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Protection Is Good

By Christy

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After installing the forward controls on my motorcycle, my boyfriend suggested an engine guard just in case I accidentally drop my bike.

This highly polished, chrome-plated guard matches stock plating and works great with the FXST Forward Controls.

 Engine Guard Kit 49000138 | Harley-Davidson USA



Protect your bike without sacrificing ground clearance or style.

• Chrome Finish

• One-piece engine guard

• Complements the lines of the motorcycle

  I had a first-hand visual experience of how well this works when my boyfriend’s foot slid on something, and he dropped his bike while stopped in the driveway.

 The only damage was a slight scratch on the engine guard.

 I asked my boyfriend to assist with this installation, because the guard is large and bulky. I figured, I was going to need another set of hands.


Removing Clutch Cable Clips
Removing Clutch Cable Clips


 After I read the directions, we began by checking the clutch cables and making sure they were not in our way by removing the clips that secure them to frame.


Protecting Front Fender With A Cover
Protecting Front Fender With A Cover

 It is always a good idea to protect painted parts when doing this installation.

 I unscrewed the plastic plugs from the frame mounting holes.

 Here is where the other set of hands came in handy. He held the bar while I got the screws. I used a slight amount of Blue Threadlocker the threads and started in the lower mounting holes.



The top middle was a bit tricky. Small Fingers probably work best, like a ladies, cause squeezing my hand behind the frame trying to hold the nut, so the screw could be installed took a few tries. Got it and didn’t even break a nail.


Tightening lower Mounting Screw
Tightening lower Mounting Screw

Tightening Center Screw
Tightening Center Screw

 The installation of this part was easy, and I strongly urge you to di it yourself, as the more experience you get with easier installs prepare you for more detailed ones.

As I am learning to work on my motorcycle, I always have another set of hands, eyes and someone with experience near by. I hope sharing these will make you want to do it too. 


 The tools used to do this installation were

½ Drive Ratchet

½ Drive T45 (Torex)

3/8 Drive Ratchet

3/8 Drive ¼ Allen

½ Wrench

 Check your work 'cause safety for yourself and your bike is what matters most.


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Reader Comments

I highly recommend a rear crash bar also. Got mine from Hogworkz, saved my ass when I fell during a U-turn! No dents or scratches on sheet metal or saddlebags!!!! 2018 Heritage.

Washington D.C., Dc
Friday, June 7, 2024
Editor Response Thanks, and Lindby makes serious, thick-wall guards.

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