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Ride Forever -
Tuesday Edition


Are You Ready?

by J.J. Solari with images from Sam Burns

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I know what you’re saying, ”What’s you being a failed loser tv anomaly got to do with me thinking you know what the fuck you’re talking about even regarding bran muffins, forget about global meteorology?” Nothing. It has nothing to do with it. Why would you even make that association? Is this how you treat a guest into your computer?….. with rudeness and accusations and dredging up the past? I haven’t brought up that incident regarding you and the goat have I? Ok, then, I think we have a calming inside the room then. And that’s great.

Now then: this site devotes a good deal of time incorporating chemists and meteorologists and schooled analyzers into all things weather-related, and these articles involve a lot of charts and numbers and percentages and thermometers and graphics and data and figures and column and pie charts and flow charts and timelines and core samples and reports and nuts and bolts and washers, and maybe dryers…….I don’t talk about any of those things.

I talk about you putting down your beer, trying to get to your feet, going over to the window and looking out of it and seeing if you see anything different out there than you are used to seeing out there at this time of year. Twenty years ago Al Gore was telling you that what you SHOULD be seeing out your window today is charred bodies, no plants, sand dunes, skeletons, tumbleweeds, dead birds and a Martian landscape.

You don’t see that do you. You see what’s always been out there, just doing its thing and trees and birds and clouds and, basically, the weather. You don’t SEE climate change you just HEAR about it. From news hacks and political hacks. No one else sees ANYTHING that the news hacks and the political hacks are apparently seeing. Well, THEY’RE not seeing it either. They’re just SAYING they are. Because they’re… might want to sit back down for this……because they’re lying. Why are they lying? That’s a different topic. This topic is the climate change lie. The LIE part of climate change is that you’re the reason it’s happening. Who knows, the climate could actually be changing. Who gives a shit? Fuck the ozone layer is my attitude.

Now, the lie that you are responsible for the climate change you don’t actually SEE any evidence of is bolstered by not just the lie but by deceptive vocabulary. Or in other words the same thing detergent packages use to convince you they’re saying something they’re not. Like “50% FREE” on a new larger size of soap powder. If it was REALLY fifty percent free you could extract half the contents and walk out the store with it. But you would get arrested except in California. Because it’s not actually 50% free. You get fifty percent more at the same price that the previous size held. I’m keeping this simple because I know you want to get to the cheesecake that infiltrates this yarn. I don’t blame you.

I wrote a 60,000 + “dictionary” that translates political and news jargon for everything under the sun that these two lying imbecilic segments of our imbecilic society use relentlessly. Below are just the words and terminology they are using regarding YOU being the reason THEY are seeing “climate change.” Which none of us NORMAL people can see. You don’t need charts and graphs to see that climate is “changing” you just need ME to show you that if it IS changing…..YOU’RE not the reason. The words THEY’RE using are to drill it into your head that you actually ARE the reason. Trust me: you’re not that fucking awesome.

3: HEAT DOME (JOURNALIST/BUREAUCRAT DEFINITION)…… A sign of an impending “climate catastrophe.” (ACTUAL DEFINITION)…..High pressure system.

4: ARCTIC VORTEX (JOURNALIST/BUREAUCRAT DEFINITION) A sign of an impending “climate catastrophe.” (ACTUAL DEFINITION)……Low pressure system: upgraded by the media etc to bomb cyclone

4.1: BOMB CYCLONE (JOURNALIST/BUREAUCRAT DEFINITION)……A sign of an impending “climate catastrophe.” (ACTUAL DEFINITION)……Low pressure system. Used to augment arctic vortex which has been considered too uncatastrophic.

5-ATMOSPHERIC RIVER (JOURNALIST/BUREAUCRAT DEFINITION)…… A sign of an impending “climate catastrophe.” (ACTUAL DEFINITION)……Rain.

12: GRAY SWAN CLIMATE CHANGE EVENT……At the moment I have no idea what this is. It’s that fucking nebulous. I never claimed to be perfect. Just this-far short of it. A routine internet exploration of whatever this is, after visiting many many sites in the manner of my usual employment of data searches, being a practitioner of Gestalt Learning Theory, what I have seen as being the common overarching thread is that a gray swan climate change event is a massive hugely disastrous freak anomalous “perfect storm times one thousand” ruinous weather occurrence that probably won’t ever happen.

