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Jay Dobyns vs. the Hells Angels on A&E

Programming Review of the Week

By J.J. Solari with images from Sam Burns and Bandit

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Episode 1, April14, 2024, of the new A&E series about the Hells Angels should have been called the Jay Dobyns Show. Jay Dobyns was or is an ATF employee.

The ATF’s job is to commit more crimes against Americans than the Hells Angels could possibly commit against Americans if they had help from the Transformers, the Avengers and the Herculoids put together. However it has never occurred to the Hells Angels to try and infiltrate the ATF: to try and put a stop to their organized-crime-based fundamental structure and purpose for existence.

The ATF, however, apparently thinks about the Hells Angels day and night and are devoted, with money from taxes taken against the wills of the rightful owners, to putting the Hells Angels out of existence as a self-advertising men’s Harley fraternity.

If you piled up all the stuff the ATF confiscates from their rightful owners and then piled up all the stuff the Hells Angels allegedly confiscate from their rightful owners……the ATF would have a much bigger pile and worth a lot more money than the Hells Angels pile.

While the Hells Angels do not run to the press with the latest stats on their most recent haul of private property, assuming they confiscate other peoples’ private property, the ATF routinely puts displays of their lootings on large tables and in large warehouses and then invites the press in to admire the stuff and write glowing stories about the ATF’s “good work.”

Journalists never see the ATF’s pile of stolen property as stolen property. They see the ATF’s stolen property as proof that, “the government is a valiant enemy of evildoers.” Here’s the problem there: news reporters, like the ATF, have a warped understanding of right and wrong. That’s why the Press and Government actually get along so well. You would THINK that news reporters, being every bit as corrupt as the ATF would insist that the ATF share the loot with the reporters, since reporters flock to these confiscated displays of robbed hauls with enthusiasm and freely report on ATF diligence and morality via thievery with enthusiasm. No one ever said reporters were smart.

The Hells Angels have never tried to infiltrate the ATF or any other government agency. the Hells Angels have never organized coordinated raids on scattered offices of the ATF and put all the agents in handcuffs, paraded them outside, piled all their property on the lawn and called-in the Press to admire their skills at putting multi agency-locations out of business. Why? Because the ATF never violates Hells Angels rules and regulations. Because ATF members are not Hells Angles. Neither are the Hells Angels ATF members.

However the ATF rules apparently apply to everyone in America. You break one of THEIR rules - which fill the Library of Congress - it doesn’t matter you’re not one of their members. The ATF and apparently 99.9999% of the citizenry, however, see nothing wrong with this. In fact they see it as patriotic. I see it as Indoctrinated Shittyness proclaimed as National Pride. They didn’t even have to use lockdowns, masks, 6-foot-separations and mandatory inoculations to get that job done. Apparently, they accomplished it when everyone was 6 years old and on their first day of mandatory government schooling.

George Christie, at one time Mr. Ventura. Check out his show.
George Christie, at one time Mr. Ventura. Check out his show.

If you’re not a Hells Angel?…..and you break one of their rules?….there’s no Hells Angel hiding somewhere in your midst monitoring your behavior and reporting on your flagrant disregard for the Hells Angels’ rules to whoever “the authorities” are in the Hells
Angels. Why would they even give a shit?

It’s not this way with the ATF. You violate one of their ten trillion rules directed at YOUR behavior, not theirs, and they find out about it….they get PISSED.

They consider this righteous wrath. You are out of control. You broke one of their rules. They don’t even know you, but they are on their way to not just take your stuff; they’re taking you too. And they have the nerve to say the Hells Angels are a menace to society. The Hells Angels try to fucking avoid society. The ATF goes out of its way to fuck society up. And they’re the good guys. If you think like the ATF does, you have something fundamental very seriously wrong with you and I am very tempted to say it’s low intelligence coupled with a sociopathic set of values. Which are……Fuckingly Reversed values.

The first episode focused on Jay Dobyns’ slow transformation from a striding blond Nordic godlike creature into a nervous, haunted apparition who looks to me like he’s desperately trying to hold it together.

Hey, I could be wrong. Maybe he’s just acting; he acted-out what he thought a Hells Angel should act like. My personal opinion is that it’s Actual Intelligence at work that is slowly and fitfully trying to work its way into his thick head that “Maybe it’s the ATF that’s majorly fucked up and not the Hells Angels. Maybe I should get a life that doesn’t involve fucking with strangers but rather helping them. Like opening a restaurant for instance or even just working in one.”

If that happens, one ATF agent at least can perhaps be saved and turned into an actual American. Not one who’s at war with them.

There you have it...
There you have it...

--J.J. Solari

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Quick, join up. Just click and go.

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Reader Comments

J.J. is right but George Christie makes more sense about it and then there's spineless Dobins. A performer outlaw stated it best when he sang Mind your own business.

If we all followed suit we would be a better society. Too many snitched in life because the governments need people to be more like sheep.

Torrance, CA
Tuesday, April 23, 2024
Editor Response Well put.
I thought Jay Dobryns 15 minutes of fame was over years ago. I guess A&E is really desperate for ratings to bring him back.

Jim Weed
San Diego, CA
Monday, April 15, 2024
Well, J.J. nailed it again.

Monday, April 15, 2024
Editor Response He always does!

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