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And We Can Prove It!

By Bandit, Wayfarer, Bill May, RFR, Yale, Sam Burns, Bob T., Laura, Barry Green, Marilyn Stemp, The Redhead, Rhys and the rest of the gang

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I often say, “Life is nuts and then you die.”
But there’s hope, at least on one front this week. There are two efforts happening this week in Wyoming and Montana to bring truth to the Climate Doom movement. It’s covered in the news.

Regarding the border. Who the fuck knows? Let’s hit the news:

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Just finished third 18-hour shift in as many days. Dog tired, I dragged myself outside, straddled the ole Shovel and fired her to life. As I sat there letting the bike warm up, I thought, “why am I doing this?” Bills, bills, bills.

Eased out of the parking lot and headed home. My mind drifted a few times, which is not a good as I navigated backs streets trying to reach home for much needed rest.

Suddenly I snapped out of it. In front of me a huge truck …too late. I applied the brakes. There was an ungodly noise then … nothing.

Daytona, FL

ACTION NEEDED-- California Introduces Bill to Mandate Speed Limiters

California has introduced SAN-opposed legislation to require new vehicles to be equipped with speed governors starting in model-year '27. Speed governors, also known as intelligent speed limiters, use GPS technology to limit vehicle speed. If enacted into law, new vehicles would not be able to travel more than 10 mph above the speed limit.

Currently, devices that prevent vehicles from exceeding a certain speed are not required. Among other issues, this proposal makes broad assumptions about real-world circumstances. This one-size-fits-all approach fails to recognize the diversity of driving experiences and the individual responsibility that automotive enthusiasts take seriously.

California residents: use the following link to tell lawmakers to oppose mandatory speed limiters.

West Virginia, Kansas, Illinois and Iowa introduced bills to promote vehicle choice or prevent internal combustion engine bans.



Wyoming has vast resources of coal, oil and natural gas. With 40% of the nation’s coal resources, the state has been the United States’ top producer since 1986, primarily from the Powder River Basin located in the northeastern part of the state. It is also a national leader in the production of oil and natural gas, ranking in the top 10 in production of both products.

Yet, even though the Wyoming economy is heavily dependent on the mining and extraction of fossil fuels, its governor, Mark Gordon, has adopted a strong “decarbonization” policy. The science tells us that this is not a winning strategy for the people of Wyoming.

The CO2 Coalition believes that public policy on such matters should be driven by scientific review and analysis, not political agendas. To provide such an analysis, we have produced this report, Wyoming and Climate Change: CO2 Should Be Celebrated, Not Captured.

We also sent a team of climate experts from the CO2 Coalition, including Dr. William Happer, Dr. Byron Soepyan and Gregory Wrightstone to Wyoming to provide the facts concerning the huge benefits of carbon dioxide. This team presented the science at a hearing of the Wyoming Senate Agriculture Committee (pictured above.)

The team also presented accurate science regarding Wyoming's climate to students at Gillette College, Laramie County Community College, and at the University of Wyoming.

The new report, Wyoming and Climate Change: CO2 Should Be Celebrated, Not Captured can be downloaded from the CO2 Coalition web site.

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Click for help.


This week, our lawyer, Quentin Rhoades, filed our Amicus Brief to the Montana Supreme Court.

Thank you all who signed on as parties to out Brief.

Will the court overturn Held v Montana? If so, on what basis?

Our goal is to show how the plaintiffs' scientific claims are invalid rather than to wax poetic on everything about climate.

Our Amicus Brief is a collaboration between me and Quentin Rhoades.

The science in our Brief is purposely simple. It is also new. If you want to help stop the climate fraud, read it.

--Ed Berry phd.

the new speedometer, a part from Enfield Classic 350
the new speedometer, a part from Enfield Classic 350


Here are two photos of the new speedometer. I did 100 KM on it since Sunday installation. Actually, only got to ride it longer three days later.

An old photo I had sent when I purchased the motorcycle shows the old speedometer---the petrol tank has been replaced since then.

the old Enfield Std 350 speedometer
the old Enfield Std 350 speedometer

It's hot here and the Bullet's iron engine works differently than the newer aluminum engines in such torrid heat. Iron engines take longer to heat up and then cool down slower. They don't start easily on cold days but once they start, they can go longer distances.

Another aspect is that iron as a metal can expand and contract. That affects performance and power. Either ways, there are benefits of a carburetor enabled engine Vs electronic fuel injection and then there is the ordeal of cleaning spark plugs and the carburetor.

