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This is going to be good...

By Bandit, the Redhead, Wayfarer, Bob T., Sam Burns, Barry Green, El Waggs, Laura, Rhys and the whole gang

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I’ll let the news speak for itself.
It’s exciting from a number of perspectives. Fuck it, let’s get started…

Click for Action!
Click for Action!

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

Check the Iron Trader out.
Check the Iron Trader out.

OHIO GOVERNOR-- Signs SEMA-Supported Vehicle Freedom Bill Into Law

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has signed a SEMA-supported bill (HB 201) into law that safeguards Ohioans' right to choose the vehicles that best suit their needs, regardless of fuel type. The new law prohibits any state or local government entity from restricting the use or sale of motor vehicles based on their power source, including internal combustion engines (ICEs).

"This is a monumental win for Ohioans and the freedom to choose," said Christian Robinson, SEMA's director of state government affairs and grassroots. "Governor DeWine's decision to sign HB 201 into law sends a powerful message that Ohio values individual liberty and empowers its citizens to make informed choices about their transportation needs."


I saw the Harley-Davidson X440 at the neighbouring Hero Authorised Dealership where I had purchased my Hero XPulse 200.

The boss said that as an official marketing partner, even Hero dealerships are allowed to take booking and give delivery of these bikes.

I have to say, in person the X440 looks magnificent. It's like you look at a photo and think the gal is strange and weird and then you meet her and you can't wait to hop her to hell.

Well, this top variant of the X440 was meant for delivery and they don't have one for test rides yet.

The only "weird" was maybe the design and shape of the silencer, but who am I to complain after riding with a Classic 350 silencer to comply with police emission demands on my 2004 Enfield Bullet.

X440 looks rock solid, tough and I am sure it will have a good street presence. I will take a trip to the H-D dealership soon and see if I can get a test drive.

Meanwhile, I test drove a Suzuki Jimny, the globally acclaimed 4 wheel drive vehicle. Don't be proud, it was an automatic gear shift. It costs a little more than five X440 top variant motorcycles. And consumes petrol like a monster. Well, not as bad as a friend's Jeep of course---- this was a Suzuki after all.

You will like this video comparison between Bajaj Triumph and Hero Harley-Davidson. Since everyone has an Enfield here nowadays, an X440 is definitely a cool pick. Let's see if they release a second model with this engine ---not the Hero Maverick, something with H-D badge.

The specs and features of X440 (probably the below link won't work outside Asia)


THE DISCO CRUISE OF A LIFETIME--NEW Rock & Roll Hall of Fame members The Spinners To Perform During 5-Day Voyage

The Norwegian Pearl will be sparkling with mirror balls, glitter, and a full-lighted dance floor as The Ultimate Disco Cruise & Beyond embarks from Miami, Florida, on February 19, 2025, for its 5-day voyage. Music lovers from the 70’s era of Disco will take a journey back in time as they relive some of the most fun-loving songs that everyone sings along to.


Setting sail in 2025, The Ultimate Disco Cruise & Beyond will make stops in Cozumel, Mexico, and Costa Maya, Mexico, before heading back to Miami, Florida. In between stops, music enthusiasts will celebrate the greatest dance, soul, funk, and party music ever. Cabins available include Inside, Oceanview, and Club Balcony Suites, with prices per person ranging from $1,799 to $3,599. Monthly payment plans are available through StarVista Live.

To book your cabin, visit

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--

Bikernet 100 Word Fiction Contest 2024

Real short.


Bought bike.... crashed ..... sold it.

The End


From the Risk Monger

Just imagine if, in the coming months, the following studies would be published in peer-reviewed journals:

That battery technologies used in electric vehicles (EVs) have a much higher likelihood to spontaneously combust (and it is highly recommended that EVs be banned from underground or covered parking lots and container ships).

EV lithium batteries emit more elevated electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) that, at exposure levels exceeding 15 minutes, can lead to miscarriages or damage to human DNA which could trigger responses increasing the risk of certain cancers.

