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Tools Are Always Terrific Gifts, Especially When They Work!

By Bandit with photos by Wrench and from Barry Green

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Okay, as we all know tool kits are terrific presents for any biker. They are everywhere, in fact, the other day I was digging around and found a flashlight setting on a shelf. No big deal, right? This damn flashlight was six inches tall and the last two inches were devoted to tools like a massive Swiss Army knife with fold-out blades, screwdrivers, scissors, you name it.

As much as my first reaction was to keep it along with all the other Swiss Army knife knock-offs I have, I tossed it. It’s been setting on that shelf for a decade and I’m moving to Deadwood. Gotta get rid of shit.

Wow, my mind is spinning this morning of moving, the Sturgis Rally 2020, Pandemic, Panhead and Redheads. I’m also conflicted about a couple of things. Bikernet has always been about the fun of being a biker. We’ve been discussing writing a manifesto about what it is to be a biker (I’m open to suggestions and alternate reports). For a while we studied the Code of the West and covered it on Bikernet.

So, our bit has always been about the fun, the freedom, the party, the girls and building cool shit. It’s so interesting the varied notions, but we are staying true to the Bikernet Way, screw the corporate giants who don’t like us. We’re all about having fun, freedom and sex.

Bottom line, I hope Cruz Tools gets it. Okay, let’s get to the nuts and bolts and the curves of this story. I’ve had a thousand tool sets over the years. I just started a canvas tool roll for Dr. Hamster’s Pandemic Panhead project. We should all carry tools, but it’s not always easy or convenient on a custom motorcycle.

My 2014 Indian classic has a very small tool pouch under one of the clip-on side panels. It contains limited tools and that’s against the code, especially for long runs. For the run to Sturgis, I often carry a spare quart of oil. Indians use one oil for all applications, the engine, primary and transmission.

I usually try to carry a can of fix-a-flat, which can be a lifesaver. And the tool kit is a must. When I received this particular kit I was blown away. It’s a very distinctive set of tools, specifically designed to cover almost any work project on an Indian and of course all of these tools are metric.

This is a 2.0 Cruz Tool Kit designed specifically for new Polaris built Indians, which are amazing bikes. The tools in this kit include classics like baling wire, ty-wraps and duct tape, amazing.

It also contains two specific 27 by 22 by 14 mm axle wrenches and a special tool adapter for the front axle.

It contains a standard adjustable wrench and vice grips. It also contains an Indian mono-shock adjustment spanner wrench.

Of course, it contains a multi-head Phillips and flat blade screwdriver, a motorcycle tire gauge and a set of Torx wrenches for Indian body fasteners.

It also comes with a set of metric Allen wrenches for all the socket head fasteners on an Indian.

This puppy also contains sockets, a ratchet and an extension. It’s one of the most complete, well-thought-out, quality kits I’ve ever run across. Here’s a short bit about the company:

After more than twenty years of providing tools for powersports, musicians, and pilots we've split CruzTOOLS into two companies. CruzTOOLS will continue to serve the Powersports market; meanwhile musician and pilot tools have been spun off as GrooveTech Tools. Both are led by enthusiasts who are passionate about what they do. Click on Powersports for CruzTOOLS products, and either Musicians or Pilots to be redirected to GrooveTech Tools.

Okay, so I might suggest one of those right-hand screwdriver tools, for hard to reach screws (I discovered one in the stock kit). I might also try to carry a pair of needle-nose pliers with wire cutters.

I could have left the Cruz set in its handy carrying case, but we sell Bandit’s Bedrolls and Dayrolls, with the tool flap incorporated, so I shifted this set of tools into our system and it worked like a champ.

Now, I feel completely secure to ride across the country on my Indian knowing I’m equipped to meet almost any roadside mechanical need. Just as long as I can reach the Redhead’s apartment before midnight.

Ride Fast and Free, Forever!


Click to check out Bandit's bedrolls and dayrolls.
Click to check out Bandit's bedrolls and dayrolls.

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Reader Comments

Don't mind more of kicking back. It's just those damn bills. I wish you well in your move to the frigid white north. I look forward to reading your new effort on the adventures of Chance.

Daytona Beach, FL
Wednesday, May 13, 2020
Editor Response Thanks, I will start that process later this week. Have three chapters now, working on number four.

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