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An Explanation Of Why What’s Actually Nuts

Is What’s Always Actually Happening.

By J.J. Solari

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Hi! Do you ever wonder, as you hear the news of the day….. or find out about it via the guard at the supermarket telling you, you can’t go inside in order to handle the fruit with your bare hands without a mask on… you ever wonder why everything just gets crazier and worse? And not saner and better? There’s a reason! And you’re partly why!! That’s right! It’s not just them! A lot of it is you! It’s kinda BOTH of you!… and them! Working together! As an idiot team!

Sure, you’re upset at me right now but I have good news! I am actually going to explain to you why you…and the OTHER people causing all the trouble…..are actually a team! That’s right! This ain’t just them! It’s also you! That’s right - two groups of totally batshit inhabitants of Fairyland - working together to make things worse and worse and worse. And all the while - the BOTH of you are refusing to ask each other…..”Why are we doing this?”

Oh!….. and not only are you both doing it and not puzzling why….. you’re both doing it over and over and over again…..and expecting that this NEXT time things will be GREAT! That this will all get fixed!

It won’t. It will all just stay crazy if not get actually crazier. You know what this is called, right?…..doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results every time? That’s right. It’s called being nuts. It’s called being crazy. It’s called being a fucking idiotic fuckhead asshole stupid dumbass fuck.

You should be fucking pretty goddamn excited I showed up at this point. Otherwise, you might just stay stupid forever! That’s not gonna happen. We’re gonna fix that, you and me.

You will notice that there is a news-item link at the top of all this. Maybe it’s at the bottom. Who the fuck knows. At any rate, the news item featured in the link is what triggered what is going to be for you a huge favor!

That’s right. Thanks to this news item… I had what I can only call a Saul Of Tarsus Moment!! I mean, I read looney news items every day. I get routinely infuriated. I yell at the ol’ lady, the neighbor kids, the neighbor dogs and people on Fuckbook and then move on to the next infuriating item. It’s what I DO. I’m like fucking Geico.

But this above news-item created a different reaction. There was no anger. There was no outrage. There was no yelling at the ol’ lady. There was just a kind of silent strangeness of, like, something snapped inside my head. All was quiet. I saw all of reality as a jumble. And off in the distance there was an empty plain.

I said in my mind “I must leave this jumbled reality and go over the empty plain yonder. I must seek the answer not in this reality: but in a different reality. Where my vision will not be intruded upon by this reality. I must go over to the emptyness over there.” I said that.

And I went there in my mind. All was quiet and empty over there. And then it was, very calmly, very unchaotically, very Saul Of Tarsus-like, like I could see! It all made sense! The blindness was gone!

I went back over to where the craziness of reality was and I was no longer affected. Because I understood why it was all so crazy.

But I see it all clearly! You know like the song?…..”I can see clearly now the rain has gone…..duh DUH… duh-DUH-duh duh DUH…….” Yeah, you gut it! That’s the one!

So, I am therefore going to explain to you now why we are at this point. At this continual point of crazy. And it’s actually partially your fault!

There we go. Now, as long as I gut you here and since you’re drinking on me I’m gonna be totally fair with you just so you know: just because you’re stupid doesn’t mean that you did this to yourself and on your own. No. Someone else - a lotta people actually, most people actually - went out of their way to GUARANTEE that you would end up stupid.

I have good news. Yeah, drink up, want another one? Here. Have another one. Pretty good, uh?


So: regarding this article. We as Americans are now at the point where one idiot - the “Democrat” idiot in the article - is saying we need to put Kotex in the girls’ and boys’ bathroom at the mandatory-brainwashing facility called “school”….. while a different idiot, a “Republican” idiot, is saying no, we don’t need to do that, we just need to do it in just the girls’ bathrooms. The boys’ bathrooms don’t need Kotex. It’s the girls’ bathrooms that need the Kotex.

Now, under ordinary circumstances, assuming any of this can be called ordinary, under ordinary circumstances you would never even know about any of this. Fear not. A failed novelist called a journalist, along with his editor, a failed writer on all levels, along with an entire upper management crew at Fox, (upper management being defined here as understanding how to avoid being fired) got wind of this toilet/Tampax/Kotex/leakage/vaginal/bloodspatter incident and decided to tell YOU about it via their monumentally huge information-dump called “The News.”

Let’s walk down this section of instructional pathway one more time: someone you don’t know heard about this incident, which I think as incidents go could justifiably be called an insane one…..and then needed to tell you about it. And for this he got a paycheck enabling him to pay his rent: for telling you about this totally insane upheaval of quarreling sides involving bleeding vaginas and whether bleeding twats should be prepared-for in the men’s room. Not just in the ladies’ room. And these aren’t really men and ladies here: these are kids. Should Kotex dispensers be in the boys’ bathroom: that’s the looming question here: should Kotex be available to boys. In the boys’ lavatory. At school. Where these machines won’t last ten minutes when one of the Normal boys kicks it to pieces while laughing.

