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By J.J. Solari with images from Mr. Way and Sam Burns

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Now, if you’re a commie hippie douchey-douched douchery of doucheness type you might think that the American CEO is public enemy number 1. Not number 13. But no. He’s number 13. He’s preceded by some real experts in fuckery: the IRS, the WHO, the CDC, the FBI, the CIA, the BLM, the ATF, the DMV, the WEF, the DEI. the EPA and the ESG.

You might also probly think than an American CEO - or any CEO for that matter - if he has risen up the ranks to the level of being the boss of a multi billion dollar a year operation… might think that he might ON SOME LEVEL actually know what the fuck he’s doing. Well, if you think helping the IRS and the WHO and the CDC and the FBI and the CIA and the BLM and the ATF and the DMV and the WEF and the DEI and the EPA and the ESG destroy what’s left of America is “knowing what the fuck you’re doing,” then, yeah, they know what the fuck they’re doing.

Now, some alert person might ask “Why are CEO’s even involved with all that other crap anyway? They can actually DO things.” Actually, no. No they can’t actually do things. CEO’S are the reason all the other Letter Triads in that list exist: CEO’s could command all those bureaucrats out of existence tomorrow. There’s a hell of a lot more CEO’s than there are bureaucrats. With a lot more potential clout. But they’re too afraid. They’re so doucheried up the ass by now they make Adam Schiff look like Brock Lesnar. Now, you might say “What are you, a Commie Fuck? CEO’s are the backbone of American Free Enterprise! You must be a Commie Fuck!!”

No. I am not a Commie Fuck. I was born in Boston, the cradle of Liberty. I am a diehard pro-colonialist “to the victor go the spoils” war monger. Jesus the Jew is my deity. John Wayne is my guidance counsellor. Paris Hilton is my notion of the perfect woman. I think illegals and “the homeless” should be marooned on the Channel Islands in a Lord of the Flies scenario. And I think Israel and the United States both need to learn lessons from Alexander the Great on how to fight wars, which if Israel and the United States are listening right now here’s a hint: you fight wars in order to conquer. Not just to get your own guys killed for no reason or to rescue some asshole nation who likely hates us.

Now then: American CEO’s are not paragons of United States Might and Industrial Supremacy. They’re amateur politicians ordered-around like little bitches by PROFESSIONAL politicians and whose allegiances are to the gambling halls of the various global stock exchanges and who give as much a fuck about their own products and the satisfaction of their customers ABOUT as much as I give a fuck about the fate of the Kaaba and the Dome of the Rock: pending the day America decides the World Trade Center buildings need to be avenged. Which day is apparently Neverday.

Returning now to the imbecility of CEO’s, a CEO is not an owner. Unlike what you have been taught to call “the robber barrons.” Who were owners. Not robber barrons - as the press and the government and your school books as a child in mandatory de-education centers in the USA refer to the industrial tycoons who had a flair for making and selling products and services - like, ya know, cars, trains, planes, cameras, etc. that made lives easier. As opposed to the makers and sellers of bullshit who are called “American Office Holders” who are dedicated to fucking with anyone doing anything and outlawing whatever it is they’re doing as “being a threat to the public health and safety.”

The “robber barrons,” as our Marxist government and Marxist “news” shitfucks call them, were actually what is called OWNERS. Not fucking CEO’s. “Ownership” is very important to God, and USED to be important to Americans before the “everything is everything” hippie intellectual wasteland became the governing philosophy of America.

The Ten Commandments, with the possible exception of the one about lying, are basically a list of property rights. You don’t hear this preached in school or in church because teachers and preachers are all either fucking stupid or are so busy having their cocks sucked and their twats licked by demons from hell that they just don’t have time for learning anything that happens outside their scrotums and slits.

A CEO is a tip-toeing smiling, basically show-dog ass sniffer who’s MAIN function is to never say anything politically incorrect or in other words, never say anything that is remotely connected to actual physical reality anywhere in this galaxy. He can rise up through the company ranks OR he can be hired from the fucking moon. He can be appointed from off the streets. Just like the Pope can.

Only “corporations” have CEO’s and a corporation is a mini government created by the ruling government, that, like the ruling government, becomes in essence a mystical entity. It becomes a “person” but with no physical attributes, yet is regarded as an “entity.” Like an angel or a ghost. Just like the government is regarded as.

