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An “American” Governor Declares Guns A Disease:

Welcome To Batshit USA

By J.J. Solari with a photo from the Hill

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An “American” Governor Declares Guns A Disease: Then Declares Her Personal Safety Overrides The Constitution And Her Oath of Office. Welcome To Batshit USA

The governor of whatever New Mexico now is, Michelle Grisham, has, 1: declared gun ownership a PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS! Thus justifying handing over the government to “health advisors” rather than elected assholes, as in the covid-19 imaginary pandemic crisis emergency red-alert code-red bullshit thing that went on. Perhaps you remember. And, 2: she has declared that the Constitution, AND her oath of office can be overridden by her. To - get this - keep HER safe.

Now, if you THINK I am exaggerating… Grab a beer, get a boner, sit your ol’ lady or her sister on yer lap and settle-in to ALMOST an hour of Grisham declaring to the world that not only is she more vacuous than Harris, Ocasio Kerry, Thunberg, Biden etc, she’s actually breaking new ground in the tyranny instigated by the bogus covid “health emergency.”

gov grisham youtube

At LEAST with covid there was a microbe involved. Something that at least in reality could actually threaten your health and not require an entire new definition out of thin air of the word…

Unless a gun has GERMS on it….it cannot affect your health. But not according to The Queen of Skankland! To Michelle Grisham shooting people is “a public health” issue and it’s guns themselves, not people operating the guns, that are responsible. And she knows that if you make anything a “public health” issue, be it fake pandemics, the phases of the moon, or ten year old assholes shooting each other…. you can pretty much go straight-into Caligula-mode and show those nimrod ten year olds what fucking-people-up is like GOVERNMENT style!

And really, in New Mexico there’s really no reason for ten year olds NOT to shoot each other. All they face for doing so is the threat of having the opportunity to reform! By taking classes in reformage! As opposed to being jailed or executed or sent to an island where apparently the bums are never going to be sent.

In a way you can’t really blame Satan’s bride for breaking new ground in Shitass: if you can make driving a gasoline car or owning a herd of cattle a health emergency, and hey it worked HUGE for the flu hoax, then you can certainly shitcan whatever you think the CONSTITUTION is as being a threat to the public health - which she was real clear about emphasizing that that is what she is doing: shitcanning the Constitution for 30 days. With the repeated suggestion that it COULD be longer. Meaning forever. Because IN THIS CLOWNHOUSE MEETING that, she convened it was very evident she, A: has NO idea what the fuck she is doing and, B: she is totally focused-in on being stupid and is now in Pol Pot mode…..

And all the “law enforcement” chieftains sitting around her were making it clear that THEY don’t know what the fuck they are doing and making it clear by their body language that they ALSO have a real problem obeying a woman, cause you have this terrified broad trying to give orders to fucking thugs and when the woman is a total emotional-breakdown imbecile who the fuck could blame them. So her counterpunch is to the Bureaucrat Default Setting; which is Gavin Newsom Mode; which is “I Am The Law.”

And she ALSO made it clear that HER safety, HER PERSONAL SAFETY……….is what matters. Fuck the Constitution. Fuck your rights. Fuck her oath. If she can’t feel safe?…..then YOU have to fucking suffer. Even if you are not even involved with her, forget about making her feel unsafe. IT COULD BE THAT THE VERY EXISTENCE OF OTHERS……frightens her.

Now….. she took some questions from apparently high school journalists because no one asked “How do you make owning or carrying a pistol a public health crisis, 1: without disarming the police and, 2: without altering the definition of a health crisis into ‘there really are more than two sexes and please call me THEY’ level?” No one asked that. Emphasizing my eternal axiom - not a theory, an axiom - that all political journalists are all fucking idiots.

And while you are attempting to watch this - clusterfuck - get a load of the guy with his hat on and more regalia than an admiral in the Mexican Navy and sporting the sinister expression of a master criminal in the Marvel universe.

Then there’s the cop who was at a shooting involving teens, and I am betting they were not Utah Mormons, who shot and stabbed each other while his very own son was playing ball in the area. His child was in danger while YOU are proclaiming your petty rights. You scum. Naturally he could not thank the governor enough for being a total fucking mini-Joe Stalin.

Every fucking Tyrant-in-Training and Graduate Tyrant unable to actually make anything better via more laws….ramps up the draconian-level with even more laws. This went right to Level Ten, remember, with the fake pandemic. That’s because “doctors” gave the orders. Doctors orders! Can’t disobey those! Apparently the doctors realized they were underestimating their magical authority. Even bureaucrats fear doctors. A doctor can tell you, even if you feel fine, that you are not fine and you will suddenly not feel fine. THAT’S Power. Fuck politics. Become a doctor. Give orders even the gods can’t ignore.

Governor Fuck Your Rights has apparently decided to take back the power from the doctors and create health emergencies that have nothing to do with medicine HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’ll give the bitch this: she’s clever. She may end up President. She’s got the system pretty well…..well, “two fingers in” as I used to say to my cronies whenever I had aced something.

There were four other uniformed dullards sitting at the table, some extremely overweight from the rigors of their jobs watching things deteriorate, because that IS a bureaucrat’s actual job, watching things deteriorate and then punishing you for them not doing whatever their job is. And they all admitted, along with the governor, that they needed to continue to “debate” and “have a conversation” and explore and work together and meet the challenges and get Federal help and do something about “the bad actors.”

Bad actors, in case you are not current on bureaucrat and journalese is “fuckheads who need to be keelhauled only to the halfway mark on the hull and then the ropes released and you’re on your own, fucker.” “Bad actors” in governor-speak means “pieces of shit who need eradicating” in normal language. If she was to call a teen with a machinegun with his finger generating ordnance at 500 rounds per minute in a mall a fuckhead who needs to die……I really do think she would have a sudden panic attack, guilt trip and guilty conscience crisis that would do worse to her than she would ever dream of doing to the bad guys. Or I should say the bad kids in NM. Who the governor is afraid of. So she’s gonna punish you. Not them.

You know what the problem with America is? The law-abiding citizens keep abiding by the law. If they were to take the law into their own hands? There would be no crime. Which is why governments insist you must not take the law into your own hands. Because you would make things better and set a bad precedent. Unlike what the people you keep assigning to do YOUR job FOR you…are accomplishing.

Some day this fucking light will actually go on. But probably not before the government gets out of the utilities business. But, oh dear, we don’t want that: there’d be scheduled blackouts and skyrocketing bills if we did that. Oh wait.

--J.J. Solari

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