The Enfield black hole

While I want to call the sturdy iron chassis and iron engine Enfield Bullet 350 a Black Rock, it is a black hole for now, consuming my money, petrol and engine oil at rapid pace while it thumps along at 60 kmph.

The speedometer went kaput last week. The needle was dancing around like it was possessed by a B-movie ghost. Then it finally broke off within the glass enclosure after pounding itself at one end of the meter. The Eighth Amendment would call it cruel and unusual punishment but I plead not guilty and non-jurisdiction in this self-inflicted crime.

There is no genuine nor replica speedometer available here as of now. Some Brits make cool Enfield stuff and sell it to themselves, congratulating each other on how their tradition is still alive and well, thanks to themselves. My mechanic assured me the older Classic 350's speedometer will fit this damned thing. Older Classic 350s had a carburettor and the Enfield's UCE engine. Then Enfield introduced their J-platform engine and chassis in the Classic 350 with electronic fuel-injection and a semi-digital and a why-bother-analog tag team for the speedometer.

I said it better be a black dial because otherwise, forget the needle, the kilometers are still rolling on this half-dead speedometer. It was an undead machinery residing in a 20 year old relic, which in itself is a surviving legacy of the original 1955 design as issued to the India factory by its British parent company.

Sunday was spent hanging around waiting for them to work on my motorcycle. While I felt like being plundered (not by the Brits), I handed over money for a taillight as well to my mechanic. The previous bulb in the tail light was so old and unkempt, it had 'fused' itself with the holder, as if welded into its place through rust.

All done and ready, the original speedometer did not see any saving grace nor memorial service. It was cast upon the concrete floor by the mechanic, as if thrashing the devil out of it. A man who clearly does not hoard completely useless junk unless to sell it to the recycling agents, it is the mechanic's scrap and it will earn him as much as a cup of tea in junk recycling value.

The tail light is actually a parking light. I would have to shell out a lot more if I want it to shine when I hit the brakes. So whenever I push a button for the tiger lamps, the tail light also is turned on. Tiger lamps are the two tiny beady yellow eyes you see near the top of an Enfield Bullet's headlamp. The mechanic has already said I will need a new headlamp soon enough and these original types won't be available. Both the tyres are worn out as well and it is a spin of the wheel choice to see which functionality dies first.

Wow! I mean, I am trying to keep this beast in original shape and form and alive and kicking. Yet, it is getting body parts from fresh meat packed in factory and aftermarket sources. What's the point? Maybe sell it and get the Harley-Davidson X440? Test ride the J-platform engine and chassis on the Enfield Classic 350?

The choice is strange. Both companies are increasingly adding modern tech and forgetting mechanical systems. Why not just go for a Honda or Kawasaki releasing their retro-themed motorcycles? Then there is the comfort of a car to consider since I do have one other motorcycle, the off-road ready Hero XPulse 200.

Well, we are the generation that fixes and repairs things. We can't pile up junk forever. Don't they all say we got just one planet to live on in their propaganda machine?! 
Hoarder of Goodies (HoG)


“There is no doubt that it is around the family and the home that all the greatest virtues, the most dominating virtues of human, are created, strengthened and maintained.”
~ Winston Churchill


We’re thrilled to announce the release of a new Superfan Exclusive, Steve Mathes From Pulp MX & The 1981 Motocross Des Nations Team! We can’t wait for you to see it.
You can watch the video now on Grease & Gears TV Grease & Gears TV.

We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Thank you for your continued support!

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Click for Action!


While some fight helmet laws -- there are others craving a helmet with this top brand camera integrated into it.

A GoPro Motorcycle Helmet Is Coming: 5 Things to know so far

1. GoPro Plans To Launch Its First Tech-Enabled Motorcycle Helmet In 2025

2. GoPro Motorcycle Helmets Will Likely Be Sold To Riders Through Existing GoPro Motorsport-Related Retailers

3. GoPro Plans To Provide Motorcycle Helmet Tech Development Assistance To Other Premium Helmet Manufacturers

4. GoPro Plans To Extend Its Existing Subscription Plan Structures To Its Future Tech-Enabled Motorcycle Helmet Line

5. GoPro's Current Forcite Helmets Acquisition Timeline Is Q1 Of 2024. GoPro had announced plans to acquire Australian smart helmet maker Forcite Helmets in January 2024.

Product Development Reporter™


I’m enjoying every page. It’s a very personal account of the history of the Motor Company, the good times and bad. You’ll be stunned by the things the company and he survived.

For several decades, Willie was the sole designer until Louie Netz came along. That meant Willis was responsible for literature design, ads, logos, paint schemes and motorcycles.