This of course is not anticipated by the Democrat. And would not occur to the Republican. And certainly, would not be brought to anyone’s attention by the hack. Unless the hack was me of course. No, he just brought the nonsense to everyone’s attention. Why? Because he KNEW it would be energetically “debated” by people engaging in “conversations” about it.

So: here’s what happened in even more detail and also an explanation of WHY it happened. You’ll actually learn the WHY of it all. Unlike what you will learn from fuckyfuck and his editor at Fux News.

So, the Republican was the first Asshole Fucking Idiot to propose this Kotex rule. The Republican office holder just dreamed this idea up. Probably while thinking about high school girls going to the bathroom. And his daydream PROBABLY did not involve Kotex at the time. Or bleeding twats. Or urine. He probably just figured, “You know what?….as long as I’m daydreaming about high school girls’ twats, why not make my daydream PUBLIC under a disguise or a ruse or a politically-correct act of ‘caringness’ because you know what?….that will be funny: here I am thinking about teenage twats and I manage to transform it into fucking ‘noble and caring virtue and saintliness and selflessness.’ Or, in other words, the exact opposite of what is really going on, which is me just thinking about teens’ twats.”

So, this Republican decided it would be a good idea to command into existence menstrual-blood collectors in the girls’ bathroom. He’s getting paid god only knows what to do something that is not specifically spelled-out as a job requirement other than “making things better” and this is what he comes up with to make things better: Kotex in the school bathroom.

Okay. So, there’s that guy. That’s what HE’S doing. Dreaming of twats and Kotex and menstrual blood and somehow making his daydreams public under some crazed guise of caring about teen twats, not just daydreaming about them but CARING about them. He’s getting 200 grand a year of your money to talk about teen twats’ blood-leakage publicly….and get away with it. Because he doesn’t want to FUCK their pussies, no of course not. He wants to protect them from stains and odor. That’s all.

I should mention, fair to say, that this notion - which when bureaucrats have notions they become “bills” - this “bill“ which this asshole dreamed up likely will not actually involve Kotex Brand cunt-stanchers. Unless Kotex is now headquartered in China, then, who knows. But will more likely involve, if a specific cunt-blocker is written into the bill, be more like something called “Happy Kunt PeePee Leakee-Leakee Brand Poison-Oak Clusters From North Korea.” Or Afghanistan. I mean my FIRST question would be does this guy own stock in twat-blankets? Because who thinks of this shit just outa the fucking blue.

So anyway, this doesn’t end with Senyore Republican coming up with this emergency protocol for a non-existent anything, forget emergency, no, not at all, here’s where the Democrat cunt got involved with her objection to all this. Do you think her objection was “This is stupid”? No. That was not her objection.

Her PROBLEM with all this is that the Republican wanted the twat-drainage rags…… to be provided just in the girls’ room. To repeat, the Democrat’s PROBLEM with this idiotic idea wasn’t that it was an idiotic idea. The problem was it wasn’t idiotic ENOUGH. It needed to be stupider. I WILL give Democrats this: they can improve upon ordinary stupid and elevate it to monumental-level stupid as though they were born to it.

Let that sink in: the imbecile Republican with time on his hands wanted the free, probably pre-moistened with jizz just for laughs, sanitary napkin cunt blockers designed for use on cunts’ cunts exclusively……he wanted them just in the girls’ bathroom.

It’s at this point that this other idiot, the Democrat one, pipes up and says “That of course is something all us adults should be thinking about, teenage girls’ twats. But let’s not forget that there are teenage girls who are declaring and announcing that they are actually teenage boys. And these declared-males with twats will be allegedly squatting, maybe standing, maybe doing cartwheels, it’s really none of my business, they will be in some crotch-related configuration in the boy’s room taking a piss out their twat vaginal cunt-pussies….. and they will need a Chinese crotch-mask too! Maybe. I really don’t know. I’m just guessing. I mean, it could be the case.

I’m speaking in the context of an abundance of Kotex. I mean of caution. OR….. they might have penises but identify as girls. And might want a fake Chinese imitation Kotex up their asses. Because maybe their asses identify as twats. So yeah: this is a great really stupid idea but it needs to be made a lot stupider.”

This then is the matter that is under actual serious discussion such that Fox needs to calmly report on it. Remember, as far as these people are concerned and the journalist and his editor and the CEO of Fox are concerned….. this is not a topic that should have everyone involved in talking about it sent to Siberia to die in the cold. Oh no! Oh contrair. This is in fact a topic that should of course properly have a bonafide journalist discussing it objectively, like it’s a real thing.

