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F6R Gives Disabled A Push Backwards

by MISLED with photos by MISLED and Jon Estep

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I’m a Below The Knee amputee riding a 2019 Street glide. I’ve had issues riding two wheels I’ve had to overcome in riding style and or by modifying the motorcycle. One of the biggest issues I’ve had is when parking the motorcycle. Pushing backwards on flat surface was a challenge enough with a grip of one foot. Add some sand or incline and you would most likely be asked to help me pick up my motorcycle. Due to this I worried where to park, so I could ride out forward. Not an easy task at an event where there are a ton of bikes all jammed together.

                     Baker Drivetrain’s reverse kit solves this issue 110%!

            F6R GIVES DISABLED RIDERS AND OTHERS A PUSH                                                                  BACKWARDS

Baker ( has been designing, building and testing Harley Davidson driveline products for over 25 years. The F6R kit adds a reverse gear to any existing 2008-later factory Harely Davidson Touring motorcycle. With the required modifications the kit can also be installed in 2007 and later Softail and 2006 later Dyna models. For more information on required modifications, you can call Baker at (517) 339-3835.

 This kit gives you a reverse gear in your transmission allowing you to use your clutch, stock gear shift lever and the power of your Harley power plant. The latest edition of this kit has some solid manufactured components to modify your factory transmission to have R-1-N-2-3-4-5-6.


 To make sure that it will not accidentally shift into reverse it has a lockout. On this model it is operated by a cable that exits the side cover facing to the rear, which allows it to be used with numerous exhaust systems. It is very important when running this safety cable to follow the instructions carefully. This cable must have a 3-inch radius arc and make sure it doesn't get pinched when running up and through your triple trees and fairing to the lock out lever on your handlebars.

 The Kit, made in the USA, comes with billet bearing door and side covers made from 6061-T6 aluminum. The shift drum is made of 12L14 of billet steel and 4140 billet steel shift forks. Add the precision ground gears and you have quality second to none.

The side door and cover are offered polished or gloss black. Also, the side cover is offered with a hydraulic or cable clutch system. Baker has truly evolved this F6R to meet all the needs of different setups.

Removing Stock Countershaft From Transmission Door
Removing Stock Countershaft From Transmission Door

Removing 5th Gear from Stock Shaft
Removing 5th Gear from Stock Shaft


 The kit comes with Very Complete Instructions. I strongly suggest you read them carefully as it does require a competent mechanic with knowledge of Harley’s six-speed transmission. One of the major requirements is a 20-ton press for assembly. You will also need the appropriate tools to pull countershaft gear, Inner primary race serviced tool, Pulley locking tool and Primary drive locking tool. The instructions are very detailed and their support line is top notch and quick should you need it.

To install the kit, you will need to take your primary side off, remove the side cover and door of the transmission and pull your transmission gearset out, replace the side door with the provided one, add the new countershaft and shift drum and reassemble. The reverse gear goes in between the door and side cover. And the provided shift drum allows you to shift into reverse. The 4.98:1 ratio reverse gear in the F6R gearset, which is 45% shorter than the stock 1st gear ( 3.34:1). This makes it an essential creeper gear.

Assembled 6 speed with reverse assembly ready to be installed into gear case
Assembled 6 speed with reverse assembly ready to be installed into gear case

Reverse Gears
Reverse Gears


 I chose to have my local dealership do the installation. Space Coast Harley-Davidson (www.spacecoastharley.comlocated in Palm Bay, FL has a great service team. Their technicians are very knowledgeable and will go the extra mile in taking care of the needs of your motorcycle.


Handlebar Safet Lockout Assembly
Handlebar Safet Lockout Assembly

 I was a little apprehensive of using the reverse with my prosthetic and not wanting to fall over. That lasted for about ten seconds. The safety lockout mechanism is located on the bottom of your front hand controls allowing easy ergonomic control with your thumb. To put the motorcycle in reverse you will pull in your clutch and shift into first. Then you simply push the safety lever forward with your thumb and shift down again into reverse. The motorcycle will not shift into reverse unless this lever is pushed out and the motorcycle is in 1st gear.

 You will need to ease off on your clutch and remember you are being powered by your engine. My first test was in my driveway and within seconds I was very comfortable with backing up. As soon as you shift back into first gear your safety lever will spring back and you should hear a click and feel tension on it knowing it has locked back into place.

 NOTE  You Are In First Gear Not Neutral

 After a few times using the F6R I started challenging myself with more inclined surfaces, eased my mind and no longer worried about where I would park if situations arose that would normally bother me.

The true test for this system came shortly after a ride to Daytona Bike Week. We rode to the Broken Spoke Saloon and were the last bikes allowed in. I had to squeeze my bike in between another and a tree riding over multiple roots sticking out of the ground and avoiding the bikes in front with tight row spacing. This situation made me have to move forward and back up multiple times to get in. Without the F6R I would not have been able to get into this spot.

 Even though this system wasn’t designed specifically for bikers with disabilities, Baker Drivetrain definitely helped me continue to ride.

 Without a doubt this was the best system I could have installed on my motorcycle. The only question is why did I wait so long?



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Click for Action!

(517) 339-3835

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Excellent to hear about this. I will have to check into this for the Street Glide.

Cat Hammes
Racine, WI
Saturday, March 30, 2024
Editor Response Perfect for your lovely self. May you ride free forever, goddammit.

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