It’s an incredible story, but an inspirational one and one that any business owner can learn from.



Hope you are staying warm up there. We had about a week of below 20 degrees and some snow but it is much better now. When I get the chopper up and rolling, I’ll put together a story.

Working on a ‘67 Chevy pickup to pay for the Monte Carlo. It’s all coming together going to paint scallops on the Ford to hide the bad bodywork. It runs great. Got to finish the interior. Wish I could afford that flathead you have in Goodguys.

Got the hardtail welded on and the rake set. I don’t have a jig but everything is straight and level, I promise. Also bought a modern classic ‘06 Monte Carlo. It’s awesome may have to sell my ‘51 cadalord.

--Bill May


Hello everyone! It's been at least a couple of years since I partied with some of you, and 5 years or more going back to pre-covid days since I've seen the rest.

A job change and change of management has made it possible to once again join y'all on the Long Road. This year, both Mike Allen and I have taken on the duties of planning the ride. I'm just putting out this e-mail to get the word out for those that may not have Facebook, that there will be a LONG ROAD ride to the SmokeOut this year.

The ride will start with us meeting Sunday Sept. 1st near Darrien Lake about 30 miles east of Buffalo. NY. With this starting point, it is reasonably close to the border and it offers the chance to any of you who have never seen Niagara Falls, the opportunity to witness this magnificent wonder!

From there, we venture south into central Pennsylvania for a one night stop at a great location on Monday the 2nd.

Next, we will ride west to an area along the Ohio River straddling the Ohio West/Virginia state line to another prime camping area Tuesday Sept 3rd.

Following that, Wednesday Sept 4th will see our group travel diagonally back into the southern area of West Virginia.

Finally, we're off to our last destination in Virginia for one last night of revelry around the campfire on Thursday Sept 5th.

Friday Sept 6th sees us depart for our The SmokeOut for the weekend debauchery!

For those of you that may not have heard, a premium custom motorcycle magazine, Cycle Source has taken over The Smoke Out and for the past two years, have taken it back to the most famous (not the first) location where it was held from the 3rd edition in 2002 to the 9th edition in 2008.

I just wanted to put the bug in everyone's ear about the dates and give a rough idea of where the ride will take us so that anyone who has to book their holidays has the chance to do so.

Take care, and I will provide an update in the next few weeks.

--Uncle Ben


REASON: Replacement of charging system, even though that rigging is working & Inspection of shifter shaft splines as arm is very loose.

LESSON: What I’ve learned, a 4-inch PVC coupling is 5” (too large)and although Lowe’s has Veteran Parking, they do not have 7/16-20 bolts. So, on the second journey, yes Home Depot does carry 7/16-20 bolts, still had to cut threads to the end of a 3-inch bolt. Then when I went to cut down the PVC, some dumbass put a shelf right next to the vise, which does not spin to the left! So even though I marked it evenly, I was trying to cut into the shelf.

Just because it looks good on paper, the handle from your Snap On Tap & Die set cannot handle the compression task!

I was going to go with 3 compression bars for strength, but after drilling the 4 holes, pilot and main, in the 2 compression bars, I realized I need a freakin drill press! So, 2 should work, really how much pressure can it take?

Once you start compressing the diaphragm, don’t take the snap ring for the adjuster plate out dumbass! Reinsert the bent adjuster plate snap ring and continue to tighten the rigged tool, right to the edge as failure was poking its ugly head out!

Yes, I got it off for under $15 with gas, 4.5 to 5 hours labor at 175.00 an hour (I’m expensive) I’ll be ordering the frickin’ JIMS tool!! The 4 & 6-Speed are so simple! And apparently both Lowe’s & Home Depot are out of Garage Stretchers!

Screw it, I'm going for a ride!

--RFR-FXR Life

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I followed the NMA for years through your weekly informative emails. Then they stopped. I published and shared those news items often. I’m very involved in motorcyclists rights and the Motorcycle Riders Foundation. I also try to work with SEMA, but in so many cases they seem lost.

I received this printed piece and read the entire booklet.

Here’s my take on your policy position. I agree with most of them, but there’s a problem. If we are doomed because of Fossil Fuel induced Climate Change, we have virtually given bureaucrats an open license to attack everything, including humans who breathe out CO2.

Until we break the doom, we don’t have a leg to stand on. I came up with a resolution for truth which I share with anyone who will listen. Until the truth shines, they’ll keep coming.

Okay, back to the policies. There should be choice and no EV mandates. Level the playing field, but we can’t we’re doomed unless we act.

