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Meet Governor Michelle Grisham of New Mexico

Leaving the kitchen to fuck up the Country

By J.J. Solari with images from Sam Burns

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The Governor of New Mexico, a character named Michelle Grisham, made what I consider to be one of the great advances in tyranny since the C-19 Circus of Shit. Now, I have to say right out the gate that she didn’t actually succeed. But she did show the way to upcoming tyrants, and of course also showed the way to present ones anxious to try out new things.

What she did was to declare a fucking inanimate object……“a public health crisis.”

I know what your saying, “What was the inanimate object, a fucking football stadium full of Strontium 90?”

Hahahahaha No! Good one! And I think it’s safe to say a football stadium full of Strontium 90 will fucking NEVER be declared a fucking health crisis. One reason being, unless you’re an imbecilic fucking bureaucrat, everyone already knows to stay the fuck away from the shit! So, yeah, Strontium 90 exists. And it’s really dangerous. But it doesn’t spread. And you don’t have to isolate and lockdown a population when Strontium 90 turns up somewhere. Because it doesn’t fucking spread. The Strontium 90 is isolated instead. Not the populace. Because it stays put. And no one ever demonstrates or calls national emergencies or declares a public health crisis against this practice. Which is one way you know that NOT declaring the existence of Strontium 90 somewhere as being a “public health crisis”….is actually sensible.

Which brings us to Governor Grisham.

To Governor Grisham, she considers herself a gal on the move. So why wait for something as bizarre and arcane and unlikely as Strontium 90 to show up to call it a health crisis - which she probably would do: no, I want to be President someday, let’s do something Presidential, or in other words, off-the-chart, Trudeau/Biden/Harris/Ocasio-level stupid: let’s call inert base metal that just sits there - which would be a PISTOL - a health hazard. No wait, let’s call it a health crisis. No wait: let’s call certain-shaped wads of inert metal AN ASS-KICKING PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY!! I think is the way she put it.

Best to be prepared.
Best to be prepared.

She declared a non-radioactive construction of inert metal - pistols - to be capable of something that SO FAR in human history or even in METAL history has never been associated with the spread of disease: she declared inert-welding-material - pistols…….. a public health emergency.

Now, she didn’t just dream all this shit up out of the blue after a dose of LSD. No. She had precedent to go on. She was not the first piece of shit bureaucrat to test the waters of tyrannical sociopathy. She had the World Health “Organization:” the Center for Disease Control; every piece of shit “news’ apparatus on earth; the need to get rid of Trump; the cowardly traditions of the medical profession; and the relentless stupidity of Authority-Dependent Humanity to help her onward to new heights of Fuckutopia.

Oops, thought that was my mic...
Oops, thought that was my mic...

She was VERY LIKELY inspired to attempt this due to the worldwide success of “doctors” suddenly being declared by “world leaders” as having the political run of entire countries and cities. Of course, they DIDN’T have any political power but the people who DO said “Our hands are tied: doctors know what they are doing. We have to trust them.” So, then the people with the actual power - which isn’t the doctors - used the doctors as excuses….to go into tyranny mode. And fucking get away with it. Because, you know, “doctors’ orders.” You can’t go against those. For some reason. Meanwhile 99.99999 percent of the doctors were going, looking around at each other……”Is there a health emergency?” Well, every news agency on earth said there was. Cause journalists don’t care. Turmoil is their daily bread on the table at Mom’s or their boyfriend’s house. The last thing a journalist wants is everyone being calm all the time. Where’s the news there.

So, this pile of human refuse called a “governor” declared firearms a health emergency. Do you think the New York Times staff of Ace Crack Pulitzer-Winning Safeguardians of a free and vibrant whatever-the-fuck-a-democracy-is raised the fucking journalistic roof over this Stalinesque perversion of reality? Do you think David Manure or George Squatenopolis or Rachel Madcow or George Willynilly blasted onto the scene declaring the brain of Rachel Grisham to be officially null and void due to her declaration of inert metals to be viral bacterial biological hazmat contagions of disease and animate spores of organic decay and slow debilitating death by infection?

Derek J. Coates
Derek J. Coates

I’ll escort you quietly through this: No. They did not. They stayed their course of emphasizing threats to our sacred democracy caused by Elon Musk: and praising the beauties of inclusivity, diversity, intersectionality, sustainability and empowerment; and condemning the evils of oil production, the use of water, the use of air conditioners, the use of social media, and the existence of Donald Trump; they remained outraged at the injustice of there being only two declared sexes and the unfairness of hiring only competent people and the unfairness of not giving drug-addicted and sanity-free, plague-ridden psychopathic shitters on the sidewalks free hotel suites, free meals, free drugs and free public-shitting privileges; and continued announcing the need for cross-dressing flashers to visit classrooms of 6-year-olds and show them their penises and escort them to the bathrooms of their choice and help them pull down their pants.


And as for the Governor of New Mexico declaring inert metal a public health emergency?……Not a fucking word from our watchdogs of liberty, the American Journalist Society of Soldiers of The Free Press Guardians of Our Sacred Democracy.

You think governor Grisham has been FIRED for being an incompetent if not simple-minded pain in the fucking ass? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

--J.J. Solari

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Since the dawn of civilization, no one ever needed any academic or any skills, talent, decency, personality, aptitude or any such factor to be in elected political office. It was always a popularity contest and in modern times, a social-media influencer can be President! Maybe an AI chatbot may win next time around.

Pillar Peak, SD
Friday, October 27, 2023
Editor Response Hang on!

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