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Hang On!

By Bandit, Wayfarer, Albert Einstein, JJ Spain, El Waggs, the Redhead, Rogue, Sam Burns, Barry Green, Laura, Bob T., and the rest of the gang

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Open the garage door baby. Let's go for a ride...
Open the garage door baby. Let's go for a ride...


We are living in strange times.
Take a look at history and the weird shit impacting humanity, like wars. We are right there again and most folks go about their days, ho hum. Some brave souls are sounding the alarm, like Bob Kay with the IMA, Chris Callen of Cycle Source, Marc Morano at Cfact and Climate Depot and Greg Wrightstone of the CO2 Coalition. There are more and the numbers are growing.

It’s a war, but mostly of words and incarceration. If you don't agree, you get arrested. The actions of the folks who want the war and destruction include open borders to control elections, killing our kids with fentanyl, ruining cities with crime and homelessness and punishing you because of your SUVs or motorcycles. The best recent historic example of this was right after WWII when the threat of communism caused a guy named Senator McCarthy to attempt to destroy free speech and jail anyone who muttered the word communism. Google it, look it up on Wikipedia.

At the time all the major Hollywood stars flew to Washington D.C. and protested his anti-freedom dictatorship. This time they support it. It’s time to be aware, very aware of what’s happening to our country.
The people stopped it and McCarthy committed suicide. 

Let’s see what’s in the news.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

BREAKING NEWS--SEMA Advocacy Leads to EPA Delaying Most Aggressive Tailpipe Emissions Benchmarks.

After advocacy from the automotive community, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is delaying its most aggressive tailpipe emissions reduction requirements from model year 2027 to model year 2030. The EPA’s final rule also slightly increased the average tailpipe emissions for light-duty vehicles, increasing the standard to 85 grams/mile from 82 grams/mile for model year 2032.

While the agency’s final rulemaking provides automakers with additional time to ramp up production of zero-emissions vehicles (ZEVs), currently, only electric vehicles (EVs) and five plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) meet the easier 85 grams/mile standard. It is estimated that 67% of new vehicles sold would have to be EVs by 2032 to meet this standard. Automakers could also comply with the final rule if EVs account for 56% of new vehicle sales and PHEVs comprise 13% of model year 2032 sales. The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) opposes the EPA’s final standards for model year 2027 to 2032 light and medium-duty vehicles, which ultimately still forces automakers to sell EVs and PHEVs to comply with this rulemaking and further limits internal combustion engine technology options.


EASTER SPECIAL SURPRISE FROM THE EMPIRE OF THE BUFFALO CHIP--Pay attention and be ready to scramble to the Sturgis Rally.

These specials will end soon.

Additional VIP released for Kid Rock!
Thursday, Aug. 8, 2024
(No code needed)

Additional VIP released for Jelly Roll
Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2024
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You won’t find more for less anywhere else.

That’s one low price for concerts, entertainment and camping.

Concerts are Free with Campground Admission

The 2024 Sturgis Rally Is Gonna Rock 'n Roll

Click for the party...
Click for the party...


"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." ~ Albert Einstein

Epoch Times


I took the first Piedmont exit off I-90, rolling the Chieftain onto the parking lot of Matt’s Place, the front tire of the classic facing the interstate. The t-shirts stapled to the wall said Matt wasn’t there, he was fishing.

Silently, I tipped my champagne of beers to the Blackhills and whispered to my friend that I missed him. It’s been four years now since he left, yet I still hear his voice, his laugh and wish I could cast a fly like he could.

Time goes by, the days slip away fast, the best leave us first. Enjoy Miller time.

--JJ Spain


Mechanic who can work on Harleys & Classic Cars. This is a great opportunity for a Hardworking person who wants a good job and they Love to come to work every day!

Shoot me an email or call me 214.357.0707.


--RF Rick Fairless Strokers Dallas
Strokers Ice House
Punch Wally

POWERSPORTS BUSINESSES SPEAK OUT--Powersports Businesses Large and Small Asked to Speak Out in Washington

"On behalf of the MIC Board, I want to encourage everyone to join us at the Capitol Hill Fly-In, April 29-30, to help make our voices heard in Washington," said MIC Chair Derek Brooks, Motorcycle Product Line Manager of Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. "We will be speaking with lawmakers about key policy issues facing powersports including protecting and expanding OHV access, taking a reasonable approach to PFAS legislation, and pushing for an end to tariffs on crucial powersports parts and products from China."