Infrastructure, which includes cameras is critical. Our streets and bridges need help. This is especially important for motorcycles. There are important infrastructure efforts in Europe that save lives.

And yes, if you want to save all travel, Climate Change must be exposed.

Exposing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is critical.

Maybe, and this is just a thought, you might put your heads together and come up with a Drivers’ Bill of Rights and maybe it should contain a Right to Repair or modify segment.

Good luck this year. It will be absolutely critical.

All the best,


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Today I Choose to live the Fullness of Life

What the Mind can conceive and believe, the Mind will Achieve! Napoleon Hill

If you think you can or if you think you can’t, your right.
--Henry Ford

Today, I consciously choose to embrace the fullness of life. I recognize that what my mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve, as wisely stated by Napoleon Hill. I affirm that my thoughts and beliefs shape my reality, echoing the sentiment of Henry Ford: "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right."

In this moment, I declare that I live expansively, free from the constraints of obstacles, challenges, doubt, or fear. I trust in the presence of Infinite Intelligence within me, guiding me effortlessly through every situation. The divine light within me illuminates any darkness, paving the way for magnificent manifestations.

Today, I am mindful of my words and thoughts, releasing anything and anyone that does not serve my highest good. I am aligned with my goals, both grand and modest, and I actively harness the power of the Universal Law for my benefit. As I express my inherent goodness, I inspire others to awaken to their own potential.

I release all false and limiting beliefs from my mind, echoing Zig Ziglar's wisdom: "Get rid of your stinkin' thinkin' and have a check-up from the neck up." Today, I embrace clarity of thought and openness to new possibilities, knowing that my mind is a powerful tool for creating the life I desire.

My Affirmation is inspired by the words of Ernest Holmes. “I now climb a ladder of thought that takes me above all confusion. Climbing joyously, I pass through the clouds of fear and doubt. I behold the light everywhere. I sense the enveloping presence of Love everywhere. The good that I desire, I now affirm and accept, knowing that my definite intention produces definite results.”

My Gratefulness to know this Truth, My Truth, is beyond words. It wells up at the core of my being, lighting up My Life.

Today I make great choices.

And So It Is


Every mind must make its choice between truth and repose. It cannot have both.
--Ralph Waldo Emerson


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Introducing our new magneto diagnostic tool: The Sparky. This tool will tell you in an instant if your magneto is sparking or not. Simply hold it near the source. If you see the blue light, it is sparking. Also good for determining if you have a bad wire. Calibrated specially for magnetos but will work on pretty much anything that sparks.

Click for a fast response.
Click for a fast response.


Congress and Courts enable Energy and Climate Fantasy and Tyranny
--Paul Driessen

The left end of the political spectrum is relentlessly pursuing the transformation of America’s society, history, economy, speech, borders, governing systems, healthcare, energy and living standards. What it cannot secure via the ballot box and alliances with the legacy media and academic institutions, it works to impose through rule by unelected, unaccountable Executive Branch bureaucrats, collusive sue-and-settle legal actions, and court decisions that too often rubberstamp agency rules.

Instead of three co-equal divisions of government, the powers and functions of America’s Legislative and Judicial Branches have steadily been subsumed into an ever expanding, progressive and aggressive Executive Branch. Many legislators and judges have acquiesced or actively participated.

The federal workforce has swollen to two million non-military employees, who “liberally” interpret, apply and enforce laws and policies. The Federal Register of regulations, explanations and justifications has ballooned from 50,998 pages in 1984, to a Jabba-the-Hutt 90,402 pages in 2023. Few can read, much less comprehend and comply with the intricate edicts.

Members of Congress want to be seen “doing something” to address perceived problems, often by passing new laws and spending more money. However, instead of actually tackling difficult, controversial issues, they frequently make policy declarations, enact deliberately ambiguous statutory provisions, and rely on Executive Branch cohorts to interpret, stretch or even rewrite the vague language, mostly advancing agency powers and agendas.

The US Supreme Court’s landmark 1984 decision in Chevron v. Natural Resources Defense Council expanded this centralization of power even more significantly.

The “Chevron deference doctrine” holds that – when faced with regulations that are based on ambiguous, or nonexistent, statutory text – lower courts should always defer to administrative agencies’ interpretations of the text, as long as the interpretations are “reasonable.”

Chevron deference has let federal agencies expand their domain and control in hundreds of instances. Affected citizens often have little recourse, as long as the impact of an individual rule can be viewed as small and the agency interpretation as not patently unreasonable.

In those situations, the 2022 Supreme Court decision in West Virginia v. EPA is of little help, because it only addresses “major questions,” agency decisions that have “major” economic or political significance.

