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Why Governments Hate Oil Companies And Want You To Hate Them Too

J.J. Takes on the Big Question

By J.J. Solari with Sam Burns picks of the week

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When it comes to electric vehicles, there is something about energy production that people who think this is all a good idea need to contemplate for a minute: electric energy production is in the hands of the State. And I mean it’s in the hands of the State from the get-go, right out the gate.

Oil production is in the hands of private enterprise. The oil companies, despite what the hippies say, are not in the business of “giving orders.” Unlike the State. And by “State” I mean the Feds, the States, the Counties and the Cities.

Americans live - if you can call this living - under FOUR States. All of which control your lights, your gas heating, and if they get their way, your cars. As it is, they already can’t keep up with electrical demand. For two reasons: 1 - the State is incompetent, and 2 - the State doesn’t care.

Oil companies care. It’s called THE FUCKING PROFIT MOTIVE!!!. They ain’t NEVER gonna run out of oil. Gasoline actually comes from oil.

Just so you know. Electricity…..COMES FROM THE GOVERNMENT! They can jack up prices to infinity. They have no competition. They have no rules. They have no goals. They have no incentive. And they are manned by lunatics, sociopaths and incompetents.

Just so you know. It gets worse: incompetent as they are they know they have enough competence to know they can’t keep up with demand because they don’t know how to do things, but they DO know how to get you to drive less: claim oil is destroying the earth, get you forced into electric vehicles and then laugh as they cut the power and raise your rates.

And they WILL have to cut the power because dam construction is considered harmful to the dirt and getting water from the sea is beyond their limited imaginations and they are afraid of nuclear power because all bureaucrats are basically at a Justin Trudeau level of arrested emotional development and arrested brain function altogether and arrested levels of courage.

And speaking of water, the State also controls the water supply. The State can kill you in three days if it decides to, and based on the last two-plus years of fake health emergencies and declaring that your life is a threat to others… think they’ll balk at killing people by the millions in three days? Remember: the State controls the water supply. You have three days and the second two are miserable. By day 4, mercifully, you’re fucking deceased.

The weather and your greed are being blamed by every bureaucrat on earth as the reason there is no water, better cut back, and there is no power, don’t do anything during the day, citizen, we have to conserve. Do you see the oil companies - that you have been trained to despise - suggesting you drive less? Be a cold fucking day in Hell, sparky.

The State will run out of idiots to go into politics before the oil companies run out of oil.

--J.J. Solari


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