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Tuesday Edition

American Government 101 Part 2: The Supreme Court

Merry Christmas 2023, Goddammit!

By J.J. Solari with images from Barry Green

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The Supreme Court has nine members, some men, some women, some who aren’t sure what they are, eventually some will be cross-dressing women with penises who identify as pelicans.

Soon some will be illegal aliens just like what is now being allowed into our military for when the time comes for the Pentagon and Gen. Milley Vanilli to declare war on the American citizenry with the expectation of obedience from our Isis-M-13-Cartel Inc.

Military - which obedience Milley Vanilli will get - some will be jihadists, some will be high-school shooters from prison some will be Hamas as are already some of our Congress Inhabitants. Some will be people who glue their hands to runways and throw paint at priceless art objects without retribution and some will be actual non-humans, probably kangaroos, declared by the Supreme Court as having all the rights of American citizens.

At the MOMENT the freakiest most incomprehensibly moronic member of the Supreme Court is none of the above. I take that back, she actually is one of the above, a woman who, when questioned regarding her qualifications for the job, confessed that she has no idea what a woman is since she is not a biologist. She doesn’t know what a woman is because she’s not a biologist but she knows how to translate a document written in 1789 into a 2023 roadmap-to-liberty for 350 million people who DO know what a woman is presently living in America. And she will KEEP doing it with don’t-know-what-a-woman-is level of competence and intelligence until she fucking dies. Since she can’t be fired. Talk about the fix being in.

This “doesn’t know what a woman is because she’s not a biologist” idiot is leading the pack toward what the Supreme Court has officially become: namely, a sideshow shitshow circus of imbecility taken to the level of a monkey menagerie on angel dust.

Before she got the green light to take her Forever Job there was an earlier incident with an imbecilic candidate for the Supreme Court who has ALSO since gotten the job. He was, or is, an alleged male who was up for review to join for life the Supreme Court and he wasn’t interrogated on his medical knowledge of what the sexes are, no, he was cross examined by his intellectual kin in the Senate regarding his personal penis-sanctity.

He MAY have liked fucking women! At least that was the suggestion or implication or rumor or innuendo. His accusers didn’t say he did like fucking women and they didn’t say he didn’t like fucking women, what they said was to suggest that if he DID like fucking women that that was bad or not normal or who even knows. He proved his qualification for the lifetime job, however, by going to pieces over this, dragging his little daughters into the circus arena and allowing them to watch dad go to pieces in person rather than just hearing about it from David Muir.

Like I say, the implications or suggestions were unclear regarding the sexual topics aimed his direction. Being a normal male with a lustful interest in feeling coochi and tits is looked-upon by today’s American Office Holders and certainly “members of trusted news teams” as a perversion.

Heterosexual perversion - men liking pussy - is frowned upon by Congressional Interrogators and members of trusted news teams for one reason or another, the main reason being it implies heterosexuality and therefore COULD prejudice your Reasoning Powers regarding proper sex which in 2023 is homosexual aberrated sex unless children are involved then it’s a full speed ahead totally normal sexual attraction.

Before him there was the Man Whose Life Matters who has since become apparently mute who was accused by some woman of having put a pubic hair on top of her can of cola. This quite understandably rendered him unfit for a meaningless job for life, but somehow he got past this sanctity/morality barrier and got the job either because he actually did this heinous act or else because it couldn’t be proved he did this heinous act, the public hair never having come actually into evidence for all to see and examine and perhaps sniff.

If you THINK this suggests the Supreme Court is deteriorating in its sanity levels, well you would be wrong, mi amigo. It was CREATED insane. It’s merely fulfilling its destiny.

Thinking you can create liberty and justice for all when you have never done such a thing before ever in your lifetime is called by people who still have unaltered gain-of-function RNA “delusions of grandeur.” It’s ALSO called by the Mob as “conning easy marks into going all-in with no hand.”

Since the focus on this piece is the Supreme Court, or in other words only one of the alleged “three branches of government” - all of which were created overnight just like the FBI was, and which three have been expanded at this point into a thousand branches of government - the most powerful now being “the health-advisory” branch. Which, if I remember correctly, appeared - much like the Constitution itself did - overnight. And was born with full dictatorial, devastating, tyrannical, “declared wise” orders that affected - as far as we know - ONLY Western Civilization nations. Excluding Russia: who said fuck this Covid-crap.