What I have surmised from all this is that, politically, it will be used routinely in all future weather discussions to further bend the malleable listless mind of the listener into associating all weather, all the time, anywhere on earth with potentially horrific possibilities of bulging without warning into the word-of-the-age which would be a “catastrophic” somethingorother.

“Gray swan climate change event” is the only entry in this remarkable dictionary regarding which the compiler admits to being totally adrift regarding spotting landfall wherein a complete understanding of this strangely-poetic gibberish expression lies exposed and revealed upon the glistening white sands of a shoreline. Along with “attribution science” - a new science also defined in this list, both expressions are waiting in the wings to be eventually used everyday by every political and journalist hack on anyone’s payroll to bolster the already-full dumpster bin of Kamala Harris Level word garbage.

13: CLIMATE-CAUSED WILDFIRES (BUREAUCRAT/JOURNALISM DEFINITION)……A reality (ACTUAL DEFINITION)……An agenda-driven fabrication to 1: promote Marxism and 2: to justify government-created shortages. Climate-caused wildfires are things that don’t actually ever happen on this planet. Do not confuse "climate-caused wildfires" with lightning-caused wildfires. Which actually exist. Climate-caused wildfires is part of the "new science of politically-decreed atmospheric reality,” touted by such titans of learning as Ocasio Cortez and Greta Thunberg.

Air temperature has never sparked a fire in the history of humanity. Or in the history of air. Or in the history of fire. But according to journalists and bureaucrats that is what is now sparking all of them. In addition, according to these wizards of knowledge, and this is new, increased air temperature caused by human-instigated-climate-change, even of a fraction of a degree, causes forest fires to burn hundreds if not thousands of degrees hotter. According to experts and sources close to a report based on studies from someone near to the issue who spoke on conditions of anonymity.

27: HUMAN-CAUSED GLOBAL WARMING (JOURNALIST/BUREAUCRAT DEFINITION)……A reality. (ACTUAL DEFINITION)……A fabricated imaginary meteorological scapegoat created by bureaucrats who are unable, or more likely unwilling, to provide the utilities and roadways and water supplies - the most important aspects of modern life - their respective citizenries have for some imbecilic reason entrusted them with providing...... and enthusiastically endorsed as fact by journalists because it amuses them to see ruination and spiritually excites them to write about it.

This sort of thing - that humans control the weather - used to be called "rain dancing." At least when the Apaches and the Zunis were controlling the weather. Academically it was referred to as "paganism," or “Pantheism” or “Animism” whereat primitive superstitious people such as lived in Ancient Persia and Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome attributed self-awareness and infallibly-wise willful motivation to plants and animals and terrain and sea and sky, and to anything else that doesn't actually have these things.

Today these notions are mandatory, via government and the “press,” as religious belief systems whether you ascribe to them or not. Incidentally, from an American Constitution standpoint, not that it matters, these notions, that “the environment” is conscious, violate the “establishment of religion” clause in the Bill of alleged Rights.

In fact, the Constitution itself violates the establishment of religion clause and every Supreme Court Justice and Constitutional Law student in history knows that. Good luck getting them to admit it, they’d have to take a drastic cut in pay via an actual job.

32: HUMAN-CAUSED GLOBAL WARMING (CONT)……a technologically impossible achievement, even if intended, and proclaimed by journalists and bureaucrats and below-amateur unschooled meteorologists like Greta Thunberg and Al Gore to be actually in operation by accident!

Only the most primitive and/or the most narcissistic, and usually the most unemployable minds imaginable can manage to convince themselves that the planetary atmosphere of Earth is affected in any way by human activity. The sun and the earth's atmosphere do not care what we do, especially since they both played a major role in the creation of humans and did it without any bureaucratic oversight by Chuck Schultz or journalistic oversight by The New York Times or ecological oversight by Greta Thunberg.

42: ATTRIBUTION SCIENCE (UNIVERSAL DEFINITION).……This goes into Biden-Ocasio-Harris levels of Pretend-Chicken-Little Hysteria so let’s get on board. Attribution science is a new “science” created basically overnight by a committee of UN doctrinaires who created “the pandemic” and devoured by journalists and bureaucrats as further proof - to you the idiot - that their - the journalists’ and bureaucrats’ - commands must be obeyed.