Corporations are LEGAL creations created by the lawyers in government - which is damn near everyone in office - in order to dilute the capitalistic production-pool of its owner-operators - or in other words the people with the ambition to provide a product or a service who can actually DO something. Unlike anyone in government OR in a legally-created-out-of-smoke, office-post that the government obeys. This week it’s health advisors. Soon government-licensed “weather experts” will be running things into oblivion.

Having a private ANYTHING is now considered a health threat to society since we are all in this together. You don’t even have the right to be healthy anymore since the Covid con. You are a threat to the group of people who are not healthy: you might survive while they die. You are therefore immoral. You are a threat because of success at not being a threat. That’s what I said. That’s what’s now in play.

Since the American “robber barrons” were barreling-ahead of DC in making life better for everyone, the lawyers running the government, lawyers being very cunning, realized that if private American empires of productivity and increased standards of living weren’t reined-in that federal, state, country and city governments would become obsolete. Which would upend the entire course of human history.

No one wants to do that. No one wants to move fucking forward, all our sacred traditions of war and taxes and jail and mandatory service and mandatory obligations to neighbors we would just as soon kill as assist - would evaporate. Who would want to bring an end to that?

Since personal computing and wide-spread global communication between individuals is, on a small scale, reproducing the same effects among the populace as the robber barrons created - namely, things being more bitchin’…..this governmental panic is again on the rise and all the worthless shitheads ordering people they never met around and tossing them into jail and taking their stuff and their licenses and their cars and boats and guns are huffing and puffing that all this free exchange between normal people is mostly “false information.”

Trust me, the only false information is coming from every fucking mayor, governor, senator, congressman, assemblyman, councilman, cop, sheriff, marshal, park ranger, license-inspector, health advisor grotesquerie in existence. Not from us. We don’t have a MOTIVE for spreading false information. And government has no motive for spreading TRUE information.

Which brings us to CEO’s and global warming.

The CEO’s of America - not the business owners but the business douchebags with keys to the executive toilets because the underlings must never realize that the executives’ shit actually does stink - the CEO’s of America are in a race to 1: proclaim their dedication and devotion to the preposterous fables that the earth is a greenhouse, that methane from cows is the only methane source that is actually dangerous, that carbon - which is what we’re fucking made of - is a threat to human existence, that “the damage from capitalism and industry the past 200 years” is “locked-in atmospherically” - as they are now proclaiming - such that even with universal compliance with all the trillion climate edicts, even if that happened right now overnight… would take hundreds of years for the earth to “get back to normal.”

In other words, it’s already irreversible even with full cooperation and all of us living like Bangladesh beanpoles sitting in the dirt. You might think “then why even bother. Let’s just go balls-out pollution.” Yeah, well you think like that because you have a fucking brain. Climate Gurus don’t have brains. They have cocks up their asses.

Since CEO’s are agreeing to basically go out of business, as a last ditch effort to stay afloat a little longer, they are kissing government ass. This is not hard for a CEO to do because corporate management, as opposed to private ownership management, is all about kissing ass. Private ownership management is all about doing a fucking job so good the boss has no choice but to promote you since you are actually valuable.

Ceo’s are not only not valuable, they are SO not-valuable they are basically interchangeable. A CEO from Fukme Beer can move on over to being a CEO of Yormom’sawhore Bedding and Bathmats Corporation overnight with no disruption in either company as a result: the downslide will continue both places uninterrupted.

Since kissing ass is all CEO’s actually DO, the pressure from the climate con via the government is causing the small and ineffective corporate brains which only understand kissing ass and lying about other employees….this pressure is causing CEO’s to come to the moronic conclusion that maybe government will allow them to exist a little longer if they become HOLY!!!! Government is all about holiness, after all.

Having a “proper moral compass” is almost like a sacred runic mantra to bureaucrats. Bureaucrats are high priests of global humanity and non bureaucrats - who outnumber the bureaucrats basically 6.9999 billion to one - non bureaucrats are gentle Eloi who look to the sacred morally-compassed bureaucrats for truth and guidance and safety.

CEO’s, noticing this, being politically cunning but naive when dealing with actual politicians, have assumed that by touting their companies’ SANCTITY rather than their companies’ PRODUCTS this will buy them an extra year or two of whopping salaries before they are shut down forever as being a threat to the atmosphere, the public health and “the moral compass” of the citizenry and Gaia.