Since this focus is to review merely the Supreme Court and not the other two “branches of government” let’s get down to ripping its pompous-ass posturing of Possessing Divine Wisdom Imparted To Nine Costumed Termination-Free Sub-Deities into confetti via the Woodchipper of Reason.

Here is the job description of the nine members of the Supreme Court: “Nine people who will spend their lives doing absolutely nothing until a decree already passed into law created by any one of ten trillion ‘lawmakers’ comes to their attention that has raised enough fuss in the press-activated public THAT ALL NINE AGREE TO ACTUALLY TAKE A FUCKING LOOK AT IT. After which time of ruminating and deliberating and mumbling and scratching at their be-robed balls and their be-robed cunts and ‘forming opinions’….they grandly announce whether or not at least five of the nine came to an agreement ‘that the law is - or isn’t - Constitutional.”

Here’s why this is a joke: APPARENTLY the Constitution is such a Gavin-Newsom-level pile of incomprehensible, random, arbitrary pretenses at divine wisdom and prose and rules and decrees and edicts and creations of reality out of nothing….. that NO ONE ACTUALLY KNOWS WHAT THE FUCK IT ACTUALLY SAYS. And when the bickering gets OVERT enough to where it’s actually causing people to - ya know - start SHOOTING people or setting fire to Macy’s - then and only then will the Supreme Court’s useless coven of unassailable, can’t be fired membership of be-robed, yawning, dreary, Bohemian Grove masturbators who have to account to no one for being wrong - whatever “being wrong” would even be when deciding what a load of gobbledygook says or doesn’t say - only then will these nine Sith Costumees doing their Star Wars make-believe Comicon cosplay nine-man Pronouncement of the Hierarchs “interpretance” the Constitution - only then will they stop hacking their nuts long enough to pronounce and decide and opinionate regarding whatever aspect of the runic, secret language Constitution roadmap-to-nirvana presently up for consideration as to MEANING….actually means. Until further notice.

And this preposterous “enlightened” version of government has been going on for 250 years, this “interpreting” of the Constitution, which is apparently the most arcane, elusive, mysterious, subliminal, subtle, code-like and apparently bewildering flabbergastance ever committed to paper by the 1789 First Timers at Constitution-making. Or whatever you even call this sort of thing that someone decided to do to advance the science of constitutionology. One of which every country on earth now has. And how THAT workin’ out, earthlings. Looks like the world’s bureaucrats knew a bad idea when they saw one and raced each other to get on board..

You ever actually read the Constitution? Get prepared to scream to death, pardner. Get prepared to march one foot in front of ‘tuther into a fucking maelstrom of arbitrary, pontificating, hear ye hear ye blathering The Good News of Redemption bureaucrat style. Keep in mind the average bureaucrat cannot create a chocolate fucking milkshake forget about how to secure the blessings of liberty to 350 million, some of them legal, inhabitants, all, at the moment, on the verge of 20 different categories of civil war.

I know what you’re saying: “The Constitution is so majestically configured and designed and constructed and deployed and engineered and made so perfect by bureaucrats with such minute and magnificent tolerances with Jesus himself actually opening his hands upon the document and proclaiming it from God that you need an IQ of 300 just to even begin to learn its wonders, and a complete understanding could take years. It is too sublime for us in the peasant citizenry to understand.

Only the High Priests of Constitutional Understanding who live under Mt. Shasta can, after a lifetime of focus and immersion into The Law and the Prophets bring the Divine down to Earth and fill these wise men of the Court with the extraterrestrial knowledge of the Old Ones of the firmament, as we walk in a slow circle of prayer and slaughter the sacred bull of Isis.” That’s what you’re saying. And who could blame you.

And I’m sure you would agree if you are any kind of politically-astute loyal American that In fact it could take 250 years and an IQ of three thousand not just three hundred because so far NO one, at least no one on the fucking Supreme Court, has ANY FUCKING IDEA what the fuck the Constitution says from one fucking day to the next. It’s no wonder that that snake-oil spitting dentures-clacking skank Nancy Pterodactyl Pelosi calls it a Living Document. She actually totally gets it: because it’s not just living document: it’s having a fucking goddamn 250 yearlong epileptic butt-seizing, backflipping, bone-breaking spaz attack.