It’s a lie-bolstering “proof” that the insistent proclamations by Marxists in government and journalism that human progress - in America - and improvements of standards of living for humans - in America, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand but not China, Persia, India, Indonesia and Japan - is heating the earth up……are now “proven to be true” by an additional non-science of Attribution Science bolstering the original non-science of Human-Caused Climate Change Science. Attribution Science now gives validity to “Climate Science.” Formerly meteorology. Attribution Science is now an addendum, “added proof” variation of “Climate Science."

So, it’s one propaganda creation reinforcing another propaganda creation. This sort of thing is called childish make-believe under normal circumstances. It’s called demonic possession when adults do it in total seriousness in order to shunt the Industrial Revolution back to 50 million B.C. Now called BCE by the enemies of Jesus of Nazareth king of the Jews. Attribution science is a word combination that has no actual definition or even a reality. It has, rather, a function: to condition the mind more firmly to the fiction that humans affect the atmosphere and the sun and eventually, probably, the galaxy.

Specifically: this new overnight science - actually created by a “climate committee” - measures, via make-believe, or “modeling” as it’s called, how much any particular storm has been magnified from its normal energy to a higher energy via human activity. Which is not a science. It’s a proclamation. Actually, it’s lunacy. On purpose. To see just how fucking stupid you are.

So, there is now not just Climate Science, thus replacing meteorology, an emotionally neutral word being replaced with an expression rife with emotional charge, but there is also now "attribution science" added to "climate science" thus creating two new sciences to "study" (meaning “to create edicts for you to obey") thus giving "human caused global warming" a reality so firm and unquestioned that it requires two entire "sciences" to fully unravel it's catastrophic potential should you fail to obey the very non-scientific commands and regimentations being prepared for dump-page onto your head by "health advisors.” Whatever even in the fuck those are.

43: CLIMATE SCIENCE (BUREAUCRAT/JOURNALIST DEFINITION)……Proof that humans in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe are causing the atmosphere of the earth to heat up, soon to catastrophic levels. (ACTUAL DEFINITION)……The political left-wing progressive socialistic/Marxist, and now Islamic, via the UN, version of meteorology having as its scientific basis….. prophesy.

Its most fundamental axiom or tenet is that your use of a car and an air conditioner, and exhaling CO2 from your lungs, and using electricity, except for powering your non-"fossil"-powered car.... are warming the earth; the assumption being that a warmer earth is a catastrophe of enough import to warrant you living like a Tanganyikan veldt-inhabitant circa 25,000 BC courtesy of whoever is giving the orders at the moment.

At THIS moment it's "health experts" in the UN: which is the current world government, currently being run - according to the Muslims, who quite proudly admit it - by Muslims. THE major declaration, pronouncement, edict, threat, whatever you want to call it, is that the earth is a greenhouse. The earth is 4+ billion years old and has never been a greenhouse before. But now it is. And it took a bureaucrat to discover this. Probably Al Gore, famous Cal Tech-Level atmospheric scientist bureaucrat Jabba the Hutt look-alike. In fact, as it turns out, Al Gore is wrong, the earth is not a greenhouse. Nor is it a fucking giraffe. (see greenhouse gas)

45: FOSSIL FUEL (BUREAUCRAT/JOURNALIST/CITIZENRY DEFINITION)……Oil, coal and methane. (ACTUAL DEFINITION)……An imaginary - but proclaimed as real - fuel that does not actually exist. Coal and oil and methane, which do exist, are natural hydrocarbons found in the earth and probably on the moon where no fossils ever existed. That does not mean that any coal or oil eventually found on the moon will not be declared fossil fuel. Because there seems to be no cure for this delusion.

72: GAVIN NEWSOM JOURNALIST/BUREAUCRAT (DEFINITION)……The perfection of representational government in human form, Newsom being the most caring-for-others human being in history since Jesus of Nazareth king of the Jews.

(ACTUAL DEFINITION) The "governor" of California and the human embodiment of blithering, rictus-faced, imbecility and the poster boy for everything stupid that bureaucrats and journalists praise as essential for happiness.

