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BIKERNET BLOG HITS TOP 25 OF MOTORCYCLE SITES investigates the best Motorcycle blogs from thousands of blogs

By Renegade with images from Sam Burn and a George Fleming Illustration

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Deadwood, South Dakota, March 8, 2022—Bikernet Blog Hits the Top 25 of motorcycle websites ranking. investigates the best Motorcycle blogs from thousands of blogs on the web ranked by traffic, social media followers, domain authority and freshness.

Bikernet is consistently rated in the Top 100 Motorcycle Blogs on the internet, but in the February 2022 ranking it hit the Top 25. Feedspot media database has over 100,000 Influential Bloggers in 1500 niche categories.


Last year hit the 25-year marker in the business, which was a major milestone after starting in 1996, when the web was super-young. The staff survived the economic downturn of 2008 and 2009, when motorcycling and the custom market was hard hit. “Choppers are dead,” many media sources reported. “But we kept going,” said Keith Ball, the Grand Emperor of the 5-Ball Inc. Empire. “We even expanded with Bikernet Baggers, Bikernet Trikes, the Bikernet Blog and 5-Ball Racing Leathers. Some made it during tough times, some didn’t.”

Our line of leathers, books and racing efforts are still going strong.
Our line of leathers, books and racing efforts are still going strong.

FeedSpot has over a million users and searches Blogs on the world wide web for motorcycle enthusiasts as well as professionals. What sets the Bikernet Blog aside from other blogs is their ability and balls to deliver comprehensive coverage on all aspects of motorcycling - including customers, custom builders, legislative, dealerships, aftermarket parts, corporate news, industry, outlaws and market news, motorsports, freedom fights, off-road, tech & tips, infrastructure threats, sex, events, reviews, accessories, changes in laws, travel tips and most importantly the fun & joy of bikerdom.

“What sets us aside is our desire to keep the industry alive, thriving and free,” said Ball. “Being a biker is not about getting rich or towing any line. Bikers have always been outlaws. We fight helmet laws, and anything that might restrict building choppers. We also fight the lack of transparency behind climate doom. Science will never be settled, and it may be that CO2 is saving life on earth. We need to keep our minds absolutely open and receptive to new data.”

Bikernet solicits content from all over the world with contributors in the UK, South Africa, Australia, Sweden, India, New Zealand, Europe and all over the USA. Wayfarer is our Main Blog Editor, a biker who rides his motorcycle daily, in all weather conditions. “Without the input, editorial advice and desire of Wayfarer, we wouldn’t be as diverse with our coverage as we are,” said Ball. “The Wayfarer also handles much of our Social Media, while my son, Frank Ball Sr. oversees our Instagram page and my grandson, Frank Ball Jr. is helping us move 5-Ball Garage mail order to a Shopify platform. It’s an ever-changing portfolio of infrastructure projects.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us regarding advertising which supports our platforms and contributors. Advertising is a simple $167.00 a month for reach on, the Bikernet Blog and Bikernet email blasts.

Drop a line to or call 310-528 9258 for more information.

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