Let’s face it, if you hire 9 guys who can only be replaced by death and their sole job is to figure out what a 4500 word edict made by a British committee actually says…then you musta fucking seen this coming right out the gate when you were tossing this Kamala Harris Constitutional word salad together. You and your pompous ass, British Government Loving, former loyal subjects of Good King George must have said to each other “Why the fuck are we putting in all these so called checks and balances when we COULD decide ‘Fuck the checking and the balancing, let’s just SAY they’re checks and balances since apparently these colonists are gung-ho for English Oppression American Style. We’ll CALL it checks and balances and then let’s hook-up and become fucking PARTNERS against a common enemy: namely - EVERYONE NOT IN GOVERNMENT!!!”

Then they all laughed, tossed back a few flagons of really shitty beer and said “Ok, let’s get back to writing-out this litany of holiness that will entitle us to tax, arrest, license, fine, draft, confiscate private property, summons everyone to jury duty and call it liberty and justice for all and get this over with, I have some darkie, naked-titty teens to fuck that I just bought from some other darkies.”

TURNS OUT….. after 250 years they are still interpreting the mystical heavenly language that may or may not remain in place when the next nine Lifers take their places in the Job Security Chairs and decide the previous interpretations were wrong or the interpreters assumed something unwarranted or they created an irrelevancy no longer applicable to the present application of the sense of and by the sense in the sense of which you are sensing things.

IN FACT, if they fucking DECIDED to, in a 5 to 4 majority fucking OPINION, the Supreme Court could declare something Constitutional or NOT Constitutional and they could give as their reason, “because the moon is in the 7th house and Jupiter aligns with my ballsack,” and no one in the other 3,000 compartments of government could say shit about it and as far as YOU having a fucking say in all of this? Go get Covid-“vaccine” Number Three Hundred and Five instead. You’ll be accomplishing a lot more in the line of sanity and good sense.

The reason there is a Supreme Court at all is 1: to provide 9 eternal bureaucrats who can’t be fired with costuming and housing and a pension etc. for “deciding” if there’s a majority of 5 of the 9 regarding what is “Constitutional” and what isn’t. Because if we don’t know what’s Constitutional and what isn’t then we could all die of Covid and global warming. The other reason, which would be reason number 2, is to create the myth that everyone thinks is real called “the balance of power.”

To have a “balance of power” you have to have more than one power. The thinking here is if you just have one power that is too much power: because there are no rival powers put into place to keep the one power from becoming, well, the dominant power. To prevent this, you create two more power departments. In other words, instead of creating just one dragon you create three of them. THAT way you have the One Power’s power reduced by two thirds. Which keeps us all safe. Because now there are three dragons of power who cannot ascend to Total Power because the other two dragons of power will resist and thus the powers that could be manifest by one dragon will not be manifested because there are now three dragons. Unless of course they decide to work together.

Follow this closely, this is how creators of Faux England - or the USA - reasoned. By creating three powers and not just one and declaring them via a declaration as being equally powerful, then all three powers are reduced to zero power, since they balance and thus nullify each other’s power and thus create harmony and the absence of power which is peace and prosperity because the three created powers now are No-Power Empowerments. It really is all quite magical and has been shown to be working via the illuminated conclusions of the Rationalists of the Enlightenment.

IT TURNS OUT that the Executive Branch, which has only one fucking member, can actually not over-rule but can, well, over-power the other two “branches” of government even though the executive branch only has one, well, ya know, guy. The President. The other two power sharers have nine in one Balance-ment and, basically, six hundred and fifty, more or less, in the other Balance-ment.

I know what you’re saying: “This doesn’t sound like a balance of power.” I know. It sounds more like a clown house of fucking assholes. I know. And that’s what it is. It’s almost like……it’s almost like the plan that was voted on was never tested. Also, in the balance of power, only one of the powers has authority over the National War Apparatus: the President: or in other words the Executive Branch. It’s like making sure there is always a potential Hitler at the helm of the national military in case the balance of power threatens to overthrow the President. Which no President wants.