Hence you have car manufacturers saying their cars are built with love, not competence. Other car makers are going around giving Cute Little Consuelo guitar lessons and buying a new RV for Hammadi Dudi; drug makers of compounds with three-syllable names and a litany of possible if not likely fatal side effects are displaying people either happy beyond description taking these drugs despite these nightmare-level risks while living vivacious lives, judging from all the smiles and happy greetings and chowing-down ice cream.

OR, if it’s an anti-depressant with a thousand warnings, they are depicted living slow-motion, trance-like lives but still smiling with a kind of transcendent calmness, like the spirit of the Dali Lama has infused their entire being. You have stores posting banners inside declaring how much of a percentage of everything you buy will be given by the store to the maimed burn victims from meteorite strikes in Bangladesh and how a percentage of the profits from Fukmehighly Brand Asswipes will be devoted to providing “affordable housing” for crackheads….in your very own home. What? You don’t like that idea? You are so immoral!!!

In other words….CEO’s are useless assholes trying to win bureaucrats, not customers.

In an effort to prove this, here is an interview of the former marketing something or other for Bud Lite being interviewed by someone every bit as dim as the marketing director and not even close to the marketing director’s pay rate, and this upper level management CEO-in-training gives a very clear and concise picture for one unrelenting hour on the depth and degree possible for sheer blather calmative word-salad brain-obliviating emptyness that is actually possible within a corporate executive washroom member’s airhead head when the air in the head is filled with metallic skull-dust blowing at a hundred miles an hour against whatever stray braincells it may encounter on it’s way to exiting the ears.

The average serial killer is more focused and coherent than this broad.

This imbecile….THAT SOMEONE HIRED AND PROMOTED!!….is trying to sell beers to queers. In fact if she had had that as a slogan instead of installing a wrongly-wired aberration of the terrestrial reproductive mandate for life on earth to try and sell sell product to actual men rather than to deranged crossdressers……she might still have a job.

She has NO idea of “make a product…..sell a product.” She doesn’t get that. What she DOES get is bunnies and “what is home” and women are special and that a cock-sporting pinwheel in a dress is a good way to sell beer to drunken men who boast about the foulness of their farts and like to kill handsome noble deer for fun and put their severed heads on the living room walls.

No: she thought Bud LIte meant light in the loafers. Or who the fuck even knows what she thought. Her CEO certainly had no clue. And he’s really the one with the problem. He ok’d all this shit. God only knows where she is now, but her boss? The Ceo? He’s right there firmly in place planning his new scapegoat. As for the product? Oh, well, who gives a shit about the product, we can always get more product. In fact, it’s still in the warehouse, exploding one can at a time. Walk in with your mouth open, sparky, have a drink.

Why are CEO’s all idiots? Because idiots are what the Feds - the creators of corporations - are rewarding with trips to the little girls’ bathrooms underneath the Capitol building, and with looking the other way regarding corporate violations of one or more of the ten trillion anti-corporation laws in exchange for a little more emphasis on the need for Climate Awareness in your ads and a little less emphasis on your product.

Shell Oil is actually running ads declaring their commitment to achieving a “fossil-fuel free” planet. Shell Oil is running ads saying oil is bad. Only a CEO would agree to this. An owner would blow the brains and butthole out of anyone who ordered him to run self-destructive ads. But then owners weren’t created by government lawyers. Ceo’s were.

CEO’s in interviews, the few CEO’s that give them, never talk about their product. They talk about their Quest For Universal Love. “Don’t hate us because we are trying to provide you with something to make your life better, why should YOUR life be better when other people cannot afford our product? No, rather let us not focus on crass materialism which Karl Marx has proclaimed immoral, let us focus instead on how virtuous I, as CEO of Shitstain Industries….am.”

You ever hear Elon Musk talk crap like that? You ever see him trying to get an interviewer to like him? No. He in fact goes out of his way to piss interviewers off because he doesn’t need their fucking approval: he’s selling product. Who care’s if it bursts into a fire even Superman couldn’t put out by flinging it into empty space. Let the buyer beware, it’s not as though its a fucking SECRET lithium batteries are unexploded bombs.

If his company was turned over to a CEO? Holy shit, Tesla factories would start producing party clothes for the starving children in Padook Pradash India and the Tesla name would become a Fashion & Designer brand on Project Runway.?
--J.J. Solari

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