The Fly-In is not just for senior OEM executives. Dealers, distributors, retailers, insurance companies, and allied services attend. Meetings and receptions provide valuable opportunities to network and discuss powersports priorities, and for industry peers to get to know each other better.


STURGIS MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM UPDATE— Honor the ride, build the legacy.
A pilgrimage to Sturgis isn't complete without a visit to the iconic Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame.

Others have had dreams for the Museum, circa 2015. Let's see if we can make our dream come true.
Others have had dreams for the Museum, circa 2015. Let's see if we can make our dream come true.

The tight, small museum staff with a ton of projects on hand are also working hard to produce an annual magazine in conjunction with the city of Sturgis.

The magazine will feature the Bonnie Truett R.I.P. story. His drag race bikes are now featured in the Museum.
The magazine will feature the Bonnie Truett R.I.P. story. His drag race bikes are now featured in the Museum.

They’re not cranking out any ordinary mag, but a resource guide to help any traveller who comes to the Black Hills. The response has been fantastic and we have expanded the size of the magazine twice and it could receive an additional 16 pages. Hang on.

Scott Jacobs turned in his magnificent tribute to Hillclimb motorcycles art piece for the cover yesterday. This weekend, I will write the story behind the inception of this piece with the help of Dale Walksler R.I.P. and the Wheels Through Time Museum.

We are reworking the Museum Website with several additions including fund raising forms and news columns. Each bike and display image will contain a description and include fresh new photography. 

Here’s our second museum expansion concept drawing from Daniel James. Very cool, but we have one more to go before we meet with the city of Sturgis and discuss our options.

Speaking of the City, members of the Museum board will soon attend a meeting with the city leaders.

The town of Sturgis is voting on the AFT race series to take place the last weekend of the Rally April 9th. There’s a lot of buzz going around about it.

We just moved in the Truett & Osborn drag bikes. We set this one up below our new Rally Timeline.
We just moved in the Truett & Osborn drag bikes. We set this one up below our new Rally Timeline.

We will be selling individual copies of the magazine through the web site and every business in Sturgis, Spearfish, Deadwood and Whitewood will received a copy and the opportunity to buy more.

It’s never dull around the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

Whether you're a seasoned rider, a history enthusiast, or simply curious, a visit to Sturgis Motorcycle Museum at 999 Main Street, Sturgis, SD 57785, promises an enriching experience.


BAKER Dealer Since 2020

Michelle had an insightful conversation with Mike from Get Lowered Cycles, exploring the diverse offerings of their shop based in Warminster, Pennsylvania. Specializing in customized Harley-Davidsons, they excel in performance enhancements, ranging from meticulous dyno tunes to expert motor upgrades. Since its establishment in 2009, the shop has evolved into an e-commerce business, in addition to its brick-and-mortar store. While they primarily work on newer models, they still service older Harley-Davidson bikes and undertake several custom projects every year.

With a team of three on the service side and a total of eight across various roles, Get Lowered Cycles prides itself on efficiency and prioritizes American-made products whenever possible, reflecting a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

PIRELLI NAMED-- Series Partner for 2024 FIM Mini Cup USA Series

Pirelli’s DIABLO Superbike Range and the FIM Mini Cup USA Series Will Serve as the Pathway to the FIM MiniGP World Series

Pirelli, the global leader in high-performance tire manufacturing, is thrilled to announce its partnership with the 2024 FIM Mini Cup USA series, underscoring its commitment to supporting grassroots motorsports and nurturing the next generation of racing talent.

The FIM Mini Cup USA series will feature thrilling competition in the Ohvale 160 and Ohvale 190 classes. These classes will serve as qualifiers for aspiring riders aiming to secure a coveted spot in the prestigious FIM MiniGP World Series, which will take place later this year in Valencia, Spain.

As part of its partnership, Pirelli will supply its renowned 10- and 12-inch DIABLO Superbike slick range as the spec tire for both classes, ensuring all competitors have access to world-class tire technology that prepares them for the challenges of the international racing stage.

The FIM Mini Cup USA series consists of five rounds, with three rounds running in conjunction with the ASRAChampionship rounds:

1. Summit Point: May 25-26
2. Virginia International Raceway: June 22-23
3. Carolina Motorsports Park: July 20-21
4. Pittsburgh International Race Complex: August 17-18
5. Virginia International Raceway: September 7-8

"Pirelli is honored to partner with the 2024 FIM Mini Cup USA series, further reinforcing our commitment to fostering racing talent at every level," said Oscar Solis, senior racing manager, Pirelli. "We believe in providing racers with the best tools and technology to succeed, and our involvement in this series underscores our dedication to supporting the growth and development of motorsports."