The thin thread that holds all this nonsense together is the “faith” in the “Nation” by the citizenry. TURNS OUT that segment of the citizenry who actually thinks patriotically are all dying of old age and all the generations after them - at least so far - are all useless, brainless lovers of “all of us being in this together.”

No matter WHAT it might be we’re all IN together. It could be a tranny brothel in a blue homeless tent. As long as we embrace it in the interests of keeping everyone safe: meaning obedient. That’s basically what American patriotism is today: a banner on the side of a public bus that reminds us we’re all in this together. For some reason the word “comrade” is not yet at the end of that slogan.

So, let’s review. The Supreme Court, nine members, one of whom, a woman who doesn’t know what a woman is, and one of whom, a man, who cried when accused of being at a frat party in college, and also, lest we forget, a different man who is best known for being accused of putting a female pubic hair on top of a beer can and who apparently is mute, and six other people so bland and boring that they’re not known for ANYTHING; they all have lifetime jobs of waiting for one of the other two branches of government to do something and ten years later the Supreme Court MIGHT take a gander at whether or not whatever they did violates or doesn’t violate whatever the living document of the Constitution proclaims itself as saying at the moment.

And if I might return for a moment to the issue regarding the woman who got hired as a Supreme Court Judge even though she said she did know what a woman is… really can’t blame her: she was ADMITTING she was a goddamn fucking idiot. She was declaring in fair warning that she didn’t have the brains God gave shit-smeared artichokes. And she got hired anyway. She GOT the job. By the people interrogating her.

So, she will be, for as long as she fucking lives, one of the nine moronic costumed people who will be deciphering the living writhing coiling tour-zhah-taying, spinning, vibrating living document that no one can agree in 250 years on what it ACTUALLY says. So, in a sense you can’t fault the Supreme Court for being inhabited exclusively by moronic koala-brained lizards. They didn’t hire themselves. That would be unconstitutional. No: they were hired by people even stupider than the members of the Supreme Court--thanks to the balance of power. Or balance of morons that is designed to crush anyone who accidentally shows up with an IQ.

That’s apparently what the people operating and doing the hiring at the Supreme Court have as their hiring criteria: that the chosen lifers all be bewilderingly sub-par individuals. Who actually hires these judges?

They SAY it’s members of one of the three branches of dragons but I’m thinking maybe some 4th branch of government we’ve never heard of, the Justice Personnel Department, or maybe some 3,375th branch of government created by the Janitor Department of government or maybe by the CDC or maybe the WHO or maybe the Parks Department or the DMV or maybe David Muir or Gavin Newsom or Ping Pong Dung of China.

At this point I don’t think it really fucking matters what idiot sector of the Idiot-go-round is hiring unfireable morons, all idiots seem to be pretty much interchangeable, and in government pretty much mandatory.

One more thing: the question arises if you have any level of human awareness….. what had to be going through the craniums of the Create-a-Nation creation team of 1789, most of whom likely could not cut a sandwich in half, in thinking that creating three governments which had oversight authority over State governments - or another load of governments, in other words - which had oversight authority over county governments - another shitload of governments…that had oversight authority over city governments…..MORE shitloads of governments…all of them in a race to see who can “create legislation” for the Supreme Court “to write opinions” on, not only faster than any other legislation-creator might be doing but even more progressively deranged legislation than anything in history, like they’re all in a race to be the most imbecilic-ly fucked up…

What if anything was going through their drunken, self-absorbed, pompous Jerry Nadler-brained heads to where they were ass-fuckingly, Worshipful Masteredly, buttless-aproned-attiredly convinced this out-of-nowhere “creation” was going to bring “a New Order,” not fucking chaos, bedlam, wrath, rage and rioting, no, none of that, but rather A New Order….to our de-Englanded shores?

I guess it never occurred to these powdered-wigged dandies that 250 years down the road….this would all turn into a fucking Ocasio-level screaming shitload of America-hating bedlam. Pretty confident of themselves. I guess they all thought it would work. Just like California’s bullet-train project. Just like the Covid Protocols. Just like altering the weather by not eating meat. Just like voting a child-sniffer into one of the checks-and-balances dragons’ nests.

There you have it…

--J.J. Solari

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