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Ride Forever -
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Rogue and Friends

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I received a text message from brother Berry Wardlaw at Accurate Engineering. “Do you want to go on a Trampster Run?”
I replied “Yes” which got me another text.
“Don’t you want to know where?"
I replied, “NO, just want to know when we are leaving and are expecting to get back."
Next message “I will let you know in a couple of days."

 Now this may sound a little strange to some of you but it hasn’t changed much over the 34 years we have been doing things like this. A Trampster Ride will have a starting date and a tentative return date. It will also have a destination, but not the shortest route to it. Example would be one year we left Alabama for the Sturgis Rally, with a stop in Cheyenne Wyoming.

 Okay, so a couple of days later, another text, “How would you like to meet 40 women.”

I replied, “Not really, I already have one.” Now those of you who know me will know this was not the answer he was expecting.

Berry and Molly Sharing Thoughts
Berry and Molly Sharing Thoughts

The conversation abruptly switched: 


"Yes, Molly," Berry replied.
"It's soon to be my birthday," Molly barked.
"I know," Berry said. "You're going to be 17. I don't want to share a young ladies age with the public but using the AKC's standard for aging small dogs, such as yourself, that makes you 99. Wow, 99. I'm surprised by that."
"Yes Molly."
"I'm tired."
"I know, I can tell. I'm having to carry you a lot more and I've noticed you can no longer jump into the truck or up onto your favorite chair, and you no longer follow my every step. You're completely deaf, you have small bouts with epilepsy and your eyes aren't what they once were. I'm very aware Molly. Thursday you have spa day and that always makes you feel a little better and you sure do look pretty afterwards."
"Pawlished Pets always pampers me and Dr. Garrett and Harris have taken great care of me even though I don't really like to go there. Don't tell them I said that, please."
"Not a peep, Molly," Berry replied. "But I'm pretty sure they might already be suspicious of your feelings.
"Yes, Molly. Do you think I have, we have, one more adventure in us?"
"I'm not sure old girl. What are you thinking?"
"What if we were to ride to Texas and meet Vivian on her way home from California after the Chix on 66 ride."
"Molly, If we did something like that we would have to take great measures for your comfort and care. We already have everything you would need, even your umbrella for shade. We would just have to take our time.
"Yes Molly. One last ride, one last adventure. Let's go. Puppies off the leash."
"Okay Molly, one more lap."
"I Love you Berry."
"I know Molly. Unconditionally. I Love you the same way."
Official Chix On 66 Decal
Official Chix On 66 Decal


  Meanwhile back to Rogue:

Now I knew we were going to be doing something with the CHIX on 66 Ride. I knew sisters and some of the women who would be doing this ride.

 For those of you who do not know about that, 40 Women were to meet in Milwaukee with Harley and then go to Chicago and ride the complete length of the famous route 66 all the way to the Santa Monica Pier in California.

 I also knew my answer would generate a phone call, and I could get the other information I would need.

 Berry called and I thought I would have a little fun with him.

"Berry – “Do you know about the Chix on 66 Ride?”,
me “yes”, “Did you know Vivian and Athena were going?”
“You don’t want to meet them?”
“Yeah, I do but that is not what you texted me. I do not need to meet 40 women," and I laughed.

He went on to explain the plan was to leave on Father’s Day June 19th and be in Santa Monica to meet the women when they arrived on June 25th. He included it was to be a surprise so no commenting on Facebook etc.

 We would ride about 400 miles a day which should be a piece of cake as we usually rode much more. It would also allow us to visit some place like being tourist. OH, that could get interesting and of course it did. We covered a few other things and continued through text and phone calls making minor adjustments.

 It turns out I had previously accepted an invitation to Laconia to receive some awards for being a Motorcycle Freedom Fighter but still manageable. I got home for one day and headed for Alabama  on the 17th because we were leaving a day earlier if possible.

When I got to Dothan, Ton “Pan” Sanfelipo who was also riding with us had already arrived.

 Berry was working on his motorcycle building a prototype holder for a 2-gallon water jug, which was to become very important on the trip.

 It was HOT, and we all were going to need water to stay hydrated.

Dana Peters and Tony Helton our other riding partners met us at Berry’s house Saturday morning and we headed out. We had decided on I-20 instead of I-10 for numerous reasons.



 This route allowed us to stop at Vicksburg National Military Park Louisiana/Mississippi. When the person at the gate asked about military service, I showed him my VA card and he gave me a Free Lifetime Pass to National Parks.

Berry and Molly took the opportunity to relax in the clover while the rest of us visited.

 Again it was Hot out and we were stopping to drink water regularly. We would end up going through 5-6 gallons a day


Our next stop was in Abilene Texas and Molly was having some health issue, so Berry took her to Big Country Veterinary Clinic. They said she was in congestive heart failure and her lungs were full of fluid. Dr. Ueckert, cleared her lungs, did x-rays, gave her some meds and said to give her a day to rest up.

Dammed if that didn’t work. She suddenly was like her younger self. The Dr had saved her life, and of course things would be done to keep her as healthy as possible. She is taking her medication and following up with her veterinarian Dr Garrett back in Alabama.


Steak at Joe Allens in Abilene TX
Steak at Joe Allens in Abilene TX


Since we were in Abilene, Texas it was steak time at Joe Allen’s.


 Tony “Pan” Sanfelipo had a family emergency and headed home while the rest of us continued to head west.


 We made it to Pecos, Texas and Tony Helton went down pulling into a gas station. Turned out he busted up some ribs and got to take a ride in the ambulance.

 His motorcycle was not that bad and it was secured, while we waited to see what was going to happen. Berry made arrangements for a friend to come and get him and his motorcycle and take them back to Alabama.


Since we were going to be waiting, while things got taken care of the lady police officer suggested we go get something to eat and watch the Rodeo Parade that would be starting shortly. We ate at a truck where the people only spoke Mexican, we figured things out and the food was good.


It was westward into California. Not sure exactly where we were, when Berry lost a bolt holding his shifter on. Found a NAPA auto parts got what we needed. Back on the road, pronto.

 Also, in California my bike started to run on one cylinder. When we got off the highway and checked it, the sparkplug gap was closed. Not sure why that happened and did not find anything else so gapped it, put it back in and westward-ho.

Berry and Chris Simmons
Berry and Chris Simmons


Berry was in touch with Athena Ransom who was Vivian’s riding partner and roommate and also Chris Simmons to keep him informed on when everyone was scheduled to arrive at the pier. We made it in plenty of time.

Molly even put on her California shades


 The plan was for Berry and Molly to surprise Vivian when she got there. It Worked. 

Chris - Vivian - Athena
Chris - Vivian - Athena

 These women had completed a ride that went the whole length of Route 66, and they deserve a lot of credit.

Dana, Berry, Molly and Rogue Santa Monica Pier
Dana, Berry, Molly and Rogue Santa Monica Pier

 Berry, Dana, Molly and I also took advantage of having our photo taken at the famous pier.

Chris Simmons
Chris Simmons

That evening we met at the hotel for a bite to eat, a few drinks and to wish Chris Simmons a Happy Birthday.


 We made it to Santa Monica, met Vivian and the other women on schedule. It has been a hot and interesting ride, and now we start the ride back home, hang on for the next report...

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