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Colorado Motorcycle Expo 2020

A Winter Meet and Get Together with Pals

by David "Dangerous Dave" Campbell

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The main idea around the Colorado Motorcycle Expo has been a swap meet and friends getting together in the middle of the winter. This year Colorado and the weather had not been keeping their part of the agreement. The weather in Colorado this 2020 has been wonderful. I have friends that have ridden everyday and not missed a beat because of winter weather. Now I hear it is to change right after the bike show but we will wait and see what happens.

This year the bike show has a new owner and he is geared toward developing a show that will bring in a more diverse and larger crowd each year. I chatted with him just a little and I like the thoughts and direction he is planning for the show. He understands that the bike community needs to expand and we need new blood that develops the love of riding like us old timers do. With a new owner and a new year I saw some differences in the event and the crowd. 


The crowd this year was very diverse. Everyone from the old school leather clad died in the wool bikers to young families with all their kids in tow. This was a refreshing view as I was seeing parents look at the show bikes with big grins on children's faces. I also saw grandparents with grand-kids in hand showing them all the great bikes and fun stuff.This is what brings new people to the love of motorcycles, seeing or being shown by those you respect and love.


I just got a couple of photos but am hoping and planning on a later photo shoot and full story with one of the new bike builders. Lilah, a nine year old bike builder was showing off her own build. As I was chatting with her, she told me how she did all the welding and putting the bike together. She was very proud of her work which she should be. Her dad was supporting her and commented that the bike build had also been a great boost for her confidence and attitude. I am hoping to see her at future events and even on the road some day. #


The music was live and going all day long from two stages, one on the main bike show floor and the second with the for sale bikes in the arena. A lot of old school music was being played and there was dancing and enjoyment to be seen. As one walked the full event there was everything from dealers showing the latest bikes to any used part you might need. I saw a lot of parts being bought and carried out as the days went on. There were vendors of any type you would like to see. Leather wear, tools, custom bike parts, bike shops, food, clothing, whiskey, artwork, and lots of other things to look at. This is a good combination of vendors and dealers showing off their stuff. I even met some old friends and got to see their stores too. Too much fun…. 


The music, bike show, and vendors were not the only things going on. The Colorado Tattoo convention also had a couple of tattoo contests. I was not able to get any photos as it is more of a personal judging and kinda hard to see the great tattoos from a distance. 


What would any bike show be without a wet t-shirt contest. Well this year the Colorado Motorcycle Expo did not let us down and provided one of the best contests I have seen in a while. 


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