Studies in tire dust from automobile use show how they are the main cause of microplastics released into the sea (78% of all microplastics). As EVs are heavier, they emit much more tire dust.

A comparative Life Cycle Assessment showed, from cradle to cradle, that EVs are less sustainable and emit more CO2 than diesel cars.

An impact assessment revealed that present EV batteries cannot be sustainably recycled without a waste management energy and water demand far higher than that needed for recycling entire diesel vehicles.

Would regulators in developed countries, in reading these studies, be able to stop the political juggernaut pushing to replace fossil-fuel based internal combustion engines (ICEs) with EVs? Would regulators be able to introduce limits on where EVs could be parked or publish advice on which vulnerable people should avoid using them? Would they even be able to slow the conversion to an all-EV mobility market within the next decade?

Come on now, let’s be serious. Regulators are helpless in the face the righteous perception of electric vehicles. As it is a moral imperative to replace fossil fuels and the internal combustion power train technologies, these studies would be ignored. Facts have little power when regulators see themselves acting along the path of exuberant righteousness.

David Zaruk

P.S. Tesla Owners Stranded as Arctic Cold Zaps Batteries -- Tesla owners in the Midwest are not only being stranded by snow, but an Arctic air blast that is zapping their car batteries faster and creating longer charging times.

I had a happy childhood.

My Dad used to put me in tires and roll me down hills.
Those were Goodyears…

Mr. Wayfarer
Officially Certified Librarian
Bandit’s Cantina

Quick, join the Cantina. Touch her.
Quick, join the Cantina. Touch her.

The Five Ball “H3LLRAISER” invitational was a show that was put together in a rush due to crazy circumstances.

My friend’s father owns a warehouse In Boyle Heights that’s in the middle of being re-leased and currently vacant. He told me I had a month to pull something off before... We reached out to Carrie from Choppers Mag and started the uphill battle of planning everything.

My son Frank, Frank jr. and Cary Brobeck.
My son Frank, Frank jr. and Cary Brobeck.

Carrie backed me 100 percent of the way and we pooled our resources to make the H3LLRAISER BIKE SHOW as cool and fun as possible within our budget (pretty much 5k) and limited time--three weeks.

Dr. Hamster and my Son from All Saints Tattoo in Austin.
Dr. Hamster and my Son from All Saints Tattoo in Austin.

We invited 20 builders, 20 artist, 20 photographers, 4 bands and 17 venders. It was all love and friends who helped pull it together and everyone had a good time. No drama. No bullshit.

We were expecting 300 people, maybe 500 max. I think about 1000 came and went through out the galvanized tin doors. The Chopper Gods were on our side that day and everyone came to pay homage to the Great Keith “Bandit” Ball and Five Ball Racing leathers.

My grandson Frank producing his first show.
My grandson Frank producing his first show.

From the overall consensus, we put on the coolest show in Los Angeles this year and people are already asking about the next one to come. The melting pot of Southern California sub culture was all in one spot and the energy was undeniable. If you didn’t know about the Ball brigade before Sunday, you sure do now.

--Frank Ball Jr.
CEO 5-Ball Leathers

Click for action...
Click for action...


Dave and Mary Mann on his 1948 Harley Panhead, known as “Hangman”. Photo taken at a gas station near Mann’s home in Sugar Creek, MO back in 1965.

--from Sam Burns
Photo Editor™

STURGIS MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM ANNOUNCEMENTS—This is going to be a massive year for the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

There’s a new Executive Director on board and the Board of directors has been expanded with more motorcycle industry veterans and leaders have stepped up.

The museum is looking to iconic expansion. Hell, I leaned on the bank manager next door to sell. The museum will become the center-piece for and about motorcycling in the city of Sturgis. It will become the beacon of two-wheels for bikers all over the world.

And the collections housed within the museum will be second to none. I’m in discussions with Joe Teresi about bringing the Easyriders Streamliner to the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum, which could become the first skyscraper in the Black Hills.