However, the Court recently heard oral arguments on two cases that give it an opportunity to curtail or end this wholesale deference to federal agencies. Both cases ask whether small fishing boats can be required to pay $700 per day to take observers along with them, to ensure the boats are following fisheries rules. Relevant law allows the government to require fishing boats to carry observers – but does not say the boats must pay for them, and Congress never appropriated any funds to cover observers.

So, on its own, the National Marine Fisheries Service decided it had the authority to compel boats to shoulder the cost. The case could have enormous implications for the perpetually expanding Deep State.

The Justices could rule in favor of NMFS, even though monetary impacts that are small by federal governing and budgetary standards are major, even potentially ruinous for fishing boats.

They could hold that the agency interpretation in this single instance was “unreasonable” – and overturn this single rulemaking out of thousands issued since 1984, while leaving the Chevron doctrine intact and available for future abuse.

Or they could overturn Chevron. Doing so would end the appalling deference to powerful government agencies; reduce the growing imbalance between the Executive and Legislative Branches; and make it harder for circuit and appellate courts to support activist regulators.

A reversal might even prod Congress to enact laws that tackle hard questions, use precise language, and tighten the reins on unelected regulators, especially when they serve presidents who want to “fundamentally transform” our energy use, immigration system, economy and military.

The third option would also help America curb climate and energy fantasy and tyranny.

It’s certainly true that most federal actions taken to “save our planet from the existential threat of manmade climate change” are “major” or “significant” in their societal, economic, ecological and national security impacts – and thus subject to the Supreme Court’s “major questions doctrine.”

However, that Court has not defined “major.” Moreover, even actions that most Americans would call “major” can end up being upheld, and agencies can claim significant actions are actually “minor” or can simply ignore court decisions that don’t apply explicitly to the agency or action in question.

Even in the climate and energy arena alone, hundreds of “minor” decisions can coalesce into massive disruptions and costs. It’s certainly reasonable to argue that questions of Chevron deference should examine the totality of impacts – and whether a decision can actually pass a rational, evidence-based “reasonableness” test. To cite just a few examples, is it reasonable to defer to federal agencies that:

* Impose government-wide mandates to terminate America’s coal, oil and natural gas extraction and use, based on computer models whose scary forecasts: (a) are built on the assumption that climate change and weather events are driven by fossil-fuel-related carbon dioxide and methane, which together represent barely 0.042% of Earth’s atmosphere; and (b) are not supported by actual, real-world data on temperatures, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, droughts and sea levels?

* Keep oil and gas locked in the ground before they have any workable plan for replacing feed stocks for plastics, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers and thousands of other vital products?

* Compel families and businesses to replace gasoline vehicles and gas ovens, stoves, furnaces and water heaters with electric models – while regulators replace reliable, affordable fossil fuel power with intermittent, weather-dependent wind and solar power?

* Close down coal and gas-fired generators before sufficient, reliable, affordable replacement electricity is available – and before a single project anywhere in the world has demonstrated that wind, solar and battery electricity alone can power even a small village?

* Demand that families purchase supposedly energy- or water-efficient washing machines and dishwashers, even though the new machines must run longer or even twice to get clothes or dishes clean – thereby requiring more electricity and water?

* Effectively mandate electric vehicles before there are sufficient charging stations, electricity for those stations, or even metals and minerals to manufacture all the EVs, charging stations, wind turbines, solar panels and transmission lines?

* Assert that wind, solar and battery power are clean, green, renewable and sustainable, while ignoring the monumental amounts of mining and processing – and attendant habitat and wildlife destruction, toxic air and water pollution, and child labor – involved in obtaining the nonrenewable metals and minerals for those technologies?

* Insist that the United States slash or eliminate its fossil fuel use, while China, India and 100 other countries (including Germany) are extracting and burning more oil, gas and coal every year?

Courts should not view government actions in a vacuum. Many agency decisions are reasonable only in an alternative universe where individual and cumulative economic, ecological and social realities play no role. The era of Chevron deference should be brought to a close.

Paul Driessen is senior policy advisor to the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and author of books and articles on energy, pollution, climate change and human rights.

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I have been carrying a S&W #642 for five years now and have been happy with it. The grip is a little small. I have kept it on mine as it fits nicely in a jacket pocket. Have you had a chance to shoot it yet?

Paul J Reeves
Henderson, NV
Tuesday, February 20, 2024
Editor Response No, but as soon as the Redhead returns from her folks, I'm going to sign her up with a class.

Don't ask me to do it. She's dangerous...

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