Regarding his stupidity, for instance, Gavin Newsom is convinced that the air within the borders of California walls itself into a bent-rectangular column that is the exact shape of California, from ground level to the limits of the upper atmosphere. In other words, the air above the California terrestrial boundary lines....stays in place. It never moves beyond California. And that, via Newsom's personal direction and commands and edicts, its temperature in the riveted-in-place stationary atmosphere (California's) can be lowered, thus cooling the surface ground layer to where it can be safely trod upon.

Why California’s now-cooled air won’t drift out across the Pacific or drift over into Arizona is a question that no journalist will ever think to ask because journalists are duller intellectually than Karl Marx. To journalists and bureaucrats Gavin Newsom is an Apostle-level saint and the only entity in California who actually cares about people other than himself and therefore anyone who doesn't revere him as a Savior is a selfish, antisocial “hater.” His every expression and facial contortion broadcasts “batshit” farther than Voyager’s present position in space from the earth. Making him, essentially, the perfect bureaucrat.

83: GRETA THUNBERG (PRESS/BUREAUCRAT DEFINITION)……Child meteorological prodigy steeped in advanced preternatural understanding of the human threat to world atmospheric temperatures, yet fortunately blessed with a clear and infallible plan of action incumbent upon all humanity to follow if we are to survive as a species.

(ACTUAL DEFINITION)……Self-proclaimed teenage major climate and atmospheric super scientist and Fahrenheit and centigrade monitor/analyst who has probably never taken her own temperature due to ineptitude. How she has come by her expertise in meteorology no one knows so apparently the assumption is she is an atmospheric mystic of sublime insight. Her face seems to be devoid of skin muscles with the exception of the eternal wrestling match that seems to always be going on in the writhing flesh of her forehead.

Her emotional wrath regarding the refusal of "leaders" to obey her is unabating. When she is not screaming her demands of compliance to her wishes and commands and edicts - which are basically "Do something about this!!!" - she glares silently with what apparently is a scowl, though it could be delight, there is no way of knowing, her face is very similar everywhere in its absence of contrasting features, much like a large plate is.

To date no one has asked her where she comes by her certainties about how terrestrial climate and weather can be "reversed," whatever reversing the weather could actually mean. She seems to want less heat although many of the "major" news and journalistic entities are insisting that "climate change" is now heating formerly cold areas and freezing formerly hot ones, which, it would seem to me is not climate change but merely climate relocation, which no one has yet explained why THAT would be a problem.

No one also ever explains why climate CHANGE is a problem, but the suggested hint is that without an abandonment of the industrial revolution the earth will burst into flame. Greta Thunberg, for all her fulminations and demands for obedience seems to possess not even one item of scholarly qualification for her monomania. Therefore, she is more than qualified to be the global-press's go-to gal for global temperature prognostication. Idiots always know their own.

102: ATMOSPHERIC RIVER (CONT)………Rain. Atmospheric river is more menacing and ominous a word for rain than is, just, “rain,” - the effort being to make all normal earth weather into something heinously monstrous thanks to, according to the Marxists, which are basically everyone at this point, thanks to the Industrial Revolution making life easier for humans and thus endangering the planet that put them here. Nature is apparently suicidal. So humans - a creation of Nature - must save Nature from itself by the humans ceasing to exist, for this is the moral thing to do. According to sociopathic, inept, “influencers.”

111: HUMAN-CAUSED GLOBAL WARMING (BUREAUCRAT/JOURNALIST DEFINITION) A fact and an existential threat. (ACTUAL DEFINITION)……A Kabbalah-indoctrination process designed to convince idiots that they are gods. It has nothing to do with meteorology or atmospheric science or trees or CO2 or cars or boats or batteries or light bulbs or the Amazon or hair spray or freon or anything else being tossed your way other than Kabbalists who have no actual jobs who are for some reason called "The Government” decreeing that we are mighty beings filled with powerful spiritual potential and weather-controlling superpowers who need to reclaim our rightful claim to godhood. Via obedience to perverse idiots and hair-sniffers-of-children on the public payroll.

113: WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER…….The official government announcement via the “pandemic” and the climate “crisis” that this is officially now a Communist, not just a socialist, Country. The only thing missing at the end of this slogan is the word “comrade.”

114: ATMOSPHERIC RIVER (cont)………..A more menacing, ominous word for rain, the effort being to make all normal earth weather into something heinously monstrous thanks to the Industrial Revolution and your air conditioner now destroying the earth.

