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Forking by Frank is Still a Thing!

I decided my new fork tubes have to be American made

By Edge with photos by Weed

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This is my Bikernet report on getting an extended set of fork tubes for my current chopper project. For whatever reason I decided my new fork tubes have to be American made. Why? Maybe because I am still mad at the Chinese government over Covid 19. Maybe I’m upset because Fang Fang knows things she shouldn’t. Maybe I just love apple pie and the red, white and blue. I don’t know why. American stuff is just better.

And, do I really need a reason? Jeesh. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be a chicken and have everyone asking me why I crossed the road. You know, I didn’t over think it. I was on one side of the road… I was probably thinking about riding my motorcycle to Dairy Queen and the next thing I know… I am on the other side of the road. I am getting off track here. Point is, American made stuff is almost always better.

My first call in any suspension related project is always to Suspension Technologies in Largo, FL. Mike always has great answers and he steered me to Frank’s Forks. AKA “Forking by Frank.” Frank’s has been to go to for forks since 1966 but the question was, are they still in business? The answer is a resounding, yes.

For a bit it did look like this beloved fork institution might succumb to the pressure of cheap imports, but no! After being a customer of Forking by Frank for 20 years, and then kind of an employee, a man named Greg (a different Greg, not me), bought into the business in October of 2019. Greg has steadily been rebuilding an avidly loyal following. Frank’s continues to do a ton of late ‘60s and ‘70s metric bikes, but they really do it all.

I ordered and received a set of 4-inch over 39mm tubes and the hard chrome is brilliant. The fit and finish is perfect. God bless ‘merica!

Frank's Forks
4441 McCracken Rd
Hernando,Ms 38632


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Reader Comments

I have used nothing but Frank's tubes since the late 1970s when Shelby Withrow told me about them in Dallas. The last chopper I built was the 67 Shovel during the covid shutdown and I run +10 overs on it. Have +10 overs on the '74 Shovel chop too. Long live Frank's Forks.

David A Pittman
Milwaukee, WI
Sunday, March 17, 2024
Editor Response Too cool.
Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Forking by Frank. That’s great!

Tuesday, March 5, 2024
Editor Response Yep, they've been around forever...

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