Hang On: Sturgis Motorcycle Museum proudly announced Heidi Haro as its new Executive Director. With a background in strategic leadership, Heidi brings expertise in accelerating growth, structuring operations, forging partnerships, and building high-performance teams. She’s been the boss of over 500 employees. She knows how to make progress.

Kirk Willard, the 20-year president of the Motorcycle Rides Foundation is now a board member with serious legislative and leadership capabilities and a vast network of riders and freedom fighters all over the world.

Ari Levenbaum, the co-owner and Chief Executive Office of Law Tigers attorney agency stepped up.

Steve Piehl, the boss of Authentic CX, LLC
Communications, and longtime Harley executive, will come onboard most likely next month. He’s going to help with marketing and communications, plus he’s a great guy and longtime enthusiast.

And finally, I was allowed on the board to oversee the janitorial duties and chrome the trash cans. Weekly I need to report on the inventory of toilet paper. They’re afraid I’m taking the shit home.

This year will be an amazing turning point in the Sturgis Museum’s history. Hang on for weekly reports.


Click for more info.
Click for more info.

HERO MotoCorp announces-- 'Mavrick' as its upcoming streetfighter, positioned against Harley-Davidson X440

The forthcoming Hero Mavrick will share identical foundational elements, such as the trellis frame and the 440 cc oil-cooled, single-cylinder engine. However, it will undergo several modifications to distinguish itself more clearly from its American counterpart.

While Harley-Davidson X440 is categorized as a roadster, the forthcoming Mavrick will be positioned as a streetfighter.

International Editor™

I do read SEMA news string. This may be of interest to you. I know a guy who is has been deeply involved in SEMA for many years that feels the leadership needs a change of direction with their push on the RPM Act

The RPM act is essential, yet the # of people it will effect is too small. Many fans and even some people who work in the business don’t even know details about it. My friend believes what SEMA should be behind and working towards preserving all engines with pistons.

Example in the crime ridden city of Baltimore the socialist are going to use tax payers $ to install Elec car charging stations in the hood! I suppose they plan to give away free EVs to people who live there?

This Conservative Catholic site is totally in line with Marc Morano showing the narrative of the green and the leftist pope are all dead wrong

Strange times we live in. Keep the faith


I’ll share the link

2024 ; READY, SET.... GO AHEAD--
We wish you all a Happy New Year! Let's start by reflecting on the year that has passed before turning the throttle and race into 2024.

SBS celebrates a year with more than 20 championships where SBS was Technical Partner on the brakes. The championships range from both international Moto2, Moto3, and World Supersport, to national championships, supported by SBS dealerships worldwide.

SBS is ready to be your racing brake in 2024.

MEME OF THE WEEK—This comes directly from our growing non-profit, Bikers for Truth.


501C3 in process

THE MONGOLIAN RUN-- Last of the nomads
Imagine you’re tending to your garden when you hear the distinct thrum of motorcycles. You look up from your work, trying to pinpoint the source of this unusual sound.

From the horizon emerges a band of brothers, bikers from the other side of the world. These adventurers approach your home, as curious about you as you are about them. Where did they come from? Where are they going? You find yourself drawn to their friendly demeanor and beautiful vintage motorcycles.

Would you open your door to them? Offer them an evening under the stars around a barbecue? A night of tranquility alongside your family?

Grow, share, enrich

This wondrous convergence of worlds can be your reality when you befriend the nomadic herders along your trip through the steppes of Mongolia.

These hearty folks preserve the indomitable spirit of their forefathers, following the seasonal migrations of their herds in search of greener pastures as their ancestors have done for centuries immemorial.

Exhilarated from the day’s ride, you climb off your Himalayan to find an open door and these intriguing strangers immediately become your friends. This beautiful moment embodies the legendary hospitality of Mongolia.

Say yes to a new kind of adventure
Discover our trips to Mongolia
Mongolia Calendar 2024
• Fom 19 to 28 June
• From 16 to 25 July
• From 13 to 26 August

53 Rue Président Krüger
69008 Lyon
+44 20 7031 60 50

CHIX AT THE CROSSROADS-- Announces Overnight Stops

Registration Still Open: Act Fast!