In addition to its partnership with the FIM Mini Cup USA series, Pirelli recently became the exclusive tire supplier for the Moto2 and Moto3 World Championship classes in 2024. The partnership has already yielded remarkable results, with riders setting lap records in both pre-season testing and the opening rounds of the 2024 season.

The FIM Mini Cup USA series serves as an essential stepping stone for American riders aspiring to compete in the Moto2 and Moto3 World Championships, offering invaluable experience and exposure on the path to international success.

'69 SHOVELHEAD GIVEAWAY--We know giveaways are pretty played out BUT how’s one more for a laugh?!?

Located in the UK is this ultra-sweet 1969 Generator Shovelhead chopper owned by our very own Scott Horsey Walker for the last 4 years. It’s a big bore stroker that absolutely rips! It’s just had a visit to the master Toshi for a tune up so it’s as strong as a bast!

OG 4 speed gearbox that was fully rebuilt 500 miles ago, new Butts Seat, Dayten derby cover and flamingo shifter, Juniors Hand Made jockey shift, recently rebuilt OG front brake, OG hummer dished tank etc etc.

There are 300 spaces available and we will draw as soon as all are gone or at the 101 Show in July.

We will assist with Global shipping.


David recently completed a new piece for Harley-Davidson. Prints were used as the awards for the Motor Company's Bar and Shield awards for top performing dealerships.

We are pleased to announce that David will be offering 6 (that's correct, only 6!) special hand-embellished versions. Definitely a first come-first served scenario on this one!

"Bobber Blasphemy"

In David's words, "I was contacted by the Motor Company a while back to produce a work of art to be used as an award for exemplary Dealers. The program is called the “Bar & Shield award”. The winning dealers would receive a framed canvas print. My initial thought was to speak to the extensive history of the Dealer Network.

Since I love the Knuck/Panhead era most I decided to feature that era of bike. This oil painting depicts an early American Harley dealer reacting after seeing a trio of motorcycles he had sold, only returning with a whole lotta missing parts!"

David will take the canvas color proofs and paint over them, creating 6 unique pieces. With these, he includes a special letter to the recipient (in his really cool calligraphy handwriting).

Please let me know ASAP if you'd like to reserve one of the six. You can respond to this email or call me at 303-913-4840.

--Greg Rhodes
International Sales Director

David Uhl Fine Art
Uhl Studios

Click to see the studio.
Click to see the studio.

Click for help.
Click for help.


But the hidden power of the CO2 Coalition resides in our large number of active members who publish, present, and speak to advance our message.

This year, our membership has increased to more than 150 distinguished colleagues. We have added 33 new members so far in 2023, including these notable individuals:

We still have some of these brochures from the CO2 Coalition. It you want one, send your address to
We still have some of these brochures from the CO2 Coalition. It you want one, send your address to

• Dr. John Clauser, Ph.D., was recently added to the CO2 Coalition’s Board of Directors. He is the recipient of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics. In a recent lecture to a Korean conference on Quantum Mechanics he stated that “the IPCC is one of the worst sources of dangerous misinformation ... I believe that climate change is not a crisis.”

• Lt. Gen. Thomas P. Stafford – Gen. Stafford is best recognized for his efforts in space, having piloted numerous missions, including Gemini 6A and 9A. He was commander of Apollo 10 and Apollo-Soyuz Test Project. His proudest achievement is initiating and leading the American stealth program that culminated in development of the Advanced Tactical Fighter and the F-22A Stealth Fighter.

These and our other distinguished members provide scientific input and have proved invaluable in helping to create our commentaries, educational initiatives and publications.

Our members are like a small army of unpaid staff working tirelessly to advance our message. They are a force multiplier allowing us to punch well above our weight class.
When we receive an op-ed, we run it through our editorial process and then find a top-rated site to publish it.

These online sites have included Real Clear Energy, Washington Times, American Thinker, Washington Examiner and many more. After publication, our commentaries are shared widely on websites and newsletters of our allies in the cause.

The commentaries, interviews, publications, and op-eds have put our message before more than an estimated 20 million people this past year. And with your continued support, I believe this number will grow in 2024.

