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Stay Charged and Ready for the Road

Photos and text by Rogue

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  I recently installed a Lithium Batter in my 2009 FLHTC, so I purchased a new battery charger Part Number 66000181 that would charge it. It will also charge the regular lead acid type battery that comes from the factory.



It comes with two sets of connector cables. One set is a ringed fused cable that is installed on the battery terminals and stays on the motorcycle so that the charger can be used at any time by not having to do anything but plug the charger into it.



 This is especially helpful to use the charger as a battery tender for when the motorcycle is not ridden for a period of time.



 One of the connector cables connects the charger to the cable that stays connected to the motorcycle.

When the charger is disconnected the cable tucks away with other wiring





The second cable has clamps on it to connect to the battery post. This is used in the standard form, without the permanent connector cord has not been installed. The standard system requires access to the battery or is used when  the battery has been removed from the motorcycle.


  The charger has a select button that lets me tell it what type of battery I want to charge.

This Must Be Done Before The Charger Is Connected To The Battery.

When connected to an AC Power Source all three lights come on. The Lead Acid and Lithium lights will rotate. When the one you want is lit, push the Select button.

Coming out the other end of the charger is a wire with a one-way connector. This is the connector you use to connect the charge to the battery.

When the battery is fully charged the Charging/Maintenance light changes from Amber to Green and the charger will switch to a storage/maintenance mode. It will monitor and keep the battery fully charged.

The charger comes with important safety instructions, and I suggest you read them before installing this charger or perform any work on your battery.


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