125: CLIMATE SCIENCE (BUREAUCRAT/JOURNALIST DEFINITION)...... The proof that humans are raising the earth’s temperature. (ACTUAL DEFINITION)…… Not actually one of the sciences, but rather a prognostication announcement based on nothing.

Meteorology is one of the sciences. “Climate science" is a government/journalist vocabulary-creation that has no actual texts or data or experiments or tested theories or examined hypotheses or anything else remotely scientific gathered together in anything that could be called collected research.

It's just two words created by, probably Al Gore, who now looks like a Bantha, to convince you that you - being assumed an idiot - are supposed to think that “climate science” is something that is “proof” that you personally “are causing the earth to heat up.” Climate science has the same claim to legitimacy as a science as does political science: none.

130: EXISTENTIAL THREAT (BUREAUCRAT/JOURNALIST DEFINITION)…..Everything that is functional or normal, either in existence or not, whether it is a threat or not, It doesn’t matter. The entire universe is an existential threat.

(ACTUAL DEFINITION) Any present-danger threat that’s actually in existence. As opposed to the ones bureaucrats and journalists claim are in existence: a list too long to put here. That something may be a threat does not mean it is likely. The sun is an existential threat: it COULD go nova. It IS one of the things that can go nova. So, it IS an existential threat. It’s just not imminent.

When a bureaucrat uses “existential threat,” it is calculated to lure you into assuming it’s happening now and can’t be stopped unless you IMMEDIATELY get in line with….(and THAT’S going to a long list.)

172: THE WEATHER CHANNEL (JOURNALIST/BUREAUCRAT DEFINITION)……A television channel nation-wide devoted to the daily weather and weather-related topics. (ACTUAL DEFINITION) A purchasing coup by NBC, noticing that the weather was getting more viewers than traffic news, sports and entertainment. It is now the propaganda arm of America for voicing the catastrophe-hoax of human activity endangering life on earth.

Embedded in its ads for itself is the assurance that it is “the most trusted” source for weather. The implication being apparently that “all the other sources for weather” - whatever they are since there is only one weather channel - are suspect. Which tells me the Weather Channel is the only source for weather that’s actually suspect.

In addition to all the weather “reporters” on other venues routinely speaking about global warming as though it’s an ongoing human tragedy caused by humans, the Weather Channel creates hours and hours of specialty programming focusing exclusively on weather as it is affected by humans. We now affect the weather. Not the other way around. Weather is helpless against our mighty onslaughts against it.

184: GREENHOUSE GAS (JOURNALIST/BUREAUCRAT DEFINITION)…… The destructive vapors of oil, coal and methane-use in machines and lungs. (ACTUAL DEFINITION)…….Two words assembled together in such a way as to put it into your head via relentless repetition by infinite human parrots including suddenly-genius first-graders, that earth is a man-made greenhouse, not a 4 billion year old mammoth amalgam of the entire periodic table.

The earth is not a green house. Nor is it a Popsicle. The expression “greenhouse gas” has one function: to put the idea of rising earth temperature into your head and associate it with you using an air conditioner or hair spray because your personal conveniences are killing others less fortunate.
That’s right, it’s just more fucking Marxism. The expression “greenhouse gasses” has been selected solely for the bizarre imagery that the phrase conjures: that the earth is not a successfully-self-operating monster of life-out-of-dirt, winding and wending its way through a galaxy of a billion stars and a trillion planets, no, it’s fucking a greenhouse: a big glass building with its already hot, wet, humid essence being further compromised by your car which is turning the earth into more of a place for lizards and spiders and plants that eat animals than it already is, and you are at fault because of your selfish need for “modern conveniences” while others die.

The “greenhouse gas” is proclaimed to be CO2. Even though CO2 is not a “greenhouse gas.” There is actually no such thing as a greenhouse gas. There is just CO2. CO2 is not a greenhouse gas. It’s just CO2. It’s never been…a greenhouse gas. It’s a CO2 gas. The expression “greenhouse gas” has also been selected via some random bureaucratic catastrophe-generator to be compiled into the New Weather Terminology of Death along with the sudden newly-appearing mysterious version of meteorology called “climate science.”