And by all means Democrat office holders and Republican office holders should be actively engaging in the ins and outs and the pros and cons of this vital topic that has attracted even the mighty overseers at Fox News so that once the decision is made regarding this extremely important matter of what to put in what bathrooms of the mandatory teen-prison-attendance facilities it will create, as do all government actions, the exact opposite of its intent. Not that we actually know what the intended intent actually is in this case. Which is good.

The nuttiness of this, however, goes way beyond the issue under discussion. The issue itself is the very least of the problems of this situation. Because the issue is being created by something even crazier than the issue itself called “representatives” - who have jobs that have no actual job description other than “representative.” Even though no one in particular is being represented.

The representative’s “job” is representation. But not of anyone in particular. Just representationalism for its own sake. Your representative represents representness. NO “representative” actually has met even one one- millionth of the people he is “representing.” So, he’s not actually a representative. No one has access to him, nor does he want anyone accessing him. So, he’s basically nothing. And yet he is expected to “do” things. But why would he know how to “do” things when his job has no things to “do” IN its job description. Which it also doesn’t have: a job description. So, what is he supposed to DO? HE doesn’t know. YOU don’t know. Nobody knows.

Well, since he knows on some level that he doesn’t know what his job is as representative of people he doesn’t know, he asks OTHER “representatives” and THEY don’t know either. So, they band together and decide amongst each other like comrades, “Well, we’ll do what we want until someone tells us to tone it down a bit. Then we’ll tone it down a bit until it’s safe to ramp it up again.”

And there are no punishments for coming up with idiocy. Or passing it into law, so that EVERYBODY has to become an idiot. Like their non-representative representatives are. Except stupid as they are we’re not as stupid as the people they are representing since what they have is Job Security without even having a job! Kinda like a Mob job on a construction site!

So, you have two piles of representatives who are not representing anyone….. agitating the people they are not actually representing into demanding that not only should the non-representational representatives create more mandatory edicts but that there should be even more frequent replacements of non-representational representatives than are currently being replaced at the present pace at which they are not being replaced at.

Meanwhile the huge hordes of people who they are supposed to be representing even though they are not actually representing them or even know who the fuck they are - these people are busy yelling at each other that one pile of non-representing representatives is 100% wrong in their non-representational decisions and opinions while the other pile (there are only two piles) while the other pile of non-representing representatives is 100% right in their non-representational decisions and opinions.

So you have two piles of representatives who are not actually representing anyone and an even larger pile of people who are convinced they are actually being represented by the people they keep electing into representative posts who they never met or if they did meet just got a smile and a handshake and a “Hey, good to see you, hope I get your vote”…..which therefore which is three piles of malarky or delusion-filled people: two groups of which have “jobs” that require no product other than non-representational representation, a third group that insists the first two groups are absolutely necessary to prevent chaos and then you have a fourth group called “reporters” who REPORT on all this as though it is actually some sort of functional aspect of civilization. Rather than something fucking batshit as hell.

Let’s review AGAIN because I think it’s necessary: There’s four groups of people in America ACTUALLY running things, despite what the flat-earthers tell you, all of them batshit: there’s two groups of representatives who do not represent anyone and who are at odds with each other exclusively since they are the only people they ever see on a day to day basis in the “workplace” unless it happens that they are NOT at odds with the opposition, namely other non-representational representatives who they are in agreement with unless they are in disagreement with them: there’s a group of people who “have” representatives who do not actually represent them since they never met them, talked to them, came over the house, swam in their pool, chatted with them on the phone, and then there’s a fourth group who MONITOR the other three groups and intrude opinions or suggestions or attitudes or observations into their reports on the other three groups to either suggest one of the three groups is more right or less wrong than one or the other of the other groups, and they’re kind of like some sort of batshit independent crazed weird fuel-onto-the-fire kind of berserk outlier pretending or claiming to be indifferent onlookers only interested in the other three groups getting along as much as possible. Even though they’re lying.

So, you have “representatives” who basically are not representatives. They’re just people with an imaginary “job.” It gets worse: they would not be IN their imaginary jobs unless the imaginary job actually existed beforehand. And the reason the imaginary job exists is because the people being imaginarily represented insisted that the imaginary jobs be created. So you have people in jobs that are not jobs, representing no one as representatives of other people who insisted the imaginary representational jobs be created, so that eternally-rotating selected individuals who often self-selected themselves to “run for office” as imaginary representatives of people they will never meet or know or recognize in a crowd…can order the crowd around… the insistence of the crowd itself which demands that someone represent them in an imaginary capacity.

And now you know why everything in America is nuts. It’s because that’s what everyone actually wants. Welcome to ”our sacred democracy.”

--J.J. Solari

And save the World. It's a blast and whacky forever!
And save the World. It's a blast and whacky forever!

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My feeling is that this is a result of the '60s. The world I knew when I left was gone when I got home.

Alex Jemery
Deland, FL
Sunday, January 29, 2023
Editor Response We can't ever give up.

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