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Book Review: novel ‘Storm Rider II’

Author Chris Dutcher presents a Symphony of Destruction

by Wayfarer

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While the rider is not exactly on a joyride, it is joy to read this fiction novel dealing with a motorcycling misfit. I am sure many bikers can relate to the sentiment of not fitting into any category in modern society.

Gunnar is a young man of 22 years whose life has been anything but easy. An orphan, growing up with caretakers assigned by government, he hasn’t had a head-start compared to those around him.

As an adult, with a physique to threaten the strangers who doubt his intentions, he has only one desire – ride his motorcycle. His lifestyle is true Zen. Living in the moment. No regrets nor grudges of the past, no anxiety nor fear of the future. Yet, as is well known to well-read citizens in USA, bikers do get discriminated against.

Gunnar’s persona and history attract attention, no matter the fact that he just wants to live a simplistic, unambitious life. This sequel to the novel ‘Stormrider’ finds Gunnar attempting to flee into isolation, get anonymous. Would the authorities ever stop searching for him? With FBI and the Doc Reingerd wanting to get hold of our protagonist, we discover how complicated and / or misunderstood their feelings are toward the man hiding from himself. Does our reluctant hero know himself at all?
Well, as bad luck would have it, more and more people are keen to find Gunnar, a man who has been dealt a cruel kickstart in life.

Gunnar’s unique eyes and exceptional physical prowess should be a blessing. Somehow, others don’t see it with the same perception. What does this man have that they want to use? Is he a bioengineered weapon of destruction? Is he a ticking timebomb that is beyond control of anybody including him? Is he just an experimental ‘Frankenstein’ that should have gone extinct in the laboratory itself post World War II?

Gunnar may just realise what it means to be himself. He already understands freedom due to those aiming to keep him captive. You cannot convince a demi-god to become a servant nor a soldier. He will forever be beyond the control of cops, criminals, government agencies, even the Nazis. They all are coming for him from different directions for different agendas. However, they all want the exact same thing. Gunnar as their weapon to be used as they wish.

This can mean only one thing. An all out destructive thrill ride as Gunnar has been pushed too far. Briskly paced 73 Chapters in this fiction adventure will keep you engaged with wit and action at every page-turn. Pick up your copy online at Amazon.
  • Kindle Edition at $0.99
  • Paperback at $8.99
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Hope to read more from Dutcher and Gunnar !

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