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Top Ten Motorcycle Road Trip Safety Tips for Beginners

Being prepared for your first solo bike road trip is important

By Austin from Twisted Road

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A road trip on a motorbike is an enjoyable experience. Being alone on an exciting trip with your mind can be really interesting and should be done at least once in a lifetime. That said, learning a few helpful tips from people who do this regularly would probably make your rides easier if you are setting out on a long-distance ride on your motorbike.
Being prepared for your first solo bike road trip is important.
Take into account all important aspects before you set out on the lane, whether you bring your own motorcycle or are planning to hire one. This will make the ride more fun and hassle-free.
Here are the top 10 tips that you shouldn't miss along when you are on a motorcycle road trip:

Choose your ride
Make sure it is a nice one if you're planning a road trip on your bike. Of course, to increase its comfort level, you can always make a few modifications. If you're thinking of renting, make sure you choose your trip wisely.
Do your homework and find one that you can handle and take care of easily. When you go on an off-road ride, bikes with a softer saddle, a different handlebar, sharp headlights, and guards are safer.
A 'cool looking bike' shouldn't be the only matter of interest for you. Finding the right ride is important in order to have a smooth and efficient road trip and only then you must rent a motorcycle in San Francisco.

Pack light
You can find a variety of luggage carriers for motorbikes available today. The best ones are saddlebags, which can be easily fixed on the sides or back seat of the bike. Other great bag ideas include tail-bags and tank bags, which include magnets to hug your tank right away.
You can get Cruz tool kits for any make or model.
You can get Cruz tool kits for any make or model.

In addition to choosing the right bag, you must also decide on your luggage very carefully. When going on a road trip on a motorbike always prefer packing light. Get disposable stuff so you can discard it after use. Carry sachets instead of bottles for most of the things. Avoid carrying a lot of changes of clothes either.
Of course we recommend Bandit's Bedrolls and Dayrolls for packing light and efficiently.
Of course we recommend Bandit's Bedrolls and Dayrolls for packing light and efficiently.

Make a list and prioritize all the essential items before you are set to pack.
Stay hydrated
Factors like 'hydration' often take a backseat when considering all important aspects of a motorbike road trip. You need to be backed up for proper hydration while on the go. Hydration is essential and if stopping for water bothers you, consider investing in a hydration pack. The water bottle in a bag not only keeps the water cold but also comes with a long tube that you can use for drinking water without stopping.
Keeping yourself hydrated is very important to be on top of your game.

Do not lose the map
If you are not good at remembering routes, this is the perfect time to embrace technology and rely on GPS. If you want to take this to the next level, consider investing in a Bluetooth helmet so that GPS directions can be given.
If you are going to remote areas with no network, it can be very beneficial to bring a hard copy of the charts. It will give you at least a decent sense of the environment in which you are. Also, it is easier to ask locals for directions than to get lost.

It can get incredibly noisy on the highway occasionally. So, put your earplugs on once you reach the main road to prevent intense pressure on your ears. As an option, to enjoy your first solo biking road trip, you can also use headphones and play your favorite songs.

Eat at off-hours
Especially on the highway, it is best to opt for off-hours to eat. People usually stop at restaurants on the way for daily lunch and dinner hours, which means coping with long waiting hours and crowds. You can stop all the hassle if you’re eating hours to unusual timings-such as 11 am for lunch or 5 pm for dinner.
Eat well, but on a motorbike ride, keep your stomach light when out and about.

Stay motivated
The most thrilling aspect of a road trip on a motorbike is when you begin to enjoy it to the heart. That's when the feeling becomes completely beautiful. The whole strategy can be fucked up by feeling exhausted and irritated. So, no matter the circumstances, keep the spirit high.
Take your motorbike to a mechanic for an expert checkup to make sure your first motorcycle road trip is the safest. Before you head out on your road trip, your bike can need a little tuning. To avoid rough times on the lane, retain all the necessary spares. A spare tube, brake cables, spark plugs, accelerator cables, etc. would usually be needed.

Take breaks
While on a biking road trip, you will need more rest than you normally take. Sitting on a bike without a break for long hours can cause saddle sores. Know when you are being asked by your body and bike to stop for a rest.
Do not go crazy with it, as it would just lengthen your trip and make it bore finally. Use the break to rest and also to check if your tank needs refueling and if your bike is in good shape. This will save you from unpleasant situations that are unforeseen.

Dress properly
It is imperative to dress properly for the road trips-particularly on a motorbike. Always try to wear riding pants, a lightweight t-shirt, a full-face hat, ankle boots, and carry the jacket you feel most comfortable in.
If you expect a bumpy ride on two wheels, for more safety, it is best to choose elbow and knee guards. Wearing tailored clothes as baggy equipment for long-distance riding may cause discomfort. If you're riding a dirt bike, here are five errors that you can stop with your gear.
You may also, last but not least, sign up for an organized motorcycle tour that will schedule everything for you in advance.
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Click to get started.

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