Here's Greg's lastest book.
Here's Greg's lastest book.


Keith Ball's Assalt Weapon, Sturgis, South Dakota

While exploring the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum, Hall of Fame & Gift Shop, I got to meet Keith "Bandit" Ball whose motorcycle, Assalt Weapon, set a record of 160 miles per hour at the Bonneville Salt Flats races in 2007.

Keith's bike, on loan to the museum, was being transported to Alabama to be worked on in preparation for this year's Bonneville race and the process of moving this one-of-a-kind motorcycle was quite something to watch.

"Keith Ball grew up in Long Beach, CA, and has since travelled the world with the Navy and has worked as an editor and publisher for various big-time motorcycle magazines and publications. Keith has also written various novels, been featured in movies, TV shows, and has received many awards for his talents. In 2006 he was inducted into the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame, and shortly after set two motorcycle land speed records."

Learn more about Keith Ball on his website, and on Instagram @banditsbikernet.


click for info
click for info

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--

THE MOVIES BIKERNET WEEKLY NEWS for March 21, 2024---click here to read it

Nice flames just as good as the old journeyman painters. Mine was done by Fats and my bro back in the ‘70s was done by the Candyman. I love ghost flames myself. Y’all keep up the great work. Your articles always amaze me.

-- Gearhead
Torrance, CA

Sign up for email alerts. It's free and easy and we will never hit you up for anything.
Sign up for email alerts. It's free and easy and we will never hit you up for anything.

CALL TO ACTION--U.S. Senate Bill S. 3094

Wednesday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its final rule on tailpipe emissions. The plan calls for greenhouse gas emissions limits for the 2027 through 2032 model years for passenger vehicles. The original plan would have required 67% of new light-duty car and truck sales to be electric by 2032. After pushback from numerous groups, hybrids became included in the calculations and targets were slightly lowered. Nevertheless, over 50% of cars for sale in less than a decade, will need to be electric.

Last year the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Choice in Automobile Retail Sales (CARS) Act with bipartisan support. The vote was 221-197. The bill prevents the EPA from enacting these rules, thereby protecting the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE).

Unfortunately, the Senate refuses to act. Only 37 U.S Senators are currently supporting the companion bill, S. 3094. If you care about preserving the Internal Combustion Engine, now is the time to act.

Tell your Senators to push back against the mandate for electric vehicles. Click the Call To Action button below! Add your voice to those that want to defend our lifestyle.

There is speculation that new bills will be introduced to protect the Internal Combustion Engine but we must keep up the pressure!

If bikers do not stand up now, will they hear us later?



Oops, this is not a Rev Tech engine. They were all Evo based.
Oops, this is not a Rev Tech engine. They were all Evo based.

ANOTHER New Bikernet Reader Comment!--New Rev Tech 100-Inch Engine

Looks like a great place to study the engine.

--Steve Rochester
Kemah, TX

"Rev Tech engines by Custom Chrome had a tremendous reputation for reliability and performance. Don’t know if they are still around." --Bandit

The 100 Words Survives into 2024

Yup, we are still pushing your creative endeavors into high gear with our monthly 100 word limit fiction contest. Read the 2024 entries at:

Prolific author J J Spain aka Jeffrey has shared some valuable gems that fit the motorcyclists' mold and evoke emotions we are all very well familiar with.

For his work "Little Lady on the Road" for January 2024, we pick him as the winner yet again. He might seem to be the first and last man riding with his creative spirit and adventurous mood.

Many congratulations to JJ Spain. You win one more bag of swag from 5-Ball Racing shop.

Meanwhile, all you fellow journeymen need to grease up your custom building imagination-engine and hand-bang a new story within 100 words limit. As they say, it's easy--just get a piece of paper and bleed.

Okay, just kidding-- send us joyous adventures, emotional adventures, naughty adventures, aimless adventures, destructive adventures, misadventures, stories of the old or the young, and even genre based futuristic, paranormal, crime infested, fantastical or funny fiction. Your mind's eye is the limit.

100-Word Contest Awards Committee

And save the World. It's a blast and whacky forever!
And save the World. It's a blast and whacky forever!

Nash kicked off an Easter sale on custom handlebars. Check it out.
Nash kicked off an Easter sale on custom handlebars. Check it out.

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Am I missing something about the illustration applied to the Fuzzy fiction?

Wednesday, April 3, 2024
Editor Response Hey,
I love the colors, but don't get the cars running the other direction. You got me...

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