Meaning “the science you created and made necessary for us to investigate so that you don’t kill everybody.” Climate science. Greenhouse effect. Greenhouse gasses. Global warming. Attribution science. Gray swan climate event, Hotter. And hotter. Wetter. Droughtier. It’s a fucking mess.

Do you care??? No. You have electricity. So, YOU don’t care. (You’ll notice there is a worldwide sudden electricity problem in all the white countries.) You won’t stop stop using your air conditioner? We’ll shut off the power. You won’t stop driving your gas and diesel vehicles? We’ll outlaw oil. You’ll use our mandatory electricity vehicles. Which don’t work. We don’t care. We need you dead before you realize you don’t actually need us.

Eventually there will be something called “terrain science” that will explain why walking on the ground rather than just lying six feet beneath it as you should be is causing warts on the moon. Just like all the other things declared out of nowhere, claimed as fact and always suspiciously designed to handcuff human life, human happiness, human progress and discourage more cool stuff and to keep people glued to one spot.

Ya know, like Covid-19 successfully did.

190: EARTH (JOURNALIST/BUREAUCRAT DEFINITION))……A fragile, delicately-balanced surface upon which we walk, sufficiently content to be a provider of endless arrays of life and pleasantness until humans intervened and who now threaten its very existence due to our voracious power and might and indifference to the effects and ruin we are imparting to it.

(ACTUAL DEFINITION)……A roaring engine of self-balancing physical laws which turned inanimate matter into self-reproducing life forms which multiply so fast and in more numbers than necessary in order to guarantee the continuance of life via random possibilities often pre-adapted to conditions that don’t yet exist should conditions change, in which we humans are one of the life forms.

We did not put Nature here. Nature put us here. Nature sets the rules. Not us. We discover the rules and use them to alleviate the threats Nature relentlessly presents in order to live more comfortably within Nature. We are not a threat to the earth. The earth is a potential, ongoing, indifferent, “doing its own thing” threat to us. Humans who are convinced they can affect or alter Nature are normally called “insane people.”

215: CLIMATE (BUREAUCRAT/JOURNALIST DEFINITION)……Ten trillion cubic miles of atmospheric gasses encircling an entire planet that is controlled in movement and temperature by errant or conscientious behavior of a species of primate scattered randomly over a minute percentage of the surface, most of which members can’t control their dogs, much less the atmosphere.

(ACTUAL DEFINITION)……Invisible, transparent floating molecules and atoms circling the earth 100 miles thick, influenced entirely by the sun and gravity and planetary rotation and used as a respiratory agent by life forms on the planet surface, which in humans cannot be halted for more than two minutes or death occurs, leading one to conclude, if the concluder is not a fucking moron, that the climate controls us. Rather than us controlling it.

228: FOSSIL FUEL (cont) (BUREAUCRAT/JOURNALISM DEFINITION)……Oil, coal and methane. (ACTUAL DEFINITION) ignitable carbon atoms that were never alive inside an animal or plant.

233: CARBON FOOTPRINT (JOURNALIST/BUREAUCRAT DEFINITION)…… “A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide and methane) that are generated by our actions. The average carbon footprint for a person in the United States is 16 tons, one of the highest rates in the world. Globally, the average carbon footprint is closer to 4 tons. To have the best chance of avoiding a 2? rise in global temperatures, the average global carbon footprint per year needs to drop to under 2 tons by 2050. Lowering individual carbon footprints from 16 tons to 2 tons doesn’t happen overnight! By making small changes to our actions, like eating less meat, taking fewer connecting flights and line drying our clothes, we can start making a big difference.”_____The Nature Conservancy

(ACTUAL DEFINITION)……An intentionally deceptive vocabulary concoction of Marxist-agenda-driven psychological and emotional energy designed to bend and direct malleable and unfocused human minds into thinking the release of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere when done by human activity leaves a permanent stain of black shoe-sole muck with treadmarks and dirt across the atmospheric carpet, the celestial freshly-cleaned rugs, and the firmament linoleum floor that floats upward and then stops at some point up in the air where the birds and rainbows live thus preventing the earth from cooling its air into the cold of interstellar space thus resulting in the sun heating the earth to an extent that everything alive on it will die.
In truth the agenda of the carbon footprint cabal is what will kill everything on earth, at least the competent human inhabitants of it, not the carbon. The word footprint is calculatingly used because a “footprint” stays in place, it holds its shape, it has generally an unfriendly communicatory aura about it, for after all, footprints are analyzed at crime scenes, very often in the vicinity of blood-spatter, footprints leave the clean floor dirty, footprints have to be mopped and scrubbed-up, footprints can indicate a lurking unwelcome visitor waiting to pounce on you, rape your wife and disembowel your children….things which ascending methane and ascending or meandering floating human exhalations and fuel exhaust used by engines….. do not actually do or resemble. They’re just stuff that we have. Like oranges.

