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American Performance Cycles 2006 Models

From High Rollers To Hustlers

Photos and Text From Rick Raus
6/10/2010 7:27:41 PM

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Here’s a High Roller 280 from American Performance.

American Performance Cycles started in 1996 and soon became a well-known manufacturer of high class, affordable custom production bikes that are approved for sale and use in all 50 states. As APC’s reputation for value and quality spread throughout the motorcycle industry, so did the demand for parts to build them. Early on, APC became concerned with all of their venders and their ability to deliver products in a timely manner so they began buying all of their own equipment and got into the manufacturing of all of their own products. This successful business decision has allowed them to control their own destiny and today, they build bikes as fast as needed. Dealers and customers alike never wait for product. “Mike Sample Jr. stated, “We got tired of waiting for products from outside sources and now manufacture most of our own parts so that we don’t have to rely on anyone.”

In 1998, APC grew out of their original building located in Bullhead City, AZ and moved to their new ultra modern 50,000 square foot facility in Las Vegas, NV. CEO/President Mike Sample stated, “Our business philosophy is to make the very best custom production bikes that are affordable, rideable and reliable. That’s we have five distinct models that are all reasonably priced, but can be built with a variety of options to suit the most discriminating buyer.” Mike sample Jr., Vice President of APC added, “Three out of our five models are available in four different packages, ranging from a 96-inch S&S motor all the way to a show quality polished 124-inch S&S engine.” All APC bikes are easily registered, insured and are financeable through all major banks and lending institutions.

APC’s MSRP per model:

High Roller 300 (Chopper) $41,995.00
High Roller 280 (Chopper) $40,595.00
High Roller 240 (Chopper) $31,800.00
High Roller S $25,995.00
Wild Card 300 $41,995.00
Wild Card 280 $40,595.00
Wild Card 240 $29,995.00
Hustler 300 $36,495.00
Hustler 280 $35,495.00
Hustler 240 $29,995.00
Hustler S $24,995.00
Evil Spirit 300 $25,995.00
Spirit S $23,995.00


Bike Descriptions and Specs

There are a total of five distinctive models…And four different packages offered from APC. The standard equipment packages are as follows:

300 Package-High Roller 300 (Chopper), Wild Card 300 and Hustler 300 Includes polished 124-inch S&S engine, 6-speed right side drive transmission, 300 rear tire, climax controls (except Hustler 300), custom paint, custom chrome package including wheels, phantom inverted front end, tons of billet and much more.

280 Package- High Roller 280 (Chopper), Wild Card 280 and Hustler 280 Includes polished 117-inch S&S engine, 6-speed right side drive transmission, 280 rear tire, climax controls, custom paint, custom chrome package including wheels, phantom inverted front end, tons of billet and much more.

High Roller 240.

240 Package- High Roller 240 (Chopper), Wild Card 240 and Hustler 240 Includes polished 111” S&S engine, 6-speed right side drive transmission, 240 rear tire, custom paint, inverted front end and much more.

Hustler 240
This is a sharp Hustler 240.

S Package-Hustler, Evil Spirit and Spirit Includes 96-inch S&S engine, 6-speed transmission, 80 spoke wheels, semi custom paint (single flame, no pinstripe) and much more.

*Chrome package includes billet wheels, rear pulley, brake calipers, oil filter mount and forward controls

To see the latest from American Performance Cycles, visit or call 702-314-5272.

Can I take your order?

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Reader Comments

I just purchased a 2003 high roller edition chopper with a 100 revtec engine. The throttle cable is inside the handle bars and I need to know where I can get the throttle cables for this application. Thank you

Wilton Bass
Dillon, SC
Wednesday, October 4, 2023
Editor Response Barnetts should have anything you need.
I live in England United Kingdom, I have bought an APC High Roller Chopper-- In poor condition parts missing, damaged, etc,
To register the Bike in the UK I need proof of Registration year, make and model.

In a document from the Manufacturers or club, i understand that APC Built these bike, with the S&S motors.
any help would be a Big hepe

Alex M
london, W, United Kingdom
Thursday, November 9, 2017
Editor Response Hey Alex, If you can send me the frame MSO number and the engine number with your contact info, I will share it with the companies who built them.
I have a 2006 apc spirit jr and I'm looking for parts for it, like am oil tank and other things that I can get. It would be nice to see if you have thing for this bike.

collinsville, IL
Thursday, December 29, 2016
Editor Response Not us, but Paughco might. Or you might reach out to the Big Dog folks. Find out who made the frame for APC. That could help. Tell 'em Bikernet sent you. Send me a shot of your bike when it's done, hell we can do a feature.

Hey there I was wondering if you know where you can buy apc motorcycle parts from. Thank you in advance.

Alex k
Muskego, WI
Saturday, February 27, 2016
Editor Response So many of these companies are gone. If you're around SoCal try calling Lifestyle Cycles. They dealt a lot with these companies and may have some parts.
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