for a shop sign, club insignia or a silhoutte of your bike sliced out of steel. Click on Kevin's banner and roll over to his shop.

baas metal 

Kevin Baas
Custom made steel signs, art, furniture and fabricated parts.
"When in doubt, burn out!"

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Reader Comments

Could you please give me an estimate of what it would cost to do a sign about 2-foot with the words: Our Southern Comfort; with the Southern Comfort Logo (the half moon with rays coming down).


sherrie rucker
elloree, SC
Monday, August 14, 2017
Editor Response Let her know $200.00 for a 2-foot custom sign.
--Kevin B,
Hello to whom this may concern ,
how much would you charge me for a heavy metal sign that has two rounded stakes to put in the ground with rounded stopping bar in the middle all black powder-coated a fair size so readable with all capital letters. Please put on



9 / 11

in center of sign have cut out pictures something to do with 9 / 11

please contact me soon thank you !

Rebecca Dawn Moon Strong

{ 402 } ~ 924 ~ 3069

What I want sign for is to put under flag pole in center of my yard so I need help from you for the size

thank you ,


Rebecca Strong
Stuart , Nebraska
Monday, January 16, 2017
Editor Response Hey, terrific notion. I reached out to Baas Metal Crafts. Drop a note to I'm sure the teacher will respond.
Your work looks fantastic. Can you do custom foot boards for trike i am building.

Tom grumpy Hauser
West Allis, WI
Saturday, August 17, 2013
Editor Response Kevin can do anything. Drop him a line.

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