January 17, 2024— For our next vintage motorcycle journey through Americana, the Riveter Chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America announces the overnight stops for the 2024 Chix at the Crossroads event.

Chix at the Crossroads, which blends the riders’ passion for motorcycles with a passion for music, begins in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, at the Wheels Through Time Museum, stopping overnight at the following cities:

• June 15-16: Maggie Valley, North Carolina (Dale’s Wheels Through Time Museum)
• June 17: Chattanooga, Tennessee
• June 18-19: Nashville, Tennessee
• June 20: Muscle Shoals, Alabama
• June 21: Tupelo, Mississippi
• June 22: Meridian, Mississippi
• June 23: Natchez, Mississippi
• June 24-26: Clarksdale, Mississippi
• June 27-29: Memphis, Tennessee

Throughout the 1,200-mile route, riders will be steeped in the history of American music, deepening our appreciation for the pioneering spirit of the early self-expressionists that span many musical genres. Once we depart from Maggie Valley, the group will spend two weeks on the road to experience various aspects of our American music heritage.

We have arranged to spend several nights in key cities to further delve into the music offered in each locale, visiting museums, performance venues, and other points of interest. Riders will also be provided with suggested routes for day rides in some of these cities.

Applications are still being accepted for Chix at the Crossroads, but space is limited, so please apply today at You must be a current member of both the Antique Motorcycle Club of America (AMCA) and the Riveter Chapter. To join the AMCA and the Riveter Chapter, go to And we invite you to browse through the entire website which features a wealth of information about the event.

If you still need further information, contact Riveter Chapter President Karan Andrea at

The Riveter Chapter is the first woman-focused chapter of the AMCA, with the mission of giving women motorcyclists an increased awareness of their own history, and an enhanced vision of their future in motorcycling.


--Marjorie Kleiman


This expensive First Edition Hardcover book -- a New Yorker magazine publication was being sold at a discount of 85%. That means I paid less than one-fifth of the retail price. I wonder why? And it is also remainder marked so not many buyers since year of publication 2020.

It is a book titled "Fragile Earth--writing from The New Yorker on Climate Change"

What a waste of a rainforest! Total 541 pages of printed matter, not counting end sheets.

Attached the subjects covered--table of contents. I will see what is very skeptical and maybe we can work on some more memes countering such journalism.

Associate Editor
Bikers for Truth

DAWN OF A NEW ERA-- INTERMOT to be held annually from 2024

As well as switching to an annual cycle, INTERMOT is also moving to a new date: for the first time, Cologne will host Germany’s most thrilling motorcycle fair in winter, from 5 to 8 December. Perfectly timed for getting a new season of biking off to a great start in the following spring – after all, many purchasing decisions are made towards the end of the year.

With all the new models on display at INTERMOT, it’s a chance not only to see them, but also to actually touch and experience them in person. At INTERMOT, the teams of motorbike and scooter manufacturers and importers will be on hand to offer advice and help everyone find their dream bike and, of course, the right accessories for both rider and vehicle!

With all this in store, Koelnmesse – INTERMOT’s organizer – and the event’s conceptual sponsor, the German Motorcycle Industry Association (IVM e.V.), aim to offer trade visitors and end consumers all the information they need as well as a completely new way to enjoy the run-up to Christmas and the shopping that goes with it. Of course, there will also be an event programgeared to the season.

Even before registration officially opens, the four-day event’s new concept has already won over major market players, such as BMW Motorrad Germany, Kawasaki Motors Europe N.V. and Yamaha Motor Europe N.V., who have already announced that they’ll be participating.

Further information:

The next events:
  • polisMOBILITY - Moving Cities, Cologne 22.05. - 24.05.2024
  • THE TIRE COLOGNE - The international trade fair for the tire industry, Cologne 04.06. - 06.06.2024
  • INTERMOT Cologne - International Motorcycle and Scooter Fair, Cologne 05.12. - 08.12.2024

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