235: EXISTENTIAL THREAT (cont) (BUREAUCRAT/JOURNALIST DEFINITION)……Everything. (ACTUAL DEFINITION)…..A politically rampant utterance made primarily by liberals to declare something that isn’t an actual threat a threat. It’s a political lie in other words. The word “existential” is used to give it the cachet of “philosophy” since “Existentialism” - capital E - was hip at one time, a philosophical “outlook” on things rather than an actual philosophical system, that was a defeatist psychological go-to spirit of dealing with, basically, everything.
A what’s-the-use kind of approach to life rather than a sane optimistic effort to solve problems: the biggest unsolvable problem being free enterprise: something that sends liberals into terrified hysteria. I believe Jerry Brown, former governor of California, was the first “intellectual politician” to use the word and with reference to “global warming caused by human progress.” Now it’s used for everything a liberal might fear. Which would be anything normal.

240:ATMOSPHERIC RIVER (cont) BUREAUCRAT /JOURNALIST DEFINITION……A terrifying and ominous new anomaly of global climate creating heretofore unprecedented chaos and woe caused by human-sourced co2 emissions.
(ACTUAL DEFINITION)…..A newly created description of a cold front drawing moisture from a high pressure vicinity in the common from-high-pressure-to-low-pressure physics principle, thus creating rain. It has none of the attributes of a terrestrial river, hence its value as a freakish-anomaly-designation toward The Great Reset, among other deranged and influential plans creating human ruination.
As of this writing, late March, 2023, Los Angeles and environs, according to the desperately-waving-for-attention news hacks with nods of approval from the National Weather Service, whatever that is, has had 12 atmospheric river incidents this weather-year. Meaning in other words 12 cold fronts have come down from the Arctic, as has been the custom in this part of the world for the past 100 million years. And every time it has drawn moisture from the comparatively warm Pacific upper atmosphere and turned it to rain, thus routinely flooding Southern California. Which rain is not captured in dams or basins because that would provide water to the State in times of drought and thus nullifying the panic created by the lie of there not being enough water on this planet because it’s, I GUESS, evaporating. Into space apparently. Like hydrogen does. And hey, water has hydrogen in it so, yeah, water is evaporating into space. Trust me, that’s coming.
Join the Cantina, Quick! Touch her.
Join the Cantina, Quick! Touch her.


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Reader Comments

Broke the literal record for highest global heat three times this year, but climate change isn't real. How fucking retarded can you be? Come to Texas and tell me climate change is fake.

Tom Jeffries
Houston, TX
Thursday, July 13, 2023
Editor Response You're getting your news from a slanted source. Temps were higher 1000 years ago and 2000 years ago before SUVs.

Here's a note from the CO2 Coalition: So, here at the CO2 Coalition, we did what scientists are trained to do:
We looked at the available data. Our Science and Research Associate Byron Soepyan reviewed temperature data from the US Historical Climatology Network and found that both the number of weather stations reporting temperature over 100 degrees F and the Maximum Average Temperature for July 4th were slightly declining since the record began in 1895 – not increasing

I live in South Texas, I look outside through the venetian blinds , drinking a cold beer and think to my self "It sure looks hot out there" Gonna wait till October to go for a ride, love your fiction J.J.

{Maybe after 9.00 P.M }

Thursday, July 13, 2023
Editor Response Here's a note from the CO2 Coalition: So, here at the CO2 Coalition, we did what scientists are trained to do:
We looked at the available data. Our Science and Research Associate Byron Soepyan reviewed temperature data from the US Historical Climatology Network and found that both the number of weather stations reporting temperature over 100 degrees F and the Maximum Average Temperature for July 4th were slightly declining since the record began in 1895 – not increasing


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